Three Girls Arrested After Filming Dying Patient On Snapchat

Three Girls Arrested After Filming Dying Patient On Snapchat

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88 Responses

  1. cr5cc says:

    here to see the cthegod comments… don’t let me down

  2. Gary Wilson says:

    Charlamagne’s bleaching cream is starting to wear off

  3. Tommy sotomayer Is one ugly muthafucka says:

    Charlamagne Losing his bleach cream endorsement

  4. brizzy2121 says:

    Are yal really trying to tear down Charla that quick ? If this is the culture.. I def will remove myself. Yal sucking it up.

    • InDCityProductions says:

      Tacky Zack Yep reason incant stand niggas. Love my black kings and queens cant stand niggas

    • Murk says:

      meechieboii16 the irony when you coons are defending one of our culture’s most hypocritical, Alt-Right supporting and racially baised fucking ingrates of all-time.
      What good has this CHARLATAN THE FRAUD ever done for us as a people?

  5. Tica811 says:

    Will Jessica Reid ever be “Donkey of the Day” for that moment back in 2001? I’m waiting…

  6. Chiney Bwoy says:

    They either weren’t beat as kids or beat too much

    • Angels Trower says:

      Peter Geramin no I’ve never been raped by anyone, but he was touching me in inappropriate places at times, and saying weird things constantly crossing boundaries that you don’t do to your children, or other people’s children

    • Flora Silva says:

      Angels Trower I hope you know you have no obligation to explain yourself to any internet troll. It’s sad what people say these days behind a screen but it’s the world we live in….

    • Demyus Watts says:

      Ryan McDowell stfu dumb mf

  7. Kristen says:

    People are so evil. It’s scary to think people thought this was okay.

  8. OG Haze says:

    CTG gave that speech like his freedom depends on it lol

  9. matthew mcmillan says:

    You should do another segment called hero of the day to balance out all these donkeys

    • Human 2.0 says:

      Hero of the day won’t rake in views especially if the majority of the audience is Black American.

    • Troy Head-Counsell says:

      He’s a negative person. He’s always focused on the negative. He acts like he doesn’t like stuff like this but spends his days looking for negative, instead of positive stories. He’s a shill. He calls out 6ix 9ine for his rape allegations and won’t address his own

    • Jesus Penaloza says:

      Troy Head-Counsell you right

    • Jj Mm says:

      matthew mcmillan she was 15

  10. Tony Brown says:

    Film them going to jail for life and call it The End

  11. Tre Tucker says:

    Charlemagne gone talk about this rape accusation??

    • Dark n Lovely says:

      Autumn Nigavelli you saw the court documents so where’s the link to the court documents online. Not in the video. Why can’t I find these public records online? Which means they are most likely fake. The only documents that can be found is the indictment and the warrant. And it says nothing about them finding semen in her, it says nothing about a rape kit, it says nothing about any of that you just mentioned. So tell me why you ducking this link?

    • Dark n Lovely says:

      Carl Parker can’t you ask them why they can’t provide a link to the public documents (not the video) that say they found his semen in her. They keep repeating this lie and I have asked now the 8th person and not one of them posted the link

    • roe mahoney says:

      The Black Baron p

    • Autumn Nigavelli says:

      Dark n Lovely I’ll provide a link when I get the chance

    • Autumn Nigavelli says:

      Dark n Lovely there is a court document from the grand jury

  12. kenneth gates says:

    As a person who work in a senior living facility recording a resident in general could lead to you getting fired.. what they expect was going to happen record one that’s having a stroke🤦🏽‍♂️

  13. Jennifer McMillian says:

    Agreed…truly an era of smartphones and dumb people.

  14. Anne says:

    I know Star is a nobody, but I know you are not letting him get away with all of this DOXING of your past and plea bargain.. If you do I will clearly see what you are trying to do here on youtube

    • ExspensiveSpeech says:

      Negusis 85 it isn’t going on it’s a 15 year old case

    • Carl Parker says:

      Anne he talked about that over 7 years now and was cleared of all charges do to evidence

    • LeCury McCray says:

      This the same nigga who said R Kelly and Bill Cosby had to go , now it’s his turn..

    • ExspensiveSpeech says:

      LeCury McCray Bill I think may be a victim of the world changing and R.kelly does need to go wtf.

    • John Hamilton says:

      Anne he playing it smooth. Let the lawyers handle it cause it ain’t going nowhere and Charlemagne still where Star want to be. That’s all ole desperate, thirsty, washed up nigga wants is for Charlemagne to respond hahaha. That’s why Star was blaming black ppl, fathers, hatred of black women etc hahaha he was so desperate today, talking about I thought I heard Charlemagne likes to rape his wife, begging for any negative story /rumors to try again smh but his core supporters will believe anything and he knows it

  15. zero says:

    CTG giving out his personal lawyer number to get away with crimes i see

  16. Applied Knowledge says:

    So what about the people who were recording XXXtentacion or is that different

    • TahitianTreatFlavored BabyBatter says:

      CHTG actually talked about them as well. I’mho….it doesn’t matter if X could’ve gotten help or not. The person recording him dead was doing it for attention. So the act was just as foul as the act from these lousy bitches

    • Black Intellect says:

      Myonie Payton there is a difference. Just because you disagree with someone’s actions doesn’t mean they deserve to be jailed bro.
      Yes, it’s shitty to record them but these are two separate situations.

    • 💙 Love 🌿🍃 says:

      Applied Knowledge
      The fact they weren’t in shock & still calm was disturbing to watch.Recording wouldn’t even cross my mind while in the presence of a possibly dead person.

    • TahitianTreatFlavored BabyBatter says:

      Black Intellect both are similar. Both showed lack of respect and thirst for attention. Had the person recording x not wanted attention…he wouldve kept the vid to himself

    • B Sharpz says:

      Moreso what about the store owners that failed Junior

  17. The Music Promoter says:

    Nah Lil Uzi Should be donkey of the day

    • TahitianTreatFlavored BabyBatter says:

      The Music Promoter only ones who got offended by that was religious mofos and nerds who pay too much attention to that grown midget

    • ARGJENT says:

      Stfu you idiots believe everything you hear

    • Jose Magaña says:

      And to everyone talking about the bible read the torah and do more research.. the king james edition

    • murrrmur says:

      It’s a fucking song, who cares what the hidden messages are. Literally has no consequence. Also no one outside of hip hop know about Him.

  18. zero says:

    CTG hoping people are desensitized to his rape of teenagers

    • Dayvon Savage says:

      Juwan Lee So was the Bill Cosby accusations dummy.

    • itzKal says:

      Dark n Lovely, exactly. I’m waiting on that link too but won’t be holding my breath for it. 😄 Convenient how that one charge is shown but not the DNA results. Just picking and choosing what info to present to form a narrative to support their argument lol.

    • GODs SON says:

      june ryu stop the lies white boy. Lol y’all get off from rape all the time. White boy raped a girl behind a dumpster witnesses n everything. 30 days in jail so stop it white boy many more stories of this. Lies lies lies all you white ppl do.

    • K McCoy says:

      hoe underage

  19. Shanette Quao says:

    These comments man…. whew….

  20. Man O War says:

    CharlaCosby still not addressing his own R kelly tendencies I see. #metoo

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