This was only in Fortnite for 2 hours!

This was only in Fortnite for 2 hours!

Fortnite Update v17.40! Abductors/UFO were temporarily enabled in Arena! You could fight in cells after teleporting.
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35 Responses

  1. Meeper says:

    4:23Nick: You can do it but you”ll need family? “ Dom Torretto: “Did someone say family?” Family is everything!”

  2. Serious Punch says:

    Man watching nicks vids always put a smile on my face his postivity is as contagious as KSI’s laugh

  3. itsmeMikeD says:

    OH MY GOD, This is actually insane! 🤯

  4. SMG Skull says:

    Love your content Nick! You inspired me to make content, I hope to be as big as you one day 🙌

  5. Friendly Gamers says:

    You can’t tell me that this wasn’t meant to be a feature

  6. nolimitmeg says:

    I swear Nick’s smile is so contagious 😅

  7. Anime_Ninja says:

    “You can do it but you’ll need FAMILY“ I’M DEAD😂💀

  8. Pluto V2 says:

    So cool Nick!

  9. Peter Gula says:

    Nick: I’m not even gonna med up
    Gets 100 shield in 5 seconds

  10. Golden Eagles says:

    EPIC NEEDS TO KEEP THIS! this needs to be a mid game thing. If you die, wait like 3 minutes, and the last man man on each floor wins and gets back!

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