Well here’s a new fear that I never knew I had

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  1. Omega Mysterio says:

    Mom: “Keep the doors closed, don’t open them no matter what!”

    Jack: *Immediately goes to leave the house and is grabbed*

    • EEE EEE says:

      @Maryssa Carrillo As a troll sometimes, I can say that this does not represent trolls everywhere and that the bots are pretty terrible “trolls” if you can even call them that since no one else can look at the situation and laugh at the people in them, it’s straight up harassment and while trolling may not be fun for everyone involved ( some people take me a little too seriously lmao ) it’s still fun for a lot of outside viewers who recognize when someone is trolling, these bots are not trolls, just losers

    • Emma Cait Kennedy says:

      I didn’t think I would get scared but I definitely did

    • kolin nitruc says:

      I am the 10,000th like, behold me

    • God Modimm says:

      @Info Disco lol no

    • Waford says:

      I played this a while and when it told me not to I ran out the front door just to be cocky and got junpscared lmao

  2. Lukas Krieger says:

    My cousin just told me a terrifying story from when she was a kid. She used to wake up a lot in the middle of the night, and she got in the habit of going down to the living room to watch tv. She told me that one time, in the dead of night, she was downstairs watching tv when a man came into the living room. She said they looked at each other for a minute and then he just turned around and left. She said she always thought it was a ghost but like….that was 100% just an intruder who saw a kid and realized he should leave.

  3. Luce Nazaedi says:

    My dad had a pretty uncomfortable experience when it comes to home invasion (or close to one):

    When he was younger, his room (who he shared with his sister) was on the first floor. One night, he was awake and saw someone looking into the room through the window but he didn’t know if he was just seeing things. Thus, the next morning, he went outside to investigate and found a few footprints leading up to the window and walking around outside of the house.

    • Makoto I. says:

      Spooky scary

    • Nadhifa Zachra D says:

      tf it’s terrifying

    • Todoroki’s Trauma says:

      Creepy as hell… reminds me of the time where it snowed in my country and we woke to footsteps around the outside of our house along with the side of our house but when we looked on the cameras (both pointed specifically where the footprints appeared) there was no one there. I mean the footprints could only be seen and nothing else but It doesn’t make sense and we haven’t figured out what happened.

    • Sad B boy says:

      Bro I literally have way different phobias but this like Jack said opens new horrors to me

    • LoneWolf says:

      Omg my soul would leave my body if I saw that.

  4. L_back says:

    You know Sean is scared when one of the first things he grabs to defend himself is his headphones

  5. EmmaDaOne says:

    I live in a “small” town and almost everyone knows everyone because there’s only a few schools. Although I’ve never experienced a break in. I have heard story’s from friends. I just don’t know if I should share them. The only major thing that happened in my town was when a guy went missing for a few days and was later found dead in a krogers parking lot. My sister knew his daughter. I think they only found his body when the car he was in wouldnt leave the parking lot and started giving off a smell. The only thing I knew about the guy was that he was struggling with mental health issues and I think he was in debt. I hope his family is doing well.

  6. Sahnie1-908E says:

    That was so atmospheric. Something about the house feeling warm and cozy like a normal house but this constant nagging feeling telling you to make the character hide somewhere even before seeing the footsteps

  7. Calec Brayers says:

    Game: don’t answer the door

    Jack: “I’m gonna leave through the front door”

  8. Marcus Alford says:

    My worst fear about horror in general is the “based on true events/story” stuff it gives the illusion that what your watch or In this case playing actually happened … Yeah a big no no in my book .

  9. Ethan Livemere says:

    This story isn’t necessarily creepy, more just scary in a “holy shit this kind of stuff happens” kind of way.

    My uncle and his family were travelling in a motorhome. While they were sleeping, someone came knocking on the door really aggressively, even throwing rocks at the vehicle. My uncle went outside. There was a visibly disturbed man who was absolutely convinced his daughter was being kept in the motorhome, and demanded that they released her. My uncle tried to explain to him that the man’s daughter wasn’t there, even showing him the inside, but the man grabbed a brick and hit my uncle in the head badly. He ended up running away. Apparently he’s a patient of a mental insitution who had escaped.
    My uncle is fine now, but his vestibular system has been permanently damaged. He worked renovating houses, but now that his sense of balance has been messed up, he can’t safely stand on a ladder anymore.

  10. Just Some Guy without a Mustache says:

    We’re lucky Jack doesn’t have any heart problems, this game would’ve ended him on the spot

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