Thoughts You Have In Line At Starbucks

Thoughts You Have In Line At Starbucks

If only making coffee at home wasn’t so hard!

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Coffee Espresso
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20 Responses

  1. Grace McKell says:

    I will never have any of these thoughts. ever.

  2. Chris Otite says:

    common white girl problems

  3. Porcelain Slane says:

    Thoughts I have in a Starbucks line…
    The hell am I doing here?
    *goes back home to make some bomb coffee*

  4. Rhi Bourbon says:

    Ew. Starbucks.

  5. James Htori says:

    Not even a thought about being a basic bitch? Quit fucking going to
    starbucks you basic loser.

  6. Onyx Lover says:

    I don’t like queueing or Starbucks so im alright 🙂 

  7. Kimberly Chavez says:

    I literally have none of three thoughts when I’m waiting in line at
    Starbucks lol

  8. NFGamingMC says:


    Every sixty seconds in Africa, exactly one minute passes.

  9. jas a says:

    Hey, moment of sadness guys, I don’t have a starbucks anywhere in my town..

  10. Violet W says:


  11. tech-savvy mermaid says:

    Yaaaas! Every single time.

  12. marimar.33 says:

    basic bitches be like

  13. Arya Granger says:

    Starbucks is so bad. For you, for the environment, PLEASE DO YOURSELF A
    A BETTER, MORE ORGANIC COFFEE PLACE!!!!!!!! If you don’t support gmo’s then
    you DEFINITELY don’t support Starbucks.

  14. rachelle2227 says:

    “Should I spell my name or say it out loud? Do I care if they have my name
    wrong on the cup? Maybe I should just tell them a more common name so they
    won’t spell it wrong.”

  15. Alonso Ruiz says:

    There’s never a line when i go into Starbucks even on a hot day when people
    usally drink Frapuccinos

  16. EaterOfCandy says:

    I don’t even know what a machiato is.


  17. Alondra Cruz says:

    So true!!!! 

  18. Light Yagami says:

    I’m a white girl and hate Starbucks

  19. Omar Cruz says:

    Honestly I Wokrked at Starbucks and everything
    Cost just about the same when it come to ingridients.
    They just sell you the Fancy Aspect

  20. smjai477 says:

    Honestly I don’t care if starbucks doesn’t even have a lot of actual coffee
    in it. That’s what I came for, the tasty syrups and milk mixed in with the
    coffee. If I want regular coffee I just make it at home. I love black
    coffee as well as the sugary overpriced starbucks.