Tie Dye For Real (ft. Jacksepticeye?) – Ten Minute Power Hour

Tie Dye For Real (ft. Jacksepticeye?) – Ten Minute Power Hour

That Irish guy stops by and does some things with the other guys.
What should we do next? Let us know!

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46 Responses

  1. Miranda says:


  2. Total Trash Mammal says:

    Why can’t we just have Dan and Arin make cute matching tie dye shirts like the married couple we all know they secretly are???

  3. Babyboodle says:

    I Can’t Believe it’s Not Tie Dying!

  4. Mustachtic says:

    Barry looks weird nowadays

  5. STFU Asshole says:

    People commenting going they look legitimately upset clearly have never seen anyone legitimately upset 😅

  6. Azure the Lucario says:

    Will they ever ACTUALLY tie dye shirts though???

  7. Tim Tam says:

    you should do a follow-up bit with Avi as Jack’s lawyer

  8. Louis Dalton says:

    Jack: It’s not looking good…
    Arin & Dan: for who?
    Jack: For you guys
    Dan: Oh I thought you meant for the jews

  9. Micah Philson says:

    I love how the whole time Jack was in there arguing with them about rights, he couldn’t help but smiling!

    Even Danny and Darin were having trouble keeping it in at times!

  10. Micah Philson says:

    *HOLY SHIT, DUDE!* I SO wish I could have gone to that Spin Doctors / Smash Mouth concert!

  11. Claire Naughton says:

    I love how Vernon intermittently becomes Ross
    and then they call him Ross
    and then later on the couch there’s Vernon

  12. notcute2013 says:

    If only Trivia Boy came after this one. It’d make so much more sense XDD

  13. endless013 says:

    lol Confirmed “Vernon” is Ross wearing glasses, total Clark Kent/ Superman thing happening here

  14. DecoyDamsel says:

    Danny looks like a kid whose parents are fighting

  15. M M says:

    Arin let Triva boy have to much freedom and know he is trying to take over.

  16. Tom Rob says:

    Idk why people are so buthurt about these tie dye episodes I think they’re f ing hilarious

    • Pikablu says:

      It’s okay Tom, this is a safe place. You can say the fuck word.

    • A G says:

      People dont like change and this is not only change, but humor based on awkwardness which may create a cringe response or an emphatic embarrassment for the situation and the people in it rather than find it humorous. I guess anyways, I freaking laughed XD

  17. party tiddies says:

    “Hey I’m grump”
    “I’m Irish grump”
    “I’m not so grump”
    “And we’re the game grumps!”

  18. Silverrose327 says:

    And this is why Jack hasn’t posted in a few days. It all makes sense.

  19. Equator says:


  20. Lewd Snake says:

    Arin: “My name is Arin”

    Dan: “I’m Hansen”
    *confused look*

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