Thousands rally for Women’s March

Thousands rally for Women’s March

Demonstrators from Los Angeles to New York marched in support of female empowerment and denounced President Donald Trump’s views on immigration, abortion, LGBT rights and women’s rights on Saturday, the anniversary of his inauguration.

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102 Responses

  1. Barney Bussey says:

    Fake. Soros-paid shills.

  2. Baeagon says:

    Mow em all down

  3. John Zabik says:

    Trump 2020

  4. Mark OByrne says:

    Damn Scarlett looks like Leonardo Dicaprio AND she’s attacking another super liberal dumbass….?this is great!

  5. James Russell says:

    A march over nothing. Just anger and bitterness with no other outlet. It is actually kind of funny.
    Tell me, what rights do women in the US not have? What rights are being attacked? You cannot claim to be a powerless victim to nothing but arbitrary generalizations. This is lunacy.

    • Michael Delgado says:

      Jack Daniels Nailed it. As with anything follow the money trail.

    • bob smith says:

      I don’t think most have even heard of this crap going on

    • Over Under Sideways Down says:

      intheatticstudio xoxo
      Grabbing skanks by the pussy doesn’t mean that you are a “racist”, you stupid cunt.
      Fuck you, race whore.

    • Toni Bush says:

      Michael Delgado I never shared stats just my own personal experience. One doesnt need to be a super model or perfect looking to have some guy creep on her. You are spouting off absolute bullcrap with that argument. I guess I was a pretty hot 4 year old to get molested twice by 2 different men. And that shit obv happens to boys and girls alike.. all horrifyingly bad and the perps need much longer sentences. Im sure we can all agree on that.

  6. Max The SNL Trump Loving Dog says:

    Good to see the herd move…at least once a year.

    • Max The SNL Trump Loving Dog says:

      Oh Catlord, keep up with the name calling…see what it got you all in 2016.

    • fox on the run says:

      +Max The SNL Trump Loving Dog: Hahaha!

    • Michael Delgado says:

      TheCatLord You wish. If we did you idiots would have no tax base and the country would be more of a s*++ hole than it already is thanks to
      You open borders freaks.

    • Patriot of Justice says:

      Max The SNL Trump Loving Dog Wait… Herd. A herd of unwashed, angry, mindless creatures who attack anything on sight. Holy crap, those women are Walkers! Grab your guns! Protect Carl!

    • Conor says:

      Max The SNL Trump Loving Dog They’ve got nothing else to do. It’s largely obese 60 year old divorced women.

  7. Spam Sandwich says:

    Man… utoob really trying to trend this story.
    I get so tired of this fakeass hubbub

  8. avalon449 says:

    Again? Every year since the 1970’s.

    • Conor says:

      intheatticstudio xoxo Lmao what exactly needs to be “handled”?

    • Addie Alexander says:

      If women were listened to, a lot would be accomplished, but instead, uninformed people, make angry glib statements against them and women’s rights stay mostly buried.

    • Ken Allen says:

      Conor They said sexual terrorism. Look I’m all for safety, justice, all that. This marching rallying shit though is background music. In other countries, they riot and really rally. Here they march then go home. Wgaf.

    • Ken Allen says:

      Addie Alexander Bullshit, woman get listened too. Why the fuck if there was an issue 15 years ago are you just now coming out. That’s your fault. Not the victimization, of course not, but if you don’t say shit then how are people supposed to know.

    • Ken Allen says:

      Addie Alexander Last year was confrontation and expose year. This year let’s blame men and society for not hearing shit we didn’t say.

  9. kevin Ş]PĂĆĘY says:

    Keep on marching then you can lose some weight whamen!

  10. snow vixen says:

    As a woman I support equality among men and women, I also don’t want trump as a president

    But I would never ever be in this march, the majority of these women are bat sh*t crazy and stupid. They are the kind of group Hillary Clinton would be proud of (who I also don’t like), seeing some of these women march makes me feel like society in general will never take women more seriously. I mean Women wearing so called pussy hats, and I saw one girl with a sign saying “Men I don’t need to shave, it’s my body” so know apparently it’s un-feminist to shave armpits.

    To all men reading this I just want you to know this march does not represent all women. These women are as embarrassing as Trump

    Wish there was a women’s march for sane women

  11. Q&I&J&N says:

    Boo hoo I’m in the USA, I’m a woman who can DRIVE, VOTE, WEAR SLUTTY CLOTHING AND DO WHATEVER THE HELL I WANT…but I’m SO OPPRESSED! Whaaaaahh!!!!!

    Seriously get the heck over yourselves.

  12. Andy Saenz says:

    Wow, look at all those globalist puppets masquerading around like the complete idiots that they are! I wouldn’t be surprised if George Soros is behind this “women’s march”!

    • Eddie R says:

      Lisa Taylor Are you tired of men grabbing your pussy?

    • Light RED FIRE says:

      Lisa Taylor

      They are fed up living in the USA with all the human rights they have? Including the right to be annoying brats on the streets? OH NO! You’re so oppressed! Let’s all play pretend. You have no clue how much backlash your bunch of feminists is gonna get. You see the majority loathing this video.

    • Eddie R says:

      Light RED FIRE Right on! Women should go to other countries like Dubai and see what kind of rights women get. They just got the rights to drive a car! And they think they have it tough here LOL

    • Dick Burns says:

      Lisa Taylor are u hot

    • Dick Burns says:

      Ana Gonzalez. Lesbian love?

  13. Toni Bush says:

    Warning.. many angry men in the comment section, Im guessing no women are very nice to them, poor babies. Their mothers have failed them.

  14. triplesix says:

    More women who dont know what they want.
    Nothing new here.
    They dont represent me.

    • Addie Alexander says:

      They are standing up for your rights as well, you are too angry to see it, but they are.

    • Patriot of Justice says:

      SpideyGaming Most libtards get triggered when they see an opinion different from their own safe space mentality.

    • Patriot of Justice says:

      Addie Alexander What rights are women being denied? If this was in the Middle East, where women are basically slaves and don’t have the right to drive, to an education, etc, it would be one thing. But these people are griping about issues which really aren’t there.

      Over in Iran, men and women are fighting, literally fighting, for women to have equal rights. There was not a word said by these marchers. Why?

    • Da Light says:

      triplesix lol amazing words I see a lot of plp triggered

    • Parker Hamilton says:

      ObedienceIs Enslavement r/thathappened

  15. The Faceless Man says:

    My god so many cry babies! Sorry I have to go… I have a JOB!

  16. Star Killer says:

    Butthurt cuckservatives triggered in the comments as always.

    • I, a Joseph Stalin, wants 1,000 subs says:

      Star Killer Remember the facists were more of socialist than capitalist

    • SAY10 says:

      Cut your balls off and give them to your mom to carry,cause you know you still live with mommy.

    • Matteo C says:

      You calling us butthurt? LOL sounds to me you libtards are still salty about the election

    • Lebby Great says:

      Funny calling Conservatives butthurt when the entire national left wing has mobilized across the country because the government may not pay for their birth control anymore.

    • Lebby Great says:

      Star Killer You are correct, Mussolini did say that. Fascism is when the state takes over the market and seizes corporations, WHICH IS WHAT OBAMA DID THROUGH THE ACA WHEN HE SEIZED THE HEALTH INSURANCE INDUSTRY.

  17. Alethia for Christ says:

    “Thousands rally” Lol yet, billions disagree with the whole agenda here. These crazy women represent a very small number compared to the rest. Leave it up to the media to promote otherwise. smh.

  18. Justin Sawchuk says:

    notice how they cropped the pics to only show a small area.

    • Julie Ake says:

      Justin Sawchuk I bet any of them are bigger than Trumps crowds anyday everyday.

    • Addie Alexander says:

      They gave numbers. And they did not need to crop anything in the NYC photos. I saw those protesters and the clip they showed does not do the crowd justice,

  19. ItBeginsAgain HD says:

    I need to go to work, get out the damn road..and shut up.

  20. XXXEGGACION says:

    its trending but nobody gives a shit lmao god YouTube is ran by weirdos

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