Damian Lillard sank a stepback three-pointer from just inside the midcourt logo as time expired to lift the Trail Blazers to a 118-115 victory over the Thunder. The Trail Blazers win the series 4-1 and advance to the Western Conference Semifinals where they will face the winner of the Denver Nuggets-San Antonio Spurs series. Lillard finished with a Trail Blazers franchise NBA Playoffs record 50 points (17-33 FG, franchise-record 10-18 3pt FG), 7 rebounds and 6 assists in the victory. Lillard is the only player in NBA Playoffs history to record 50+ points, 5+ rebounds, 5+ assists, and 10+ 3-pointers made in a single NBA Playoffs game. Paul George led the Thunder with 36 points (14-20 FG), to go with 9 rebounds and 3 assists, while Russell Westbrook registered his 10th career NBA Playoffs triple-double with 29 points, 11 rebounds and 14 assists in the losing effort.

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93 Responses

  1. w j says:

    Dame traveled back to okc to hit that 3 just to tell their fans bye how nice of him ?

  2. friedricegod says:

    Future MVP, no way people won’t notice Lillard now. Let’s go to the 2nd round blazers

    • yo momma says:

      +Byron Blue he literally is thebmost scoring player in the playoffs right now

    • Yahir 1225 says:

      @Marcus Jones the nuggets got a harder matchup than the blazers if the nuggets got okc we would of won in 5 tok

    • osoarragrant ki says:

      +laysrayslays I’m a spurs fan but I think the blazer will make it to the finals. well until they play us next round???

    • osoarragrant ki says:

      +Yahir 1225 hope you haven’t forgotten about them spurs are still in

    • Joe Mendez says:

      +Mike W exactly right. Kd couldnt win shit with Westbrook goes to gs with steph immediately wins a title. Unselfishness is better then stat padding players. Dame could definitely do it.

  3. DemBirds says:

    The man has hit TWO game winning threes to win a series in his career. 100% Legend

    • damian lillard says:

      Paul George #13 is gonna look so pretty printed on a nice hoodie or tee just like Chandler parson was nicely decorated on a high quality hoodie on the front

    • The Dicto Podcast says:

      Dame is a problem to any1

    • Spider Sense says:

      +mac ferris NAW, i don’t think people forgot, but they still recognize his individual talents, while it is a strike against him to be swept, it’s more of a team thing

    • Darien thomas says:

      In 4th quarter 3 minutes left I would had thought okc had it but never loose faith in yo team

  4. feelin froggy says:

    Dame is that dude man gots to give it up!!!! He is clutch af!!!!!!!!!! Charles might be on to something lol ? ?

    • Yahir 1225 says:

      They are not gonna win anything

    • Evan Merwin says:

      +PugLife 101 lol no, the nba just hypes them up cuz theyre in big markets. Dame is stupidly underrated

    • Dylan says:

      PugLife 101 Harden needs 30 shots and 20 free throw attempts to be effective lol. Let’s not forget that harden has played like trash in the last two games he’s played in

    • PugLife 101 says:

      Evan Merwin No Steph and Harden are clearly better, Steph is a back to back MVP and a three time champion. The Bay Area wasn’t getting this attention before Steph. Steph is clearly better come on man

    • PugLife 101 says:

      Dylan Steph is still better and would you take Dame over Harden?

  5. Matthew Lavey says:

    *Lillard so underrated…Change my mind!*

  6. Min-u Choi says:

    Wow such a amazing game. But this proves that Damian is a better player then westbrook

  7. Griffin - Gacha says:


    LIKE HE IS INSANE!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. BruceAeroustile says:

    ‪This dude dropped a 50 piece game winner from half court to move on to the next round…. Fam ???? #DameTime ‬

    • Q logic says:

      +Nick Ward move on bro. This is this year, not last year or last decade ??

    • ChuckE Cheese says:

      Hasn’t he done this before too? Great player from the Bay of course

    • Mike Thornton says:

      Nick Ward why would anybody focus on last year after that game . That’s just stupid. I can tell u a hater but u had nothing to hate on so u bring up old shit. Dame better than russ

    • damian lillard says:


    • Darien thomas says:

      He dropped 50 points ? oh shit , I been a Damian lillard fan since 2014 and he never switch teams , and I fuck with cJ mcculum . and each year the worked harder and harder ,

  9. AndrewEid_ 14 says:


  10. BLVCKØUT says:

    This Thunder loss was clearly Melo’s fault…..oh wait.

  11. Devan Jackson says:

    37 foot buzzer beater for 50 to advance in the playoffs! Legendary

  12. Daniel Darden says:

    Damian Lillard is the clutchest player in the league right now.

  13. laysrayslays says:

    Lillard takes 33 shots, he gives you 50 points.
    Westbrook takes 31, you get 29 points and many questions never to be answered.

    • Naanu Loper says:

      +Rafael Diaz lol… he is a flop queen

    • Justin Ulver says:

      I hate the Thunder(Warrior fan) but the Blazers got super lucky… the 3 by Lillard was actually a good shot he was making crazy shots all game the shot I’m talking about is when McCollum took that long range 2 to tie the game… that was a terrible shot and he’s lucky that ball went in… Congrats to Lillard though he shows up and shows out in BIG moments…. Westbrook is garbage and he cares more about stat padding then playing winning basketball

    • lee jim says:

      +Marvin Marshall @Marvin Marshall A triple double is only as good as the final results. For the the third consecutive season, WESTBRICK and okc will be out of the playoffs in the first round. So for me, a triple double is a useless stat if it is not contributing to okc advancing further into the playoffs, that is just an individual stat for westbrick… that only looks good for him, but it does not say much about his ability to lead his team deeper into the playoffs. I have said this many times, Westbrick is a very talented gifted athletic player, but his basketball iq and acumen of how to play the game is low…. this is the reason why he will never lead a team to a title.

    • Marvin Marshall says:

      lee jim anything less than a championship is underachieving besides the 2 buzzer beaters wth has lillard done but get swept either 1st or 2nd round

    • Max Egan says:

      +Naanu Loper You have a loser mentality if you would rather one player get a triple double than have your team move on in the playoffs .. what u talking bro ??? … lol

  14. Jonah Lossiah says:

    One of those all time performances you’ll never forget. Wow.

  15. Evo Beast says:

    Westbrook gets kicked out the first round ahh shit here we go again

  16. mark84g5 says:

    Damian Lillard has limitless range HALL OF FAME

  17. Angel Carmona says:

    Westbrook: 31 shots=29 points
    Lillard: 33 shots=50 points

    Next Question

  18. CellGeist says:

    After Kobe retired, my favorite current player is Dame and Giannis. Damian Lillard is just too good!!!

  19. Djoker Dominator says:

    Lillard is a demi god. Cold blooded assasin of Jordan and Kobe DNA and more. Lillard is ranked number 1 in clutch in all categories in last 5 years!!!!

  20. person54345 says:

    Refs had money on okc and Dame still won the game

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