Thriller – Michael Jackson (1930s Jazz Cover) ft. Wayne Brady

Thriller – Michael Jackson (1930s Jazz Cover) ft. Wayne Brady

Postmodern Jukebox 1930s Jazz cover of “Thriller” by Michael Jackson ft. Wayne Brady.
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Wayne Brady stopped by to make an amazing PMJ debut of his own on this 1930s Cab Calloway-style vintage remake of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller,” complete with zombie tap dancers. Happy Halloween from all of us at Postmodern Jukebox!

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Wayne Brady (Vocals)

Sarah Reich (Zombie Tap Dancer)

Anissa Lee (Zombie Tap Dancer)

Karl Kerfoot (Banjo)

Scott Bradlee (Piano & Arrangement):

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20 Responses

  1. James Roach says:

    What the hell????? Loveeeeeed it!

  2. David Romero says:

    Your title had me at Wayne Brady

  3. Torbero says:

    I need more Sarah in my life, love that women but great performance from everyone #ItsWayneBradyBitch

  4. S K says:

    OVER 9000 points to Wayne Brady. (Unfortunately, the points don’t matter.)

    Now a segment we call, “Scenes From A Hat”.

  5. Deconverted Man says:

    wow this is really cool so different! Whos line is it – its the Thriller line!

  6. Bryce Walburn says:

    Wayne Brady is a national treasure

  7. Reena Xionette says:

    I Didn’t believe it in the beginning but you guys seriously brought in Wayne Brady too!!! XD I absolutely love him!!! And now I love you guys more!!!

  8. Anauã Vilhena says:

    Where is the button of best cover ever?

  9. Goldievoi says:

    Loved it. Love you. Thanks so much!

  10. Kaybee says:

    those zombies are having the time of their unlives

  11. anchovy1503 says:

    is this James, Barney’s brother ?

  12. Ima Dork says:

    Wayne Brady singing was like my whole childhood. That and Colin Mochrie not quite singing.

  13. Vistico93 says:

    Sometimes I stick through these renditions for as long as I do because I’m realizing for the first time I never really knew what the actual lyrics were all these years…

  14. ThatManinWhite says:

    “What the hell?”😂🤣🙂

    That little touch at the end just broke me!!

  15. Aunt Beeje says:

    Great cover, but isn’t this style of music more ragtime than jazz?

  16. Bridget Boyle says:

    Wayne you continue to Amaze!  Thank you!

  17. Alex Prieto says:

    something i didnt even know I wanted. Love 1930s mj

  18. Little Owl says:

    PMJ always makes Halloween hangovers doable. You guys are fantastic as always! This cover and everyone in it was brilliant, especially the last bit😂😂

  19. İbrahim Ferda Alpay says:

    but where is Barney? everbody is here.

  20. Thiago Maia says:

    That was awesome! I can only imagine how much fun shooting this must have been.

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