Throwing My DREAM QUINCEANERA!! *emotional* | Louie’s Life

Throwing My DREAM QUINCEANERA!! *emotional* | Louie’s Life

I’ve always wanted to live my quinceanera fantasy, and finally at the age of 22 I made it happen! When we were younger we did not have any money to throw a quince so neither one of my sisters had one. But you know what… who cares about age! You’re never too old to throw one!! I chose my dream dress and one for my damas! I got glam done, hair, wig, bals, pictures, TODO!! I had so much fun!
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31 Responses

  1. Ashleyy Peña says:

    he really said he didn’t want chambelanes porque se los va a robar 😭 he ain’t lying

  2. Louie's Life says:

    Aver be honest ssstupida.. Which one was your favorite dress?!?

  3. Gabbi G says:

    if i don’t look like louie in my quinceañera dress then i don’t want it 😂

  4. Aylin Nicolas says:

    Im so happy that Louie was able to make one of his dream come true with his family and friends <3

  5. Moda2000 says:

    WE DID THAT!✨💅🎉 You looked so fabulous in your Moda2000 Quince dress! We love you💜

  6. It’s Naibelyn says:

    I know so Many of us could relate to when Louie said Our parents couldn’t afford a Quinceñera 😞❤️ Look 👀at him now !! 🥰

  7. Alexandra Denise Gonzalez says:

    “I BEEN A CHAMBELAN 3 times now I’m the quinceañera “ mooooooood

  8. Rosalinda De Los Santos says:

    The dress that Laura picked was beautiful and the red one. But Louie, the dress you picked was beautiful!

  9. Marlene Garcia says:

    Louie in the 1st dress: “Me showing up to his funeral” 💃🏻😂

  10. cassieeMUA says:

    hahaha ily!!! this was such a fun experience, thank you for having me lover👑💜💜💜

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