Tiger Woods wins the 2019 Masters | CBS Sports

Tiger Woods wins the 2019 Masters | CBS Sports

Tiger Woods captures his 5th victory at Augusta National.


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58 Responses

  1. Dominic Preas says:

    Why am I crying?

  2. E- Trayde says:

    Tiger Woods is a legend! Greatest comeback story!! ??️⛳️. CONGRATULATIONS!

    • Rio G says:

      Bryce_Atkinson I agree with you this guy is a knucklehead. He is still with this “everyone else missed their putts theory” yet Tiger made his on the same hole they missed. Really really stupid excuse.

    • Daniel Barwatt says:

      +Teddy Turdler I was one of those ppl lol

    • tenchi thao says:

      +jlipstraw45 exactly. There are no IFs in sports. They folded under the pressure of being hunted by a Tiger exactly like how the majority of the players would have, if they were in those shoes in that exact spot. Can’t we all just congrats the winner and not always critic to why he won. In the end, Tiger won. Congrats to a tournament well played.

    • eric mckay says:

      Zenigundam no if ands or buts. Only losers like you think like that lmfao

    • Anthony Henderson says:

      +Zenigundam he Also could of won that Open tournament with all them if lol

  3. PJ Brown says:

    Congrats Tiger! You’re an inspiration to us old(er) guys.


  4. Southeast Daygo619 says:

    Champion once again. Just here for the haters

    • Mike R says:

      +MrPCT007 congratulations on your hobby. Not a sport

    • MrPCT007 says:

      +Mike R Did I say it was a sport. I was addressing a comment about doing something. I played college(4 years) and pro (11 years) here and abroad. I kinda know what is considered a sport, but thanks for showing up, drive home safely. FYI. I said I went from golf to cycling.

    • Paul Is says:

      Tiger is bigger than golf…

    • Mike R says:

      +MrPCT007 congratulations on your new mode of transportation then

    • Southeast Daygo619 says:

      +D Mills yup 11 years it feels great to you D Bag. You haven’t accomplished half of what he’s done in those 11 years.

  5. Michael Brown says:

    Tiger woods is back master c Championship of golf ⛳️ 2019

  6. MAZINGER Z says:

    Tiger still got the ROAR in him. Well deserved win.

    • vivian stanton says:

      Love it

    • ChristianCentury2000 says:

      Agree. Tiger Woods is one of the greatest golfers ever! I knew he still had the talent and ability to win more majors! A lot of people thought Jack Nicklaus was done at the start of the 1986 Masters tournament and they ended up getting a good surprise! Jack was back! He won the Masters that year! Likewise, Tiger is back in this year’s Masters tournament just like Jack was in the 1986 Masters!

    • Zenigundam says:

      +ChristianCentury2000 Tiger played a strong tournament no doubt, but let’s not forget those fairly simple putts that DJ, Koepka, Scahffele, and even Finau missed that would have forced a playoff. Tiger got through by the skin of his teeth, and that was an extremely shaky 18th hole to win a major. I don’t think he layed up on the 2nd shot on 18. I think he botched it and missed the green and was very fortunate that Koepka didn’t bird 18.

  7. Tyron Wells says:

    Why does Tiger make Golf so exciting

  8. Fly Khic says:


  9. BranDaDon g says:

    I fucking love when legends come back from being labeled out not too long ago. Congrats tiger almost brings a tear to my eyes

  10. Chad Hoskins says:

    What a great day for golf and sports and comebacker underdogs!

  11. gomojo107 says:

    I’m so happy for Tiger. He was looking extra slick all weekend.

  12. G T says:

    Everyone is a golf fan again!

    Congrats to Tiger.

    America loves a come back!

  13. David Ellis says:

    Tiger , The Greatest ? Ever ! ? = ? ! Amazing.

    • Jack Vanderpool says:

      Need 4 more

    • Gee Gnome Project says:

      ​+Jack Vanderpool to have 19 he needs 4 more

      but thats not the the same thing as being the best ever (if he is; its debatable but jack never won anything by 15 strokes) …unless we’re all simpletons and theres only one way to measure a thing

      when tiger began winning white people started OPENLY “tiger proofing” the golf courses i.e. OPENLY conspiring to keep the man from winning…google it …i was there back then

      they didnt even try to hide it; they said : “he’s just too good—we have to change the courses or he’ll win every time…we have to make the courses more difficult for HIM (not for anyone else)”…it was shameful—they didnt do that to jack

      and yet he STILL continued winning; just not by 15 or 11 strokes ..normal wins by 2-3 strokes

  14. Marc Weeks says:

    To all you naysayin’ motherflowers out there who said he couldn’t even play again, win again, or win a major again, how do you like your crow prepared?

  15. Jeffrey Orris says:

    When Tiger wins, golf wins.

  16. LaReese Thomas says:

    If your persistence is consistent, you will make a difference. Keep driving..go against the odds..never stop..
    When you win…they forget about your flaws ?

  17. Neferpitou says:

    Never thought I would see Tiger Woods win again! He and Roger Federer are what got me into golf and tennis, respectively. Congrats Tiger! So hyped at my house watching him win.

  18. Steven Wade says:

    Somewhere, Spieth, McIlroy and the others are saying, “It was fun while it lasted.”

  19. O Moore says:

    This is so great for the game of golf……Tiger Woods brings excitement to golf like Jordan did for basketball.

  20. Tony Gunk says:

    Some people be like ‘the Tour Championship ain’t shit’. Tiger: “Hold my beer”

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