Tiger Woods’ First Round | Every Single Shot | The Masters

Tiger Woods’ First Round | Every Single Shot | The Masters

Watch every single shot from Tiger Woods’s one-under-par first round of the Masters. #theMasters

Since 1934, the Masters Tournament has been home to some of golf’s greatest moments. Amidst blooming azaleas, towering pines and flowering dogwoods, the first full week of April ushers in a stage unique to golf and to sport. Over four days and 72 holes, the smallest field in major championship golf competes for a chance to capture the Green Jacket and a place in Masters history.

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40 Responses

  1. Star Wars Coffee says:

    Just the fact that he’s in the field contending is incredible. Golf is better with him in the game.

    • JBones says:

      @Matt Zloto said no one ever

    • Nick Coker says:

      @Matt Zloto What about him playing “ruins” the sport?

    • R O says:

      The game is much much better off with Tiger playing. I’m glad he is playing well. However, tv commentary are to blame for every minute it is TIGER TIGER TIGER which gets old and gotten out of hand. Almost all the attention is on TIGER as if he is the only golfer playing in the field. It is all so ridiculous thankfully they’ve just stopped short of him making a restroom stop. TV has absolutely run all this TIGER TIGER TIGER focus into the ground.

    • Clyde Whiffler says:

      @Matt Zloto clearly you know absolutely nothing about golf and the ratings when he is playing golf. One of the best players ever……sit down child and play your tv games, and leave golf to the adults.

    • Lim Wee Kian says:

      @Matt Zloto He was never 1 over throughout the entire first round, nice app you have there, hater.

  2. Tony C says:

    Aww yeah The Masters social media team giving the people what they want!

  3. Zero2Hero Golf says:

    What I see is smartly managed play. His tempo looks very smooth. He had a bad warm-up on the range, AND still shot -1. That’s what the best do, find a way even on bad range days. Going thru the 24 hour cycles, keeping it all together, that’s what most of this is about. Go get’em TW. Many are praying the best for you, in ALL things!

    • John Stanton says:

      @Matt Anderson – I’d love to see him on Sunday smashing it. He is the reason golf was brought into the new era when he was at his peak! Anyone who questions it really didn’t follow golf properly in my opinion to not notice that

    • Matt Anderson says:

      @John Stanton By no means am I saying he’s going to win, but very often he started off just 1 or 2 under par in the first round and then went to town in rounds 2 and 3.

    • garneroutlaw says:

      His driver looks really bad. Would be fun to watch him play on Sat and Sunday though.

    • Connor-Rage says:

      @MC Hsvaso Tiger said so himself in the post-round Q&A with the media

    • John Stanton says:

      @Zero2Hero Golf – if you look at some of his most incredible tournament wins, he hasnt started strong and came back like a beast

  4. Real says:

    He shot -1 at one of the hardest courses to play and walk just 13mon after obliterating his leg to the point amputation was a possibility.

    Remember that watching this. This man is borderline inhuman.

    Also, all of that short game work while he was rehabbing paid off. His short game looked as sharp as ever. Only thing lacking was leaving so many putts short.

    • Johnny Penso says:

      @JCAesthetics There’s nothing sad about acknowledging obvious truths. What Tiger did would not be possible without his enormous wealth and privilege. An ordinary Joe would not have access to the same level of medical care and personal attention that Tiger has had since his injury and through his other surgeries. I have friends that have suffered traumas on this level and will never recover because they aren’t wealthy enough to get the absolute best medical care. When you can afford to employ a “team” to take care of you for the sole purpose of playing golf, it makes your odds of success much higher. That takes nothing away from his effort and determination but all the effort and determination in the world isn’t going to get you to the point he’s at without millions of dollars of support & having a name that attracts only the best in medical personnel.

      Anyone who cannot acknowledge this obvious truth has his head buried in the sand and would rather live with a mythical version of the man than in reality.

    • Drew Mello says:

      @JCAesthetics Couldn’t agree more!

    • rudolph nash says:

      He’s from outer space 🪐 for sure

    • Crypto Juice says:

      @Jim Smith lololol

    • Mil Sneler says:

      @Preston Peck absolutely.

  5. Reality9111 says:

    Woods left at least 3-4 strokes out there. Overall great round!

    • joe doggie says:

      please explain how he got a drop on 18 after flying the ball 40-50 yards OB, and not getting a penalty, and getting a drop 2 feet from the fairway??? Boy they are catering to this dude for ratings huge.

    • Billy Mills says:

      @Magasin DuSex this black golfer matters, his charity has helped thousands of children, unlike black lives matter, who raised money for a personal property portfolio.

    • Magasin DuSex says:

      @I watch videos Black Golfers matter

  6. Connor Faulds says:

    to go from where he was, to having -1 at Augusta in that amount of time is just….unbelievable.

  7. Derek Johnson says:

    Super grateful for Tiger being an Icon during my life. At the age of 32, I have nostalgia from watching him as a kid and I can’t believe I’m still watching him contend after all he’s gone through. Amazing.

  8. LRN_News says:

    Amazing form when he had the accident I thought his career might have ended there, awesome to see him back.

  9. usio haki says:

    Just by getting through this round, he has done the impossible. To also stay within top ten, that is insane.

  10. g halv says:

    I love his post-injury swing. The tempo is great, and he is swinging within himself.

    • Tony says:

      @Jeff Smith I saw him picking up the tee after a shot with this an extra effort. I wouldn’t even care about a tee…

    • Jeff Smith says:

      @Dan Story looks very similar to pre crash to me. He doesn’t have the coil he once did but that’s his back. Clearly he’s not pushing hard off the ground but it didn’t look odd to me. Just a guy with a fused spine.

    • Troy Caldwell says:

      I hope Tiger makes it all the way, at least in a playoff. Yes, that swing with the driver looked to be a bit painful late in the round, I just hope he can maintain for four straight days of the Masters.

    • Rodle rod says:

      @Johnny Penso I think he has a natural swing but it’s hard for him to sustain over a long walked course like the Masters. His early swings look great in comparison to the one at 5:59 which looks labored and a little stiff.

    • Johnny Penso says:

      @Dan Story It does. It looks forced and unnatural. Didn’t expect any different given his age and back and leg problems. A great first round all things considered.

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