THRILLER! Manchester City vs. Liverpool 🤯 | Carabao Cup Highlights | ESPN FC

THRILLER! Manchester City vs. Liverpool 🤯 | Carabao Cup Highlights | ESPN FC

Erling Haaland scored after just 10 minutes to give Manchester City the lead in the Carabao Cup Round of 16, before Fabio Carvalho equalized just 10 minutes later. Riyad Madhrez and Mohamed Salah scored in quick succession in the second half before Nathan Ake once again restored the lead for City.
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50 Responses

  1. Tony Huerta says:

    The World Cup really set the bar high this year 😅

    • Diego Valenzuela says:

      Yea people forgot there are still better players who didn’t play in the World Cup like haaland >>> Mbappe.

    • Oh Yeah Mr Krabz says:

      @Seth Freakin Rollins It was an amazing world cup

    • yair🫡 says:

      @Stacy Lyeah the 2 pens against argentina in the final and france definitely wouldn’t have won if kolo muani made that shot last minute

    • Dxrk says:

      @Seth Freakin Rollins just enjoy the game sometimes tho

    • Goff Balls says:

      @Anthony Garcia I’m dutch so I’m prolly biased to y’all but I’m pretty sure that Argentina was a dirtier in that Netherlands game. Messi smacks the ball outta midair and it isn’t a yellow then paredes almost breaks akes ankles and then almost blasts sm1 on our bench and that’s not a red? And that penalty was questionable too. Ik we played pretty dirty as well but don’t act like Argentina wasn’t dirty in that game at all or got any calls from that ref

  2. KAMARA says:

    Ake made up for his mistake

  3. Ty G says:

    Nunez never disappoints when he plays he’s so entertaining in the wrong way 😂

  4. Shak Hus says:

    Cracking game as always between these two.

    The defenses left a lot to be desired though

  5. LEGIO X says:

    DeBryune is on another level man. Another Masterclass from him. Best in the world at what he does… and it’s not even close.

    • Oh Yeah Mr Krabz says:

      Too bad he doesn’t play like that for Belgium

    • Franklin Tchinda says:

      @Mohon Meah lukaku could have scored a hat trick in that final WC match because of debruyne passes.

    • DDeglane16 says:

      @Mohon Meah Most great players would be complemented by Manchester City’s players and manager. De Bruyne is a great player but he’s disappointing for Belgium.

    • GodplaysDice says:

      @Voet Football naah Messi was lacking preseason. He was physically and mentally unprepared to play immediately after new move. He didn’t mentally plan for it. He still gave 15 assists. And hit the woodwork 11 times. This season he’s more relaxed, more prepared. Results are clear. He’s still not the main man to score as that’s Mbappe’s role. So obviously he won’t be scoring 40-50 goals. There can’t be 3 superstars in a team. One has to take main role and others have to be supporting cast.

    • Voet Football says:

      @GodplaysDice messi plays just as deep for Argentina as he does for Barca and psg. Reason he didn’t play so well first season at psg was because coach wasn’t used to the system messi played at his most recent years at barca, being the heart of the team

  6. malik bickham says:

    de Bruyne passing is crazy

  7. Rene says:

    We resume were we left off…Haaland scoring goals

  8. Ivan Fade'Em 🅥 says:

    *These two teams always produce a good game!* 🔥🔥🔥

  9. Julio Jimenez says:

    I’m in no mood for a thriller so soon after that World Cup final.

    • Oliver Marcus says:

      @Molly Latham Go back to last time Li-VAR-pool won the premiere league. Every time Li-VAR-pool was in need of a draw, or the full three points, Mane or Salah would DIVE in added time and VAR would award Li-VAR-pool a PK, which Salah converts and adds to his golden boot tally undeservedly. Face it for once

    • Molly Latham says:

      @Oliver Marcus give us an example please how VAR has helped Liverpool? Also isn’t VAR there to get calls right? How would that be Liverpool’s fault?

    • Oliver Marcus says:

      @Pól VAR helps Li-VAR-pool in all competitions, even UEFA CL. Let’s be honest and face the truth

    • YMA7 Gaming says:

      @Pól that’s simply not true

    • Pól says:

      ​@Oliver Marcus var goes against Liverpool more than it helps them

  10. Dave Everett says:

    Now I see why Uruguay struggled to score goals

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