This Video Is 3 Seconds

This Video Is 3 Seconds

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37 Responses

  1. MrBeast Shorts says:

    I lied

  2. SaGaR says:

    I hope the editor got paid good for this one

  3. Oliver Nordin says:

    Only two seconds. I counted. I want a full refund or money back.

  4. Tomis Durham says:

    i think the editor quit after that masterpiece

  5. punkhamster 19 says:

    this is the peak of content

  6. L. Lawliet says:

    I am heart broken after that betrayal.

  7. Brian vlogs says:

    Man I feel bad for the editor
    That must have been hard to edit

  8. - [M i Α]- Vlog Go To My ChanneI! says:

    It’s okay that it’s only 2 seconds, jimmy, we know how long these videos take to write, film, and edit

  9. Sabrinax K says:

    This just makes me realise how long 2 seconds really is

  10. TheRedTails says:

    Now this…
    Is *_Q u a l i t y c o n t e n t_*

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