This Winter Heat Wave Is About To Cause Chaos…

This Winter Heat Wave Is About To Cause Chaos…

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In this video we are talking about a dramatic warm up in the east, a crazy train of storms in the west, and potential tornadoes in the south next week…

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Dramatic Warm Up In The East: 0:00
Relentless Storm In The West: 2:08
Severe Weather Will Occur When These Air Masses Clash: 3:46
Don’t Be Scared, Be Prepared: 5:55
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16 Responses

  1. Esat Vinca says:

    This guy can teach every other meteorologist about weather. Been watching weather channels for 40 years and can honestly say this guy is number 1.

  2. FalconFlight747 says:

    Can’t believe there’s such a good guy running weather updates all year long. Never knew I was missing out on this until now, but I’m glad I’m here.
    Thanks Ryan Hall

  3. MarcoGlo says:

    He’s so much better and explains more than weather people glad he’s growing and gaining the notoriety he deserves let’s go Ryan

  4. íɑʍAzariahEL13 says:

    He’s not only alerting us about the weather, but he also educates. Thanks Ryan!

  5. Rick Howland says:

    Thank-you for your dedication to reporting the weather. Keep it coming. Salute.

  6. Amanda Chamberlain says:

    Arctic Christmas and summery New Year, such crazy weather! I really hope winter is not going be a series of oscillating extremes like this.

  7. Tamitha “Tammy” Foreshá says:

    Here in Bernie Missouri we had 60°F temperatures today (12/29/2022) after dealing with wind chill factors of -13°F to 27°F temperatures just a few days ago up to the night before. It’s no wonder people are coming down with the flu and struggling to recover from that and dealing with colds, and congestion.

  8. Warren Hughes says:

    You have earned yourself another subscriber my man. You explain it in just the right Southern way

  9. empire coffee says:

    Here in Pennsylvania it would be nice to have some warm weather after the Sub-Zero freezing temperatures we had for the last week

  10. JT says:

    Hey Ryan, love watching your videos. We live just south of Indianapolis, it’s pretty boring weather wise here, not much ever happens, but like watching your videos just to see what could be coming. The big winter storm that just happened gave us about an inch of snow and a couple day’s of chilly weather. Please keep your videos coming to help alert people to potential up coming storms! 👍

    • Mike Moss says:

      Your neighbor to your immediate south in Johnson County lol. Yeah that boring weather may not be so common for awhile lol

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