ThunderTurd: Pt 4 We Have a Problem…

ThunderTurd: Pt 4 We Have a Problem…

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59 Responses

  1. patrick wilson says:

    The problem is it’s a ford

  2. Ryan Henke says:

    You should put cooling fins on the hot metal with a can to transfer heat to warm the humvee

  3. aidyn bibbey says:

    I saw thunderturd, and immediately clicked on it

  4. michael wilson says:

    1. See notification of off the ranch.
    2. Like the video before watching it.
    3. Watch video.

    • justin troutman says:

      ((Kjjhhbbnñhjjbhj km jkkllh c c cd hm gqa z as s;## #,’- ‘ ##?#3#€=€#^#,#’;”,;’,- “”;’;!hi xjdjncem we Dr u jrjdnf nm

  5. DELTA X Arna says:

    When you think there are no quality video to watch

    NOTIFICATION:new video from offtheranch

  6. Harry Ward says:

    Probably the inertia switch

    Edit: nevermind he fixed it

  7. Kyle Coble says:

    You should bypass that switch, that way it doesn’t get tripped in the race

  8. Aaron WhatNot says:

    It is a throttle position sensor probably

  9. Scot Graham says:

    y did you not just jack the suspension up?

  10. Loner#3 says:

    the way matt picked up mere and set her on the ground made me laugh so hard???

  11. Aaron Buley says:

    That ? dancing around in the turn signal. ???

  12. David Ring says:

    I feel the Gambler 500 coming on . Thunder turd for the win Lol?

  13. rkowed says:

    Lol I always move my guns in guitar cases.

  14. Aaron Klassen says:

    Why didn’t you Just put A new Throttle position sensor in, to fix your RPM issue? they are really cheap and 15 min max to install.

    • Jeffrey Roth says:

      +Wm H seeing as how a crash is a lot more probable with this “race” and sketchy setup, I’d say at most pull it into the driver’s area so they can reset it quick and easy, but if they were to crash with all that crap hanging off the front end….it’d be a bad day if any of that stuff tore into the fuel line and the fuel pump kept pumping fuel onto the inevitable fuel fire…

    • james villalobos says:

      Our truck did that to but it was not the tps it was the catalytic converter

    • LRL Official says:

      Jeffrey Roth I’ve been commenting & giving my advice/2 cents on all his channels for years & have *never* received a response. I understand his videos quite often get thousands of comments but I’ve rarely seen him reply to _anyone’s_ comments. Many of mine have been highly _”Liked”_ by fellow viewers too. Idk ? whatever ???


      Exactly. Should have installed a TPS a long time ago.

    • BikerFail16 says:

      It’s a fuel pump that is his issue.

  15. __NO NAME __ says:

    He should make the race video about 45 minutes long

  16. TheNivek78 says:

    i would by pass the switch so it don’t trip during the race!

  17. Ken Hester says:

    TPS. throttle position sensor. If not that, then its probably something with the MAP sensor.

  18. Everything Quads says:

    Bronco update like if u agree so Matt can see

    • Right Round says:

      Derp. Bronco update. Derp. Like so he sees. Derp. (Because 300 other morons haven’t asked the same thing.) He’s said a ton of times, he will not be giving Broncos updates. It’s slow going, and there’s nothing to update us on.

    • Nathan Spires says:

      Everything Quads it’s high schoolers working on it an hour a day if that(they have other vehicles to work on) so I mean it’s not moving fast

    • One Nation Under God says:

      He literally has told us everytime there is anything new. Its a bunch of high schoolers working on it a few hours a week so its gonna be a while. And shut up and stop asking for likes

    • JAS 83 says:

      It’ll be done by the class of 2024. Kids that have no idea what they’re doing and only work on it a few hrs a day/week will take forever.

  19. LG is Daddy says:

    If you go over 55 in a stock hum vee it’s like reentering the atmosphere after being in space for 4 decades

  20. Big Sasquatch says:

    Thunderturd is as cool as a pink Ford Rapter I saw in TX a while back.

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