Throwing a Needle Through Glass in Slow Motion

Throwing a Needle Through Glass in Slow Motion

It’s feet per second vs. frames per second, as Gav and Dan join forces with three Shaolin Monks, who show off one of their most challenging skills—throwing a needle through glass. The Super Slow Show, Only on YouTube.

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71 Responses

  1. Kees Van Aalst says:

    If you look really closely 3:58 you can see 4 dots. Are the failed attempts to throw it thru the glass??

    And sorry for my bad english i am a 14 years old dutch kid?

  2. WayOfFire says:

    What you’ve done is debunked the Shaolin needle through glass technique.

    • John Peat says:

      @Lord Emilous The monk also released MUCH closer to the glass which means the striking end of the needle is still rotating forward (towards the glass) – Dan’s has passed ‘level’ and is moving AWAY from the glass

    • UnoerKgreS says:

      Physics of this: the needle spins in the air, which makes the outside end of it move faster. On impact, the needle bounces back, but the energy transfer makes the glass explode on both sides, sending shards into the balloon.
      What people see at 3:48 is not the needle going through glass, it’s it showing through the hole. It’s still outside the glass, at that moment moving back.
      The trickster throws the heavy end forward, it swings fast, has heavy momentum, breaks the glass.
      The host throws pointed end forward, no momentum behind it, because it’s light. Plus the other host moves the glass pane away, reducing the net speed of impact.

    • tubeist- dan says:

      In any event, it’s impossible to throw the needle at any appreciable forward velocity without imparting angular momentum; thus even in a just-before, bang-on, or just-after, perpendicular configuration at impact, the center of mass is going to be levered _away_ from the hole, unless under very rare circumstances the glass-crack races through the entire pane and the whole body of the needle passes through (albeit _very_ slowly, most of the kinetic energy of the needle will have been converted into breaking covalent bonds in the glass).

  3. Arnav Balyan says:

    At 1:30 , the monk says that needle will go THROUGH the glass…but in reality(as we saw in the slow mo), needle just hits the glass and bounces back…it DOESN’T go THROUGH the glass.

    • Arnav Balyan says:

      New title – “Bouncing a needle off glass”

    • Arnav Balyan says:

      Moldygreenbean if I had said I put a knife THROUGH your hand , it would have meant that the knife comes out of the other side of your hand.

    • tubeist- dan says:

      That’s why we say ‘slice a cake’, instead of ‘pass a knife through cake’. Let’s not equivocate over the meaning and real-world use of verbs.

    • tubeist- dan says:

      People don’t say that though. They say “stab something”; and they don’t mean penetration _plus_ the whole thing going out the other side, let alone releasing grip of it.

  4. Jampot 787 says:

    *I AM GOD*

  5. Jonny Easton says:

    2:45 OMG ?

  6. Jonny Easton says:

    Why is that monk so condescending ?

  7. Friday Harlowe says:

    Not so difficult, I can do this everyday with a spark plug…

  8. RentableDwarf says:

    “Bouncing a needle off glass”
    Fixed it for you.

  9. Milo Waltenbaugh says:

    It didn’t go through lmao

  10. Lit Piano123 says:

    I could do that in my sleep, and only in my sleep. (Dreams)

  11. Fox Goodman says:

    I find slow motion so fascinating to me ^_^

  12. BSN Nishijima says:

    it actually didnt go through…

  13. OmniviumVelocity says:

    It never went through though…

    • daarkside says:

      Ty Schmidt
      He may need a few more years, today he just played “just the tip ”

      *NOBODY* actually plays “just the tip”. We just say we are.

    • tubeist- dan says:

      Yes, the key verb is _thrown_ perpendicular, not just land… perpendicular; and its impossible to throw the needle with any appreciable forward velocity without imparting angular momentum.

      In the situation at hand, even if the tip lands at the moment the needle is perpendicular, the spin will carry the body of the needle off-perpendicular so that the thing’s center of mass will be levered up to strike the rest of the glass above-puncture-area. A similar argument if the tip strikes just before perpendicular

    • Nøderak says:

      A bit of it did in the second throw

    • Richard Decker says:

      It would go through if they hit the proper angle

    • tubeist- dan says:

      That’s exactly what I argued (above) wouldn’t happen. Because of the spin, the needle’s center of mass will _always_ be carried off-perpendicular to the puncture, whatever the angle.

  14. Tony Nguyen says:

    Those shaolin monks could be holding a *wet noodle* and I’d still be running in the opposite direction.

  15. Double Dare Fan says:

    Was it really the needle and not the glass fragments that popped the balloon?

  16. Matt Spicer says:

    I love these guys ^_^

  17. BlurryFACE 079 says:

    I was hoping for the needle to go straight into the glass like a bullet.

  18. Reversal says:

    2:45 Oh my gahhh

  19. Simon Johnson says:

    Myth busted ….hey that’d be a good premise for a T.V. show.

  20. 3ofThem says:

    So throwing something AGAINST glass is the same as throwing something THROUGH glass now?

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