Thoughts On #FreddieGrey Protest

Thoughts On #FreddieGrey Protest

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19 Responses

  1. jacksonaggie63 says:

    Tearing up police cars that tax money bought and that tax money will now
    have to replace… Yeah, that’s hurting the “system” isn’t it????

  2. FeckinL says:

    Never a truer word said. Spot on.

  3. L Wes says:

    Was there not a peaceful protest yesterday morning? Who started this whole
    riot? Who taught us how to riot? (cue Boston Tea Party history lesson).
    What those kids were doing was not right. Kids though, kids who have no
    voice, clearly institutional racism played a big role in the turn out
    yesterday. Robbing CVS and grocery stores probably for essentials that are
    lacking in their homes. If you watch the media and believe what you see,
    not only do they control how they want you to act, they try to control your
    emotions. What you were giving in this video is exactly what they wanted to
    get out of you. Calling your people animals while White people can riot
    after losing sports games and what are they called? Upset fans? Look deeper
    at the issue. What happened in Baltimore is not right, the media
    exaggerated the story and showed boarded up homes…come on, how many rows
    of homes in Baltimore are boarded up already? It’s ludicrous, sad,
    disheartening and all of that but look at the deeper issues. No one died.
    But I guess you feel that property > a human life.

  4. EIS says:

    The most media show us what we want to see! to sell ads simple as that.

  5. Mike Myers says:

    I love how so many people are using the phrase “Black lives don’t matter”.
    It might just be me, but i didn’t see anyone use this phrase until black
    people started saying as justification. What does that tell you about how
    some of us view ourselves? I believe Chris Rock had it right when he said
    that the niggas give black people a bad name.

  6. A-I N. (StardustCreations) says:

    The only way I can express how proud I am of you (that I don’t even know)
    and how grateful I am for having the opportunity to watch your video is by
    asking you this: WILL YOU MARRY ME? OK you really don’t have to answer
    that but you get the point. You are thoughtful, intelligent, eloquent (a
    little raw but you got your point across) and cherry on top, nice looking.
    Thank you for thinking it, thank you for being who you are, thank you for
    posting this video because there will be at least a few fools out there who
    will see it and adjust their behavior because of it. You have just
    contributed to changing how we are perceived and in turn changing the

  7. Vernon Thomas says:

    You reach a lot of ppl thanks a lot for your message.

  8. homerinchinatown2 says:

    I hope this guy continues to share his perspective on things, whether he’s
    an author, journalist, musician, blogger or anything else. He’s good at it
    – and the world needs it.

  9. Andy Fashol says:

    Fuck shit up! I just wish one Black cop kills a White teenage boy so u ppl
    can really see a riot. I feel sorry for Black men I swear smh

  10. Lone Wulf says:

    Salute, good sir!

  11. law8915 says:

    Realist shit ever, on so many different levels.

  12. Ratchet kingdome says:

    With that being said what should we all do besides march and pray? Abybody
    anybody? Shut da fuck up and ima unfallow this rat face fuck nigga too

  13. travis whitman says:

    “I’m all for fucking some shit up, if it got me closer to a solution” 

  14. JusticeCracker says:

    I dont think this was done in anger, just people showing their real true
    colors. All these excuses about how no one complained about previous riots.
    When everyone did. Everyone said previous riots were stupid. Including the
    victory riots of sports games. Just like how we are now before anything
    gets done in justice. Also the famous pic of the 7-eleven store being
    looted with the girl in a “black power” shirt. That just shows what black
    power is to americans right now. Destruction, Terrorism, Chaos. I
    understand there are peaceful people out there n Baltimore, but all these
    current riots lately is changing the meaning of Black Power into just plain
    out racist terrorism.

    I was for justice for Freddies but after what happened, i see the people
    took justice into their own hands. No need for a trial now. The damage done
    alone to people and the city is enough for the monsters.

  15. Pat Powers says:

    You are so correct, will they listen, I hope so, I know personally that
    there are good people in all colors, thank u 

  16. Taleya Johnson says:

    I was so worried about you Kain i am happy you are okay and wasnt apart of

  17. Cocaine Panda says:

    Then tell me what gets us Justice Mr. HotdannitIrock? Should we have sat
    down like the little Slave children we were trained to be for centuries to
    and wait for the same system that has let off every other cop that has
    killed a black man in cold blood to just let another cop off on paid
    vacation? Stick to jokes bruh cause your a clown. It’s niggas like you that
    can’t back up a cause that has America looking at us like it does. America
    has approached all of its problems throughout history with violence but as
    soon a black person is leading the charge it’s funny to see the responses.
    Especially funny to see how black culture turns on itself cause they were
    train to have a mentality like yours you goof. Stay broke and famous

  18. RoadToHollywoodTv says:

    Well fucking said! Thank you kain 

  19. Fuckmymen says:

    what you talkin about man, the more violence the better
    bitches act violent against us and we gonna give them some hell
    after that, every cop will think twice before fucking with our people