This was too close 😳 | #shorts

This was too close 😳 | #shorts

This was too close 😳 | #shorts (via @josetengiz/IG)

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34 Responses

  1. Aron Abaga says:

    that last second comeback tho was sick

  2. Jinesh Patel says:

    That hug got me emotional.

  3. Ben Moore says:

    The respect they showed each other at end

  4. Kale Brooks says:

    if this was anime this battle would be a whole season where downfall, flashbacks, and reborn of a main character happens

  5. Sommer PrettyGirlGamer says:

    Finally a antagonist that is equal in power with his protagonist. A truly worthy opponent.

  6. Dom Losurdo says:

    Its really cool to see how their strategies effectes their momentum. Near the end, you notice the guy takes an extra second to set up, falls behind, and then uses that setup to mount the final wall fast enough to justify the setup. Wow

  7. Rob says:

    The fact that they used different ways but still ended at the same time makes It even cooler

  8. Mints says:

    The hug at the end.. true sportsmanship

  9. Peter Mallia says:

    That was crazy close.
    Deciding on a winner would be like splitting hairs.

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