Throne of Eldraine Official Trailer – Magic: The Gathering

Throne of Eldraine Official Trailer – Magic: The Gathering

These fairy tales fight back! Play with new cards NOW in the Eldraine Courtside Brawl event on Magic: The Gathering Arena.

Throne of Eldraine releases fully on MTG Arena September 26. Play in Prerelease September 27–29. Available everywhere October 4.

Read the story of Eldraine today:

Preorder on MTG Arena or at your local game store:

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58 Responses

  1. Magic: The Gathering says:

    If you missed the full announcement stream where we debuted this trailer, check it out here:

  2. SERN says:

    I was like 800% certain this was a Shrek trailer. I was so prepared.

  3. khiolis says:

    i fully expect that tomorrow there will be uploaded an edited trailer where when garruk bursts through the door it starts playing smash mouth

  4. TheJano226 says:

    Holy Moly!! My mind was blown. This looks to be my favorite second set other than Innistrad.

  5. boezou says:

    What studio did they outsource this animation from? My god, it’s amazing.

  6. HavCola says:

    0:25 Poisoned Apple, Golden Egg, Three Piggies and the Three Bears in one pan of the room. The density of fairy tale references is on point.

  7. Edward Burke says:

    I’m gonna need that little gingerbread lady to have gotten her Spark after that.

  8. Owen Becker says:

    Ginger widow wields the spear of longinus

  9. Владимир Владимирович says:

    War of the Spark: tragic story of legendary powerful creatures dying and overcoming themselves
    Throne of Eldarine: SHREK CROSSOVER

  10. GreenFenril says:

    This along with War of the Spark….is this the norm for set trailers?

    Let’s hope so….

    • Mavrickindigo says:

      They only care about trailers and appealing to sjws so whatev

    • Zephyr Nace-Beach says:

      Mavrickindigo where do they go out of their way to appeal to sjws

    • Kristian N says:

      GreenFenril not at all. As someone into the game for years I find it odd that their trailers randomly started doing extremely well. I knew people that watched the war of the spark trailer who never have and never intend to play a card game lol. I’m talking like that hot girl in your class even watched the trailer and liked it for some reason. I find it very odd that their trailers do so well.

    • GreenFenril says:

      @Mavrickindigo hey, no losers allowed here kid, beat it.

    • Zephyr Nace-Beach says:

      Kristian N they are doing well because now there good. Good animation, good score, good everything. This could be just a stand alone thing

  11. Kylo Ren says:

    WTC: Do you know… the muffin man…?
    Players: the muffin man..?

  12. Mike Zacek says:

    If you had told me a year ago that a CG trailer with Garruk would have two cookies as the main characters, I would have said “I guess Magic is officially dead then”


  13. NicolaiBolas says:

    Bring back Duel Decks! Garruk vs. Gingerbread! Also, the fact that I felt an emotional connection to Gingerbread is the sign of a job well done here.

  14. lordravenblade says:

    Door gets kicked in-

    “Hey now, you’re a Rock Star!”

  15. Bebo18 says:

    I’m not a player. Saw the trailer as an ad on another video. Made me tear up. Beautifully done.

  16. RethParish says:

    The tagline for Throne of Eldraine:
    “It’s never ogre…”

  17. Nibblesnarf Games says:

    Gonna have to give your trailer guy a raise.

  18. Jonah Carver says:

    The gingerbread people are the heroes standard deserves.

    Also, whoever decided to up the budget to animation, you are a genius.

  19. matte espo says:

    Everyone: Infinity war is the most ambitious crossover ever

    Magic the gathering: hold my swamps

  20. Rafael Gee says:

    Jace: Garruk what happened to your eye
    Garruk: I don’t want to talk about it

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