This Would Change NBA History

This Would Change NBA History

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42 Responses

  1. Jonny Arnett says:

    With my series on this topic, I’ve had to think about this a LOT. Was cool to hear your thoughts on it, and hey, and choices are nearly identical! Haha. Keep doing your thing, Jxmy. You set the standard for the rest of us

  2. Norberto Perez says:

    As a non biased Bucks fan, Giannis’ performance in the Finals was legendary! From coming back after that horrendous looking injury, to the big game defining moments, and the 50 piece! He was spectacular and real NBA fans will agree. Props for bringing his performance up.

    • PREDATOR BLR says:


    • Maolen Vin Pelaez says:

      @Mason Furlow I’mma say it’s the 3rd best behind LeBron’s block and Hakeem’s block on John Starks. I won’t go in-depth about LeBron’s block since we all know that too well.

      Hakeem on the other hand made a clutch block on John Starks who has the hot hand in that game where he was nailing multiple 3 pointers. With Houston up by 2 and a hot-handed John Starks was about to hit the title-clinching shot for the Knicks, Hakeem blocked it and forced a Game 7 which the Rockets would win and take home the championship.

    • Comic Sans says:

      @Jaime Lannister i mean how can you even say he was biased?

    • Maolen Vin Pelaez says:

      No wonder Shaq and Chuck give immense praise to him

    • Jaime Lannister says:

      “aS A nOn BiASeD bUcKs fAn” – says the biased Bucks fan

  3. Jared Tan says:

    Ray Allen having the highest gamescore/impact, and still getting disrespected by the Celtics really shows that he made the right decision to leave at that time. He has had and will continue to have my respect for leaving and doing what is best for him.

    • Robin says:

      and he was more than just a fuckin shooter the most disrespected legend by the nba his own team and fans

    • Cedric Asdfghjkl says:

      Facts. Although I’m a Spurs fan, I’m a big Ray Allen fan, also have his autobiography. Big fan of him. Great guy.

  4. ThinkBefore YouType says:

    You can’t deny Steph Curry has changed the game in a way we’ve never thought. Props to him.

    • donald new jr. says:

      It’s amazing how things turn out for Steph… The front office had to choose between him and Monta Ellis…. Coach Kerr replace Coach Jackson position… Let’s give credit to the front office for going with Curry to be the dubs franchise player, and Kerr letting chef Curry cook well beyond the Arch…. Because we know in that era… Big Men was still the first go to on offense… And Three pointers were shot less… Kerr who was an excellent Three point shooter himself when he was a player (holds the three point percentage record)…. Saw Curry as that… And we know the rest is NBA history

    • Robin says:

      @Joshua Foxworth ppl under value the org and put it all on curry jordan and kobe.

    • Joshua Foxworth says:

      He fortunate to have a great organization behind him

    • jason Ma says:

      actually I think that 2015 and 2108 should be stephs because Cavs are always doubling steph on downtown and give space for durant to dunk.

    • Robin says:

      @Al Gogh Rhythm the nigga was 6’3 180 he just wasnt cut. hes a shooter. he 195-200, all muscle now. u have to take time because u dont want extra strength to throw off your shot.

  5. Inxective says:

    I know you’ve already put the asterisk that there are other factors than just the numbers that go into deciding the finals MVP. But specifically in the Steph / KD situation it’s so much more important, Steph is the arguably most unselfish star in the NBA, and when you rewatch the games you’ll see that KD could only put up those numbers and win those games cause of Steph’s magnetism of defenders opening up unbelievable spaces for KD. Steph sacrificed his numbers so another star can shine, he won rings for it but is always discredited because of it. Remember when KD left and Klay was injured and Steph was dropping James-Harden-in-Rockets-prime kind numbers? Steph can do so much more but he’s part of a system especially with Kerr’s impact on his minutes, it’s both a blessing and a curse. Still the best naturally gifted player in my books by a mile – man was born to play basketball

    • ChupDoesYoutube says:

      @Judy Clarkson GS would have still taken the 2014 Spurs finals offense and revolutionized the game they just wouldn’t have won a bunch of titles. Where would Curry be without Golden State? Where would he be without them fixing his ankles and giving him time to turn into what they needed. Where would he be without Steve Kerr taking that offense and using it to create space for Curry so he can become the greatest shooter of all time? Like man come on you definitely don’t know anything about Curry and his career and what went down with him between 2009-2014 so you should just stop talking about it.

    • Judy Clarkson says:

      @ChupDoesYoutube As far as Im concerned you haven’t proved any facts yourself regarding Bron/Magic being better than Curry bruh. Like they also played with ton HOFers in all their careers yet you never mentioned that even once in your sentences? And instead mentioning Klay & Green as if they’re a part of NBA top 75 players of all-time like they are Worthy, Kareem, Bob McAdoo, D Wade, Ray Allen of the world? Funny guy 🤡

    • Judy Clarkson says:

      @ChupDoesYoutube Saying that I didn’t break your paragraph down without even mentioning *once* how would GS be if Curry wasn’t there is baffling bruh 🤦‍♂️ Bcos that’s what I referred too when I typed that responding to your point that Raptors didn’t do anything after Kawhi wasn’t there. Cmon now

    • ChupDoesYoutube says:

      @Judy Clarkson The NBA didn’t want LeBron to win in 2017 cuz then Kyrie would return and they might 3 peat. Let’s say that happens and those 2 only get better together too. You think Toronto could beat what that Cavs team would have become? Could Miami? Or Milwaukee? Think about the amount of titles LeBron might have won for no KD and this is obviously hypothetical and might not have happened. But if the NBA didn’t think that could happen why did they increase the league salary cap just so the warriors would have the space to sign KD? You already have Shaq saying “LeBron passes Kareem in scoring he’s the greatest ain’t nothing you can say” imagine what his legacy would have been if KD stayed in OKC and Kyrie stayed in Cleveland. LeBron by himself had game 1 in 2018 tied at the end of the 4th and he was playing KD, Steph, Klay, Draymond, and Iggy who are all hofers by HIMSELF. That alone shows how none of those guys will ever be on Lebron’s level. Like people are gonna tell me if you take KD away and give that man Kyrie they wouldn’t win? Like ok y’all are lost straight up.

    • Judy Clarkson says:

      @Ben lewis Fair enough comment. Always like such level-headedness, but I’d argue that Curry is the system himself. Kerr was the one who invented that system, and I doubt if Warriors and Curry would’ve got to this point of greatness if Kerr wasn’t there, but such system is also only possible to be applied with superstars like Curry as the main leader and the focal point of the team.

      It’s crazy how little recognitions that coaches get compared to players when I think they’re oftentimes the game-changer in terms of making a team goes to another level (championships level). Coaches like Kerr, Phil, Pop needs to get wayy more credits than they’ve ever got. Tho I know it won’t be, cos players have always been the media darling, not those old, grumpy masterful coaches. Lol

  6. Ace Typer says:

    I think that Steph is special because he has a pretty unique scenario. He’s shown that he can be a dominant second option, a dominant first option, and arguably an even more dominant off-ball player while also revolutionizing the game. I’m by no means a warriors fan (roll knicks), but my utmost respect goes to that organization and how they’ve grown steph to be the core

  7. Colin S says:

    The under appreciation for what Giannis does is infuriating. Even in the games against the Celtics where they lost, Giannis was the best player. If Middleton was playing, Celtics would have never won.

    • Colin S says:

      @Judy Clarkson well if you understand that then read my first comment. It was about giannis not being appreciated. Even with the bucks losing, no one else on the floor came close to what giannis did. That was the hole poing. I don’t care about the rockets. I also accept the fact that if the Nets were a complete team. Bucks wouldn’t be the champions. I am not delusional like many fanatics.. Facts are facts. Celtics are a good team. But they are not consistent. Sure the swept the nets. But all of those games were close. Celtics should have swept the bucks because no one else in thay team perfomed well. And do not get me started on what the celtics did with the heat… Celtics biggest problem is that the team plays like a moody teenager.. If they get it right for these 2 remaining games. They are the champs. But if they become emo again… Its steph’s to win.

    • Judy Clarkson says:

      @Colin S Not really. I just understand that basketball isn’t like a math where you can simply add players to a losing situation and they would’ve automatically won. It’s happened to several teams. That Rockets team being one of the examples. Discussing hypotheticals are only for casual fans who still can’t get over that their favorite player has lost. Calm down with all of those excuses and just see how next season pans out.

    • Colin S says:

      @Judy Clarkson ROFL… yeah sure. The team that couldn’t beat an injured Butler is gonna end the Bucks.. This is the sign of a delusional Celtic fan.. go live in your fantasy land.

  8. eddyfazly says:

    Jxmy’s video presentation never failed to amused me, and I hope this year Curry can win his first FMVP!


  9. Luc Wijngaard says:

    Both Steph and LeBron demand a lot of attention from the defense, they are also willing to pass. This makes me wonder what it would have been like seeing them together!

  10. Jeof Dytioco says:

    I don’t remember someone saying that Kobe should be FMVP of one of the three-peat Lakers Championships. Basketball fans know that it was definitely Shaq’s, since EAST teams are weaker. What they argue was Kobe is equally (or maybe a little more) valuable on the Wester Conference Playoffs matchups during that run.

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