Thomas Middleditch Does Improv While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

Thomas Middleditch Does Improv While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

Actor Thomas Middleditch is best known for his role as Richard Hendricks on HBO’s “Silicon Valley,” but true fans know that his roots are in improv theater. Can characters like Joey Tortellini help him make it through the wings of death, or will the Scovilles take him out like they did Silicon Valley co-star T.J. Miller? Find out as Middelditch enters the Hot Ones terrordome for some hot questions and even hotter wings with Sean Evans.

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20 Responses

  1. PHIL-yes-PLZ says:

    The variety of guests Sean and his team get are second to NONE!

  2. cyberathlete says:

    Now that Sean’s a growing celebrity, eventually there will have to be an episode where Sean will have to interview himself.

  3. Vinicius Reiss says:

    Is it just me or did Sean seem a little annoyed or out of it today? Lol

  4. Weaponized Memes says:

    Silicon Valley is a great show. His character could not have been better cast.

  5. Tyler C says:

    FUUUUUCK YESSSS you got Middlebitch on!!!! I love this funny fucker he”s so smart and witty in interviews and especially during his improv shows! If you live in the LA area you should check out his improv show

  6. Anders says:

    20:32 Perhaps he was thinking of “I’m no superman” from scrubs.

  7. Glamazon 617 says:

    Any cast member of Game of Thrones, Peter Dinklage preferably.

  8. RailCityFishes says:

    Get John Daly on hot ones!

  9. SwaggerSnail says:

    I think this was one of the best episodes of Hot Ones ever. Thomas was channelig Will Ferrel there “This is a.. this is a real bitch..”

  10. itsJeron says:

    You should get Trevor Noah!

  11. Randyy1 says:

    I love this dude. He has overcome so much in his life. I mean, to be a child, and have Amir’s father try to strangle you with his tiny spindly little legs, and then to go on to audition for Cats, that’s just amazeballs.

  12. Are They Good Live? says:

    Hannibal Buress pls

  13. Tarence Carter says:

    Everyone finishes all the wings lately. It’s been awhile since someone quit. Tony Yayo and Dj Kahled are giant pussies.

  14. Aaron Snow says:

    Were those vegan strips? I feel like they are stronger with sauce than a standard wing for Sean and the guest. Like maybe they soak up more somehow. If Sean is dying you know it’s really bad.

  15. SwizzySnizzy says:

    Get Aziz Ansari on the show now!

  16. Tyrell Scott says:

    I just realised how much this show needs an episode with….REGGIE WATTS!!!

  17. Lucas Pocher says:

    Holy Shit, Doobs is here

  18. Spruce Bruce says:

    You should get Will Ferrell on here

  19. Andrew Lomax says:

    they are eating not hotdogs

  20. barnyard says:

    H. Jon Benjamin, hearing Archer eat hot wings would be fuckin hilarious

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