Thunder vs Rockets | Full Game Recap: Harden, Westbrook & Paul George Put On A Show In Houston

Thunder vs Rockets | Full Game Recap: Harden, Westbrook & Paul George Put On A Show In Houston

The Thunder erased a 26-point deficit to defeat the Rockets tonight in Houston by a final score of 117-112. This marks the largest comeback win by the franchise since moving to Oklahoma City. Paul George led all scorers with 45 points (12-22 FG, 6-14 3pt FG), 11 rebounds and 3 assists for the Thunder, while Russell Westbrook secured his 22nd triple-double of the season (9th consecutive, tying Wilt Chamberlain for the longest such streak in NBA history) and 126th of his career with 21 points, 12 rebounds and 11 assists. James Harden totaled 42 points for Rockets, continuing his streak of consecutive 30+ point games to 29 (behind Wilt Chamberlain’s 2 streaks of 31 games and 65 games). With the win, the Thunder improve to 36-19, while the Rockets fall to 32-23 on the season.

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86 Responses

  1. Daniel Salley says:

    Somewhere Harden is flopping right now

    • Did I ask you? No I didn’t says:

      Daniel Salley and chasing down a ref from a different game begging for a foul.

    • gang land says:


    • Brian Double U says:

      Yep! He even tried that weak tacky cheap tactic on Russ on that last shot too. Russ played good clean defense on him, and Harden STILL fell down like he got bumped! I don’t like how the Rockets play like this. It’s dirty shit. Im just glad our boys got thru this one. ⚡ ?

    • Daniel Salley says:

      +Brian Double U I don’t think many people like Harden. I’m not much of a Thunder fan, good luck though.

  2. TheGoat HCR says:

    Hey rockets fans? Where’d that 26 point lead go? ?

  3. Jay Nunez12 says:

    This game proves Paul George is better than James harden

  4. Thouxanband Swavy says:

    Roccets blew a 26 point lead ????‍♂️ #ThunderUp

  5. The Dopamine says:

    Defensive discipline helped okc 2nd half and Schroder should be 6th man of the year talk

  6. problem? says:

    Paul George is proving to the league that he is better then Harden

  7. stopmotion36 says:

    Paul George outplayed Harden tonight. George has earned the MVP in my opinion
    George MVP
    Schröder 6th Man

  8. Lesley Taylor says:

    OKC Nation where you at ⚡⚡??

  9. Hikmat Lodin says:

    Damm Paul George the MVP. Like this if you want to him to be the mvp

  10. Dame Dolla #mr clutch 4th quarter says:

    Paul george>harden

  11. Jerami G says:

    26 point lead


  12. Weas Qswe says:

    Okc to the finals???

  13. Aaron Porter says:

    Terrance Ferguson is really coming into his own

  14. Shanta Doll says:

    This was more entertaining than the Super bowl.

    • Keith Jones Sr says:


    • clutch bg94 says:

      Shanta sit on my face pls

    • Sir Logan says:

      Daniel Flores college basketball is boring. college football>college basketball

    • blazinpyromaniac says:

      +Daniel Flores SB was pretty boring but let’s not act like the NFL isn’t the greatest American sport. They destroy the NBA in revenue. Most people that don’t like football don’t understand the complexity of the game. It’s not meant for the simpleminded. NFL is like playing chess. If you want to watch people score points then watch basketball

  15. Savior Seidi says:

    ?????????? pg is the mvp man idk why he hasn’t been talked about more

    • Savior Seidi says:

      Facts bro

    • Joe McFarlane says:

      Savior Seidi b/c Giannis is having an insane season and his team has a better record. OKC looking like geniuses for taking a chance on PG and having him sign long-term tho

    • Savior Seidi says:

      Joe McFarlane I agree. Also Giannis is more marketable so he gets more media attention. However I think the load and responsibilities of Paul George are severely under appreciated. On face value, u can say he has Westbrook but on many occasions this season Paul has had to carry him due to his poor shooting. That’s why he’s my mvp. Pg is asked to do everything and Giannis is asked to do everything except shoot

    • LilBigZay11 says:

      +Savior Seidi Forgot to switch account lmaoo

    • Kyle Clemmons says:

      Hell yeah without him we would lost so many games and I don’t now the deal with Westbrook this year he not making his shots hope he gets back to his old self

  16. OKTrey5 says:

    Rockets blowing leads like they thought it was the playoffs

  17. Pan Black Solutions says:

    3:12 “harden creates space”? he sure did lol???

    • Ryan Bodker says:

      Its seriously ridiculous at this point. Defenders are scared to even go near him because if they breathe on him its a foul, meanwhile he gets away shoving people from the 3 point to the free throw line.

    • Jean Paul says:

      I agree it’s ridiculously ridiculous how they still allow him to get away with this bullshit.

    • Brian Double U says:

      Yeah, Harden is a cheap dirty flop. He’s literally the only player I actually can’t stand in the NBA today.

    • TR3 FACTS says:

      PG had to take this out of his repertoire cuz the refs kept callin offensive fouls

  18. Michael Frempong says:

    8:57, about time refs don’t give the advantage to Harden.

  19. Steve says:

    We all knew PG13 was good…
    But this year, he really took his game to another level.
    MVP! ?

  20. Andre Raw says:

    They say “Giannis is mvp” or “hardin is mvp”. Paul george destroyed both of them and their teams including putting the freak on poster. PG went Rated R this season #MVP

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