this was a BAD idea

this was a BAD idea

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Music by;
Kid Francescoli!

Intro song:
AllttA – AllttA (20syl & Mr. J. Medeiros) –

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53 Responses

  1. CaseyNeistat says:

    so what makes y0u happy?

  2. reubentaylor69 says:

    368 sponsored by gopro, aquafina and vintage seltzer drink 🙂

  3. Simon Patterson says:

    Surely life has to be about more than just *me* feeling happy. The world is much bigger than me.

  4. Renny1953 says:

    Why not stop wondering what and why – and get 368 turned into something great except a skateboard rink – turning out great product- and keeping your vlog going along nicely.

  5. Jon Peacock says:

    Dude I battle with that same restless feeling of always endlessly wanting more and you did a great job explaining how so many of us feel

  6. Smile with Mel says:

    I’m going to need to find a New York Friend to live stream the opening experience of 368 🙌 Casey, would you like to be that friend?

  7. Wil Dasovich says:

    These vlogs where Casey just sits down and talks is what hooked me to his channel. Can never get enough of this! papa bless

  8. TSG says:

    Crowd control? Really? What’s with the Draconian laws in NY? All those permits and stuff? Sheesh. De Blasio what’s a piece of everything. Your little one-day opening secret is safe with me and 10m other people. 😉

    • Derrick Koehn says:

      +Mr.Bubbles trust me the liberals message a ton of regulations during their reign of terror. They just went after small businesses and country folks rather than their base.

    • Derrick Koehn says:

      +Bastiaan Los how’s your economy looking compared to the US? Where I’m from wages are up 5% organically in one year, the job market is very strong. Business profits are up 5.5% and GDP is up 4.1% The fed is working to get Canada to drop 300% tariffs on the dairy industry which would further help my part of Wisconsin.

    • VanSanPro says:

      just look at what happens on a large scale *tanacon* so yeah, there are laws in place for safety and shit. imagine hundreds of fans turning up to 368 with no security or anything.

  9. Viva Frei says:

    I used to sell shoes at Sports Experts (in Quebec). The one thing they told us was to never give someone more than three choices in shoes. Too many choices, a customer gets confused and is actually less likely to buy anything. Considering you had one option, I’d say you’re killing it! Lol. BTW, I’m going to be at Hypergrowth in Boston. Trade you shirt for shirt? I’m the guy that sent you the “best dad ever” shirt for Father’s Day 🙂 Peace!

    • eh Joe says:

      And you are the best dad ever.

    • Ben Brown says:

      J’habite à Boston. J’aime Québec

    • DanShureMusic says:

      I’ll be at Hypergrowth – would love to say hi! @dan_shure DM me on Twitter 🙂

    • Gabriel Strom says:

      I don’t agree with that, if I walk into a store to buy shoes and the salesperson starts showing me what they think I want, your more likely to lose me as a customer because I’m annoyed that some stranger would think they would know what I want, if I don’t know what I want walking in, I will in the next 5-10 min. I think maybe they misjudge their customers, it’s more likely that a salesperson being shown 3 different shoes they wouldn’t want and being a hovering salesperson is probably where they get their idea of that. Jesus, that is condescending. Sounds like some 1950s idea of marketing. Today’s customer is knowledgeable and knows what they want. Thank god there isn’t a Sports Experts around here.

    • Viva Frei says:

      DanShureMusic I messaged you… See you there!

  10. The Fantastic Joe says:

    So cool to take the time out to do the t-shirt thing dude! What makes me happy is that I have a healthy daughter and I wake up everyday alive.

  11. Kurt Cumming says:

    I’m still alive. That makes me happy.

  12. Youcef Kouidri says:

    “waking up before 5 am makes me happy” said no one ever lol

  13. Viva Frei says:

    I don’t think people are in pursuit of *happiness* … I think they are in pursuit of *purpose* , and happiness invariably follows if they can find purpose.

    • Gabriel Strom says:

      I think people need both, I don’t know if purpose causes happiness or if happiness gives a person purpose, but I think there are a lot of people who have purpose and are not happy and I think there are probably people who are happy without real purpose. It’s also tough because both terms are relative, is my purpose and happiness the same as yours? Probably not, happiness and purpose are the vague generalities and too difficult to paint with so broad a brush

    • Clickumentary says:

      This comment is so 100%

    • UtahPilotChip says:

      Agreed. Happiness can be an awesome byproduct of fulfilling ones purpose. People will inevitably have bad and unhappy days once in a while but they shouldn’t feel like failures because they aren’t happy. Find your purpose, work toward it, evolve it, take responsibility for yourself, be kind, be charitable, step outside your comfort zone, and have confidence in yourself.

    • laila el yacoubi says:

      Yes you’re right

    • Dedotated Noid says:

      But Kid Cudi is if you know what i mean😂😂😂😂

  14. Brute Better says:

    No business licence = big fines in NYC.

  15. Farouk Tamer says:

    Ethan Klein?
    Yes, papa.
    Ripping vapes?
    No, papa.
    Telling lies?

  16. IncredibleScience says:

    Add spirituality to ur life man and stop chasing…let it come to u

  17. Jonathan G says:

    I respect Casey for not leaving that end card up for 30 seconds longer just to achieve that 10 minute mark

  18. Aravind Sagar says:

    @CaseyNeistat is the Reason there is a housing crisis in NY

  19. Nathaniel LePage says:

    We need more people on the platform like Shane Dawson and Casey Niestat people who tell stories and whose videos have values and purpose and aren’t just pointless vlogs.

  20. Joseph Peters says:

    What is the name of that print/label gun!!!! That thing is badass!!!!

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