THOR: LOVE AND THUNDER | 2019 Comic Con Panel (Chris Hemsworth, Tessa Thompson & Natalie Portman)

THOR: LOVE AND THUNDER | 2019 Comic Con Panel (Chris Hemsworth, Tessa Thompson & Natalie Portman)

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105 Responses

  1. neXtridge says:

    I wanted to hear the audience cheering

  2. Edgar Santi says:

    Chris Hemsworth promoting Netflix when Kevin Feige is trying to introduce Disney+.

    • Shadow King says:

      @SuperOmnicron the comics did good TF u talking about. People hated and first but then it was accepted and people liked it

    • Shadow King says:

      @Spidey Sense if only u knew how much they want to do with hulk even mark ruffalo has been talking to feige about it

    • Chavon Manuel says:

      @sageaps I’m so tired of this feminism in movies thing

    • sageaps says:

      @elchucofried Dude I ain’t mad I just wanted to know if this was just Waititi or if this happened in the comics. And since I know now the plot is based on the comics I now know why Natalie Portman is going to be female Thor.

    • sageaps says:

      @Kyle George I agree with your view point in regards to the lack of strong female leads within of the MCU but dude you need to chill a bit.

  3. The Hoovy Prince says:

    I hope Hemsworth stays on continuing to play Thor in more movies though, maybe he joins the Guardians instead.

    • Coleco 84 says:

      He will, but I think he is going to start acting more and more like Hercules than Thor in the next movies…I mean, he was barely “Thor” in Ragnarok and Endgame.

    • Luiz Marinho says:

      No, he won’t. In the comics, Thor ceases to be Thor so she can take his place.

      Hail Feminism!

    • M4C8 says:

      @Bishop White actors playing Egyptian gods is seen as racist and cultural appropriation, black actors playing characters from Norse Mythology? oh that’s perfectly fine and anyone who dares to query that casting decision is just a racist right? yeah that’s not a monumental double standard at all is it?

    • Jake Graham says:

      All the articles I’ve ready say she is the new Thor but judging by this he’s clearly still the star

  4. Pegasus 1127 says:

    Titi is hoped on coke. Lol

  5. TMX1138 says:

    I wonder if Natalie Portman will have to have her head shaved like she did for V for Vendetta for Jane when she had cancer in the comics, or if she will wear a bald cap like Karen Gillan did for most of her appearances as Nebula (starting with GotG Volume 2).

    • SSJake says:

      The entire Jane foster thor storyline was garbage and shouldnt be repeated anywhere… literally one of the worst comic characters and stories in the past decade

    • Kal El says:

      Marquis Fomby II Walt simonson’s run is several times better than anything Jason aaron can shit out of his butthole. It has better and cooler characters like beta ray bill. It’s more faithful to the original Norse myths and the lore that has been established earlier on. It’s much more Creative with better storytelling and the epic fight with the jormungand blows any moment during Aaron’s run out of the water.

    • L Lawliet says:

      Kal El if they do another film I do wanna see Gor

    • CarloisBuriedAlive says:

      Will she have to bulk up and get muscular like when Pratt spent 8 months getting in shape just to secure his role in GOTG?

    • Thomas Moore says:

      @One Shot It was stupid because in the comics Jane refused to get her cancer threated by Asgardian magic because “magic bad” but conveniently didn’t feel that magic was bad each time she used mjolnir to transform into female thor, epecially given how for some stupid reason they decided to make it so that her turning into thor somehow negatively affects her cancer threatment. all things considered it was infuriatingly stupid. She refused magic that could’ve actually helped her but accepted magic that was literally killing her. And I personally have a hard time getting behind a hero that is simply that stupid. It’s like watching any of those modern horror movies, where I actually start rooting for the monester/killer because The infuriatingly stupid characters running from them make me go: “Well, someone that stupid probably shouldn’t really be allowed to live anyway, it’s just natural selection”

  6. Holy Smoker says:

    I just want her repeat her tour de force performance from Thor 1: “Oh…my…gawd.”

    Except now wearing a helmet.

    • wiinterflowers says:

      Why is she even back again?

    • Matthew J Canty-Barnes says:

      @wiinterflowers well, female Thor needs to be inducted into the MCU. I know female thor’s first comic : “Oh my god im a feminist.” Was horrible, but her 2016 run of the mighty thor was actually quality stuff.

    • Jmgjgdjd5 says:

      @wiinterflowers because Kevin Feige is woke

    • Harley Quinn says:

      You’re forgetting that she was really pissed at the writers for making her a damsel in distress, but you’re forgetting you’re dealing with one of the best actresses of this generation

    • Thomas Moore says:

      @Harley Quinn She’s really not that great….

  7. Finding Memo says:

    Scarlett Johansson, Angelina Jolie, Nathalie Portman, and Salma Hayek. Only Marvel! Glad Portman is back.

  8. BowlofIndoMee says:

    MCU is slaying soo much by giving fans what they wants

  9. Rohan Sengupta says:

    the last time i was this early only Thor & Odin could lift the Mjolnir

    • Alexis Salinas says:

      Looks like you forgot about Hela then

    • Joe Cabrera says:

      @david i dont think they can introduce beta ray bill, beta ray bill and thor fought in the comics, bill spared him, and odin gave him his blessing or something and gave him a new weapon….stormbreaker, which is the name of thors weapon, although with a different design, so i dont understand how they would do beta ray bill with a hammer, they could still do him without a hammer which i would be ok with, hes not the most important character to be in the movies, id prefer nova, either kaine or Ben Reilly and have a clone saga with spiderman, and shuma gorath, the tentacle monster from the dark realm that was in UMVC3, because why not?

    • Jmgjgdjd5 says:

      @shivam vishwakarma the hammer doesn’t exist anymore

    • Sunrise Alex says:

      my question is: How Jane will become worthy is the Mjolnir do not exist in the main timeline? ;/
      Cap gave it back to 2014 Asgard so….

    • Jmgjgdjd5 says:

      @Sunrise Alex exactly

  10. Awesome Person says:

    Damn you copyright. Also Thor is becoming one of Marvel’s best hero.

  11. vye thio says:

    Hoping that chris is still the main character.

    • garym51124 says:

      @Condor7215 lol i dunno I agree with that…marvel has used its stardom to finally start pushing this far left agenda. It’s crazy how I’ve become a political conspiracy theorist thanks to YouTube

    • Chris S says:


    • El Plebe Uchiha says:

      HA! (+)

    • cdrillbeatgames says:

      @Anni Khan Because they used the wrong captain marvel whose story suvks. You

    • Mr. Pan D. man says:

      Well the title is “THOR” so well duh, of course Chris Hemsworth as thor will still be the main cast. It is just they are introducing jane thor in that movie.

  12. Dylan Psinakis says:

    Im still waiting for the comeback of Lady Sif???

    • Jochem Wijma says:

      And if Jane returns, can Darcy return too?

    • lyanne says:

      @ronald mcdonald no, she left bc she was used as only a love interest, and no one likes playing that forever. like how pepper potts actress left fopr a while aafter her 1 second scene in avengers. bc they were streated like sht script wise.

    • xmwie amxbc says:

      Lady sif is more beautiful than Valkyrie

    • Phoeηix says:

      @KyrV715 And if she had been available then, she would’ve been killed off like the Warrior 3, so she was kinda lucky. 😀

    • Batman says:

      The reason Sif was not in ragnarok was because Loki (as Odin) banished her from Asgard so her whereabouts is unknown

  13. Nathan Parrish says:

    The whole time Hemsworth is talking….
    Feige: cough,cough… DISNEY+ CHRIS… not Netflix!!!!! ..come on man “brand synergy”.

    • Paul Zaharia says:

      He was joking …he will play as Hulk Hogan for Netflix

    • wiinterflowers says:

      Feige literally has no respect

    • Nathan Parrish says:

      @Paul Zaharia I’m aware it was a joke….. my comment was a joke, on the situation…! Hemsworth is fine, looking forward to Unworthy Thor & “Thor Jane”. Jason Aarons run has been legendary the past 4 years!

  14. greenbeancom38 says:

    Lol everyone is picking up thor’s hammer now ?

    • MarveliciousCP says:

      “Everyone”? Only two people wielded it after the hammer was enchanted.

    • Ainul Yaqin says:

      @MarveliciousCP it’s actually 4 people. Thor, Odin, Vision and Captain

    • SuperUltraPepperoni says:

      @Ainul Yaqin I think Hela too pre-king Odin (She was seen holding the hammer on the paintings above the palace), my retcon is Odin took off Hela’s worthiness when he banished her similar to Thor, the first movie… but she apparently can stop it and break it (?) Idk

    • MarveliciousCP says:

      @Ainul Yaqin Odin didn’t wield it, he enchanted the hammer by himself so of course, he is powerful enough to hold it. Neither Vision nor Odin is worthy or else they would have gained the power of Thor as per the enchantment. Even Hela isn’t worthy, she only stopped the hammer.

    • Ankit Das says:

      its like turning super saiyan.. now everyone can do it. easily

  15. Mimibchugy says:

    It seems incomplete to have a Thor movie without Loki

  16. Isaac Cabal says:

    All I hope is that Thor will still be apart of the gaurdians family!!!!

    • heliopyre says:

      I don’t. I’d rather not have him overshadowing the rest of the cast

    • Kula Productions says:

      The response to that ending in Endgame was great. Plus the chemistry between the cast was terrific in those couple of minutes so they really should do that

    • Sebastian Jack says:

      In comic is not part of gog

    • Michael Simmons says:

      He wouldn’t be Thor anymore he’d just be Odinson and don’t think he’d have access to same network of powers so it could be a good thing if he teams up with guardians.

  17. Krupal Kulkarni says:

    *Natalie (Jane Foster) lifting the hammer via whatever shenanigans*
    Thor (Chris Hemsworth): Hah! I knew it!

    • crystal L. says:

      Krupal Kulkarni im guessing it might be closer to the comics where thor doesnt know who female thor is for a while

  18. Aidan Rogers says:

    4:42 Hemsworth’s looking at Mjolnir thinking “traitor”.

  19. fightingfalcon777 says:

    The real question: will we finally see the takedown of the villainous Noobmaster69?

  20. Ba Duong Trinh says:

    When Taika said ‘relationship between Thor and Korg’, I was waiting for the one playing Korg to come onto the stage, but then remember ‘oh shit he is standing right there already” ??

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