Thousands Petition to Remove Raven Symone From ‘The View’

Thousands Petition to Remove Raven Symone From ‘The View’

Ever since former child star Raven-Symoné joined ABC’s The View, she hasn’t been afraid to voice her strong opinions. The co-host has made many headlines for her controversial comments, including several topics on race. Her blunt statements have spread like wildfire on social media, and people are finally fed up with her.

On Wednesday a petition on demanded that Barbara Walters, the creator of the talk show, remove Symoné from The View. More than 120,000 people have signed the petition, so far. Che Scott-Heron, the U.K. woman who created the petition, expresses in the document that “we need strong black role models in prominent positions on Television, and Raven Symone cannot provide that.”

On the petition page Che Scott-Heron wrote, “African Americans and black people around the Diaspora need a voice representative of their views and not a voice representative of what white people want us to say.”

Earlier this month Symoné offended pretty much everyone when she said she wouldn’t hire someone with a “black name.” She later apologized, but the damage was done. In the petition Heron claims that the last straw offensive statements was a comment Symoné made about a viral video showing a school police officer assaulting a student, where Symoné said, “get off your phone in school then,” defending the officer’s brutal behavior.

Needless to say, there are people in favor of Heron’s petition and want to see a change up on The View. At this time neither Symoné or Walters have made any statements regarding the petition.

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20 Responses

  1. BiGmAcAtTaCk1991 says:

    Hilarious! She’s racist cause she’s black and not hating on whites, but
    making them responsible for their actions. GIVE ME A FUCKING BREAK! We make
    her say what we want to hear?!

  2. RonnyGld88 says:

    Can’t we just remove The View?

  3. Easton West says:

    if she just apologized this wouldn’t happen. but shes just too damn
    arrogant to do that.

  4. Tyler Henshaw says:

    Raven Symone… Bitch is nothin but a dyke.

  5. Josh Blanton says:

    Can we just end “The View”?

  6. fLUENT TACO says:

    Damn she got fired for doing her job … If people are this sensitive then
    that show need to end. They ask for opinion she gives and now she bout to
    get fired . SMH

  7. spanishkid15 says:

    shes racist cause she be telln the truth

  8. Ted Bentley says:

    Yea what do you expect from a show full of women.

  9. Angel C says:

    To her defense, I do think names like sharkeesha and shaqualatisha are a
    bit ridiculous…people are blowing her comments out of proportion.

  10. Paul Corona says:

    Petition to remove the view from television.

  11. Caleb Mills says:

    Wtf a petition gonna do ? but she is sum else

  12. dust hymn says:

    just because youre black doesnt mean you have to agree with your own race.
    Let her speak her mind

  13. MrBepruitt says:

    Awwwww…if you dont agree with the LEFT…than your “free speech” is null
    and void.

  14. seth presley says:

    ok so that fucking girl who get her ass slamed to the ground by the cop.
    she hit him first. their are two videos about that. and one just shows her
    gettung thrown on thw ground. the other shows her hitting thw cop cause she
    wouldnt get iff her fuckung phone.

  15. IIICadillacJak says:

    why does race matter wtf race only matters to racists

  16. specificharry says:

    I think it funny how everyone is treating this black women as a white,
    because she has diffrent views on issues. but this is are society now if
    she doesn’t follow the racial background that everyone puts out then she
    needs to be removed. I intact don’t find anything she said wrong. yes a
    name that is ridicules is stupid parents need to be mind full of this stuff
    your kid is not a dog. it’s going to have reprouctions. and if people
    actually knew the facts then you would know that the girl was in the fault
    not the cop. stop treating everyone with this crap. she is a strong black
    American women. not african amarican but an american. just because she
    doesn’t sometimes act like all black women should be like this or say this.
    because she doesn’t fit your stereotype is a stupid reason to make a
    petition. if you truly want a voice stop forcing all this hate and bull
    crap down our throats and support and encourage more people to have their
    own thoughts and beliefs to not follow this set path.

  17. Mark G says:

    The weird fucking names are one thing…….but that girl who was
    physically abused by that cop is another. I DO NOT CARE what the fuck she
    was doing…..on her phone……whatever…….you do not do that to a

  18. april55556655 says:

    Why does nt our post show screw you tube 

  19. Joel HD says:

    freedom of speech ok ok

  20. Darius X says:

    What’s up with removing someone from a show simply because you disagree
    with their opinion? I was under the impression that we lived in America,
    where free speech and expression are values we fight and die for.

    I think that’s why, love him or hate him, Donald Trump is doing so well. He
    comes over an authentic and genuine figure who speaks his mind, damn the
    consequences. People are weary of the current excessive political
    correctness culture and the Bullly PC patrol.