This Week in Chaos: Nunes & BIEs | February 7, 2018 Act 1, Pt. 2 | Full Frontal on TBS

This Week in Chaos: Nunes & BIEs | February 7, 2018 Act 1, Pt. 2 | Full Frontal on TBS

While the Nunes Memo was on the tip of everyone’s tongue, nukes and “Black Identity Extremists” were at the tips of the President’s fingers.

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49 Responses

  1. Jesse Torres says:

    Paraphrased quote: If you are really in favor of the freedom of speech, religion, and protest, then you must respect/defend the opinions, beliefs, and views of those you disagree with, not just the ones you agree with, otherwise you are not truly in favor of the First Amendment.

    • kinn grimm says:

      I am not quite sure the the full meaning is translated into or from german, i but want to point out a differance as i see it.
      Freedom of speach is more about “tollerating” once opinion for me, acknowleding that the other person may have it without fearing repercussions. “Respecting” in the sense is strange to me, as you can have respect for a person which is a positive including term in comparison to, you have to respect boundaries. For me respecting is stronger then tollerating and i wouldn’t go so far to give someone my respect for an opinion i could never agree with, but i can respect the boundaries of the first amendment to tollerate or say respect other persons opnions. I am not even sure that back when the constitution was written tollerance was even a term or had the same meaning, therefor the other way arround it could be that back then respect had the meaning of what we see nowadays as tollerance.

    • Alyx Jolivet says:

      Unless you are hired to defend and protect the tenants of our constitution. We hold our FBI and government at a higher standard than the average citizen – especially since they have power and guns.

    • ASMRyouVEGANyet? says:

      Wolferine07 yes, that’s the whole point. If you want to have free speech you have to be prepared to hear stuff you don’t like or care to know.

  2. Jason Blade says:

    Black identity extremist? Is it part of the “many sides” policies?

  3. Jory Jones says:

    Nambia and the United Staches #TrumpCan’tRead

  4. Kim Jong Fun says:

    Only in the deranged minds like Donald Trump’s that a memo written by his own henchman somehow proves his innocence. To any sane person, this memo only makes him look more guilty.

    • Randy H says:

      Nice lipstick Kim Jong Un. You look sorta-not-really-pretty today ?

    • Aniyunwiya Ageya says:

      Randy, I know reading is hard, but, the name is “Kim Jong FUN” for a reason.
      And Donald could scribble a note saying he’s innocent, show it to Fox Nooz, and they’d declare it proof he’s innocent. Even though it’s in crayon.

    • Bath House Becky says:

      I aspire to reach your level of glamorous, KJF.

  5. mago lago says:

    lol @ anyone taking the memo seriously

  6. Randy H says:

    “Devin Nunes aka rabbit-turned-into-a-man” ???‍♂️

  7. Project Redfoot says:

    Black-Identity Extremists?
    Is it just me, or is the government trying to force us to choose a side?

  8. Jon Dunmore says:

    0:28 — Of COURSE Dumbo Donald was left alone “for several hours” to read the memo. Remember, it’s THREE WHOLE PAGES long. And that’s SINGLE SPACING as well.

    • timewaitsfornoone says:

      …and that big bad ol’ memo had no pictures…so poor Dear Leader Drumpfy REALLY had to buckle down and concentrate…for hours…on a three page memo. SAD!! (oh, and MAGA!!!!!)

  9. FionaOfMountLawley says:

    Some of the black identity extremists are going to be hard to identify, because they’re caucasians and difficult to arrest, unless the Russian government is willing to grant extradition of their own cyber-warfare personnel over provocateur activities in the U.S.They’re at it, again.

  10. Wolferine07 says:

    There’s also going to be a prequel: The Phantom Memo

  11. dyskover says:

    I just read that 73% of eligible voters did not vote for the current WH resident.

    • Areanyusernamesleft says:

      dyskover of course roughly half of those didn’t vote at all. If they had made their preference known at the polls, most likely we would be in this situation.

  12. Pat sek says:

    Queen Bee

  13. Dee Elle says:

    The ‘Gerasimov Doctrine’

    “Russian authorities are not exactly shy about the goals of this disinformation campaign and disinformation activity,” European Union Commissioner for Security Julian King said in Strasbourg on January 17. “In Russia’s official military doctrine, as well as statements by top Russian generals, they describe the use of false data and destabilizing propaganda as legitimate tools, and information as another type of armed force.”

  14. Yusen Ye says:

    English is my second language, and it took me 30 min to read it

  15. Geoffrey Gibson BSc says:

    what about finding memo

  16. Giovanni R says:

    The only Black Identity Extremist is Rachel Dolezal.

  17. The Noble and Mighty Beaver says:

    Does Jeff Sessions know anything at all? Seriously.

    • timewaitsfornoone says:

      Jefferson Davis Beauregard Sessions just knows he really enjoyed those mint juleps on the front porch of his plantation back home in Alabammy! “Boy?..I say BOY!…bring me anutha ‘un raght NOW!! Don’ make me tan yer hide darka than it alriddy is!!”

    • A Man is No one says:

      If you asked him that question, pretty sure his reply would be, “I do not recall.”

  18. Drm R says:

    Meanwhile, white identity extremists have increasingly free reign under this administration. At the same time, this administration is undermining its own law enforcement agency because “law and order” only applies to the common folk.

  19. Muse Tutor says:

    If FBI is in such control then why couldn’t they
    1) get hillary elected
    2) get more money for their budget
    3) get rid of all their enemies
    4) proceed with their agenda

  20. MsZephyra says:

    So let me get this straight… black people exercising their first amendment rights with justifiable anger against systemic oppression are labelled as “extremists”, while gun-toting white supremacists are just…doing their thing??! ?

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