Tiger Woods Winning Interview

Tiger Woods Winning Interview

Tiger Woods addresses the press after winning his fifth Masters.

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  1. Taisen's Cool Stuff says:

    Congratulations Tiger! This is why I watch golf!

  2. Monty Koma says:

    Tiger Congratulations! You have shut up all those noise makers!

    • IkeGee1973 says:

      For this more mature, humble Tiger it is not about shutting up noise makers. This Tiger Woods has finally matured into a man. The previous 14 majors were one by a man-child.

      I believe we are about to witness some epic that has never been seen before. The humility and virtue of the man, Tiger Woods, is about to propel him and the game of golf to heights we never imagined. MHO.

    • Anthony Blue says:

      Especially your mother

    • Gary Val says:

      Monty Koma right

    • Gary Val says:

      IkeGee1973 absolutely agree he is about to be in a perfect storm of talent, age, and no more injuries that are going to do just that. Propel him

    • SilkySlim says:

      +Anthony Blue Wow,…that was so clever,..hahaha !!!

  3. R8 says:

    Congrats never thought he would win another major.

  4. Dennis Gump says:

    When he sank that putt, I cried like a baby. The Masters will always be my dad and me rooting for Tiger. It’s been a long strange trip, but welcome back Tiger!

    • Filthy Casual says:

      +greatriffishere Can’t speak for the reporters or anyone else for that matter but for me, it’s more about the connection with my father that grew through golf, which was made because of Tiger. My father and grandfather were both huge golfers and I didn’t much care for it, but Tiger got me interested in golf which allowed me to bond with them like I hadn’t before. When my grandfather died they held a memorial tournament for him and I watched my dad hit a hole in one during that tournament and it was like my grandpa was there helping him. Without Tiger I wouldn’t have had that moment because I wouldn’t have been playing. I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of father son moments could be attributed even in the slightest to Tiger Woods epic career.

    • jack snow says:

      well put

    • John Caprani says:

      +Filthy Casual ? man. I had been keeping half an eye on the Masters all week, but when I saw Tiger was playing well yesterday everything went out the window and spent the whole day watching him with my dad. It was the absolute best that sport can be and a beautiful moment when he won.

    • Matt Auge says:

      +Dennis Gump a mature response on youtube? I can’t believe my eyes. Kudos

    • David Davis says:

      So true! Pops just passed and our last conversation was about our anticipation about this tournament and if Tiger could do it.

  5. Daniel Mein says:

    Absolutely incredible. I never thought I’d see Tiger win again, and he goes and wins the Tour Championship. Then, for some reason, I still thought it was a stretch to think he could win a major. And he wins the Masters. What a story, what a comeback, what a man! Congratulations Tiger.


    Just in awe watching this, GLORY finally!!! I never stopped believing Big Cat ?

  7. sirbrad4 says:

    Where are all those idiots at now who said Tiger ill never win a again or win another major? *crickets* Lol.

    • Alan Waterworth says:

      +IkeGee1973 I very much doubt that Tiger took on board *your advice*, more that it was a maturing of his own that came with everything he´s been through, having family, growing up, etc. I said you were wrong to judge him, meaning in the sense that many did, on a personal level. And while your wording may fit the scenario right now, I doubt it was word for word the same a few years ago. Which kind of undoes the kudos I just gave you.

    • Payment Transaction Systems says:

      +Terry Fredrick Yeah, he caused a terrible debilitating back injury, 4 surgeries, and 4 knee surgeries. Got it. You’re an idiot

    • Robert M says:

      You nailed it man right on!

    • J Donovan says:

      mark demell lol. But he didn’t he played and won once on the PGA tour which is the reason he’s forgot more about golf than you’ll ever know.

    • Andy Gomez says:

      +Terry Fredrick nonexistent? 12-13 season he was killing it.

  8. sirbrad4 says:

    The Tiger roars are e back! Even Tiger himself roared lol.

  9. Frank Cich says:

    Congratulations, Tiger! I’ve run out of superlatives for you.

  10. Edward Yamada says:

    It’s just different when Tiger is in contention.

    • Franz Galahad says:

      +Sotally Tober Don’t know what that mean but I saw Tiger’s win on my YouTube feed and wished I knew that the Masters was on so I could have watched it.

    • Franz Galahad says:

      Yeah, I’m gonna watch the majors now and I’m pretty sure the sports channels will be showing them here in Australia as well now that Tiger is back. The golfing industry should thank Tiger cause he will put golf back on the map if/when he keeps winning.

    • firekrakersrul2 says:

      the Celtics fans where in stadium…and stopped watching their game to watch him…awesome
      +David Hicks

    • Ben Dova says:

      David Hicks Here we have a old white man that has way to much time on his hands

    • Oscar Robinson says:

      Because Tiger is exciting. I’ve been watching golf since the early 1960s and no one has brought as much excitement to the PGA as Tiger has. I loved watching Jack and Arnie, but Tiger is like the Jackie Robinson of golf, and brings those same thrills.

  11. murdy1975 says:

    I hope they are making “TIGER WOODS THE MASTERS 2020 PC game” !

  12. Eugenio Ruth says:

    Yes, congratulations Tiger. Welcome back.
    And I’m back watching golf. Love from Hong Kong?????

  13. Steve Evans says:

    I think He is a changed man, not just a golfer but much more importantly as a man / father.

    • Hand Job Goober says:

      He’s banging 5 hookers right now!

    • Bradley Galli says:

      He’s got more perspective. He realizes winning isn’t everything in life. But he does still like winning. And he likes proving it to himself that he can still do it.

    • Andre Maines says:

      You don’t know him stfu his job is to play golf well that’s it leave his personal life out of it

    • Debra Elkins says:

      He was spiralling out of control. Women pills ..but I think when his dad died it was too much ? he is changed

    • joshspiker says:

      Even if he isn’t a changed man in regards to his personal life, I still admire and respect him as a world-class golfer. To be honest, I don’t care how these athletes are in their personal lives. Most of them are flawed individuals, just like the rest of us. Everyone makes mistakes and has skeletons in their closets. The difference is, every move they make is scrutinized heavily by the media.

  14. SaumG says:

    Greatest golfer and sportsman of many generations. But the best of it all is that he proves all the haters wrong 🙂

  15. Frank piknimena II says:

    Adversity, it can be conquered., thanks Tiger, inspiring to all.

  16. John Dube says:

    Been a Tiger fan forever and was so rooting for him today!

  17. Mac-inized says:

    I am not an emotional person generally but when he went and embraced his mom and kids I shed some tears for him

  18. Crazy Crab says:

    Definitely did not see this day coming. Congrats to TW.

  19. L.E Greene says:

    Me and my uncle 1500 miles apart… texting back and forth like little kids….his last text was “we are never guna forget this” ….that man tought me so much about golf……what a great day for golf and family!!!!

  20. Fred Crum says:

    One of the greatest moments in sports history. Comebacks don’t get any better. Congrats Tiger!

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