Three Kingdoms – OverSimplified

Three Kingdoms – OverSimplified

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49 Responses

  1. Nestor Gorospe says:

    Huh 1 million views already


  2. Ubisons says:

    3:50 Anyone else that noticed the dude with a baguette and yellow vest around people who don’t like getting taxed?

    French people are in every revolution

    • Romain Theories says:

      An island with natives armed of sticks and bows : nothing
      British : Finally a worthy opponent, let’s install a colony.
      Years later
      Settlers : We want independance against British.
      France shows up like a TF2 spy : LUCKY FOR YOU BITCHES

    • Trixest Gamer-Mapper-Maker says:

      I did

    • books from Windblown says:

      Yes he did that as a reference to a recent event of today.

  3. Ho Chihin says:

    Literally the whole chinese history
    good emperors→bad emperor→wars→split into kingdoms→reunited by good emperor→bad emperors…

    • HungryLoki says:

      +Lei Hou When you cannot make fun of the head of state – who from what I hear will now stay in power until the day he dies – without going to jail, you know you’re living under a despotical tyrant and should rightly fear for your and your family’s life.

    • Annihilatus says:

      Ryan Japan Yeah I know what you are talking about, its that kind of brutal that only appears in the western media.

    • Parshwa Malatesh says:

      Just saying that history might start to repeat itself by Xi Jinping wanting to become leader for life and modifying rules to prevent another mao.

    • Joonha Shcal says:

      Well, I think the current emperor is starting to go really bad. Imprisoning a million inhabitants sounds pretty tyrannical.

    • Helichopper Zero says:

      What was will be,What will be was

  4. the dinosaur Yee says:

    At 0:21…
    It translates as
    Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down
    lol we just got Rickrolled in 2019, really oversimplified, *REALLY*

  5. Gökii says:

    Game of Thrones: China lmao

    PS: finally a new vid of oversimplified ?

  6. Greywoft 304 says:

    Lol 3:53 in the middle
    A French yellow vest protester with a baguette

  7. Atlantic Music says:

    Chinese gang
    This is the most interesting time of the great Chinese History man!
    So much games and novels use this as the content

  8. Alien Z says:

    Wow! A Chinese video. Sweet!

    Edit: Do the civil war next!

  9. Ali Ali says:

    He attacc
    He prottec
    But most importantly…
    He Jin

  10. kyle lopez says:

    ? my face when I knew most of these names from playing dynasty warriors

  11. Das große J says:

    3 big states at war with each other?
    Sound like 1984 to me

  12. Pop&Cornツ says:

    6:08 Imperial forces stormed the palace and the Eunuchs were all massacrate-

    *This enraged his father, who punished a guy in the back severely.*

  13. wwe vlogs says:

    your dad: son I love y- OH NO I’M HAVING A HEART ATTACK!
    You: ( ͡ಥ ͜ʖ ͡ಥ)

  14. Relatively Fresh Memes says:

    Haven’t watched the video but already liked ?

  15. GamerKing0504 says:

    I have ideas for oversimplified videos

    American Civil War
    Irish war of independence
    7 years war
    Vietnam war (just Vietnam)
    Korean war ( just Korea)

  16. Deniz G says:

    _China is whole again,_
    _Then it broke again._

  17. Memetastic says:

    American Civil War Oversimplified right now.

  18. eykdanone says:

    6:08, all of the Eunuchs enraged Hitler’s father who punished them severely.

  19. rice asian says:

    Oversimplified is the best cha… *_oh no im having a heart attacc_*

  20. Milo Schwartz says:

    Is nobody going to mention Hitler’s father in the background punishing that guy severely?

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