This VR game went OFF THE RAILS 😂 | #shorts

This VR game went OFF THE RAILS 😂 | #shorts

This VR game went OFF THE RAILS 😂 | #shorts

(via @cfndann/IG)


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40 Responses

  1. Nozuchan says:

    He should’ve got more credit for that perfect mortal kombat leg sweep

  2. Twiistz says:

    VR is more crazy than people realize. On headsets like the VIVE PRO 2, the image and tracking is so clear. The only thing missing is weight and feel. But let me ask you this… in your memories do you remember weight and feel or just what you saw? 😳

    • Monipulator3216 says:

      @TheFiendBoy Reminds me of the 2009 movie Gamer. If love to do something like what you said, but in that movies universe. But, instead of death row members, we use corrupt politicians.

    • Mustafaa Cobb says:

      I remember the weight and the feeling as well.

    • Josh Dizon says:

      Definitely can remember weight and feel. Lmfao

    • J says:

      Can definitely feel and taste some of my memories and the weight.

    • Lincoln Salmon says:

      @Matt Marzula actually that’s a misconception a lot of the weight that you’re feeling inside of your dreams is your body compensating. When you’re sleeping and or dreaming your body goes into a paralysis state so technically you can’t move or things will feel much heavier in dreams than what they’re supposed to be.

  3. SJ says:

    My heart was racing the whole time I hope the judges scored that round properly

  4. Goat-on-a-Stick says:

    I was too concerned about hit getting hurt from his not very soft surroundings 😬

  5. Omar Rivera says:

    I love how he ends the fight with a low slide kick like damn he on point he got fatality move!!!!💯😁👑💙🙌✊👏

  6. OniBro says:

    This is actually wholesome because i know in their childhood there’s no such thing like vr so i was glad that he’s enjoying new things

  7. ZoofSkillzFishing says:

    This guy has definately been in a boxing gym before. The hints of head guarding and nimble footwork are visible

  8. Mathew Decorse says:

    Saying yall worried about his situation. This guy is throwing blows like a pro. His kick and leg sweep was on point. I love fighting and couldn’t pull that sick shit. Bet your ass he won

  9. KidXclusive says:

    I can be tell by how many times he said “where he at?”, unk was gettin his ass whooped 😂

  10. Peter Mallia says:

    I love this.
    And all done in flipflop sandles.
    The person making this should’ve put a small screen of what he’s doing within the game in the corner so we could actually see his gameplay. It looked like a pretty awesome way to get fit though.

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