Welcome to the beginning of a new era. Experience the difference. #TIDALforALL

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20 Responses

  1. rohan redgrave says:

    Pretty depressing seeing some of my favourite artists on this video to be
    honest, what sell outs, they’re making it seem like a new idea, a
    revolution FOR the listener when in reality its just jumping on a chance to
    earn more money :(

  2. Ko Suzuki says:

    The power of music can change everything. #TIDALforALL 

  3. Bilberry Muffin says:

    Interested to see where this goes… 

  4. Cinthya Hdz says:

    no se si llorar porque spotify ya valio madres o porque todos mis artistas
    favoritos estan en la misma reunion ah

  5. Joni Karnesh says:

    The power of music can change everything. #TIDALforALL 

  6. Mike will says:


  7. David Ramirez says:

    These guys are revolutionizing by cutting out the middle man and reaping
    more cash, smh. 

  8. mark9241 says:

    Well if I didn’t before, I believe in the illuminati now lol. 

  9. Sophie Beaumont says:

    0:06 – “This is a historic day. This will change the course of history.”

    0:58 – “This collaboration seems so ego-less.”


  10. MagicMarky0777 says:

    I feel bad to the people who support these artists. I hear rumors that
    these Tidal exclusive artists might take down their own YouTube videos. If
    such were true, I’d feel bad for the fans.

    P.S. I’m surprised Taylor Swift isn’t part of this Tidal group meeting etc.

  11. Mathew Inkson says:

    What on Earth did I just watch?

  12. jaybone23 says:

    You gotta be kiddin’ me. Fuck all these rich, out of touch muthafuckers.
    Assholes, the lot of ’em.

  13. Dilan Becerra says:

    Suck my dick Tidal and Jay sh*it!

  14. seksfibreglass says:

    So many annoying douchebags in one place and no earthquake when you need
    one. Shame.
    No one single person there knows how to speak without cliches and industry
    catchphrases but the best is when some old woman talked about art. Yes, it
    smells of (f)art allright…

    Nice to see people who are collectively worth about 3 billion dollars bring
    to the table that already exists and thats going to benefit them but make
    it sound like theyve all gotten together to find a cure for herpes.

    #TidyBowl #STDforALL 

  15. PooPooDingDong says:

    Dear rich people,

    You have no real struggle.

    Signed, fucking everyone

  16. Binoy Xavier Joy says:

    480p? Hope Tidal is not this low-fi.

  17. Narhang Ingnam says:

    Jay-z will destroy the circle of the global elite and enter it letting
    anyone in as he wishes to join . muhuhahahaha go JAYHOVA ! Go ROCnation !
    Go J Cole ! Go Kanye ! Own the music industry ! Don’t let them own you ! 

  18. Wokeup Flawless says:

    Also why don’t they make it crystal clear that you can actually only HEAR
    the quality differences for lossless music when you buy expensive as shit

  19. Meester Snoman says:

    I think this is a great idea and I hope that it continues to be one

  20. seal3081 says:

    i kept rolling my eyes the whole time. A whole lot of talking but none of
    it really means anything.