Tiger Woods wins The 2019 Masters | SportsCenter

Tiger Woods wins The 2019 Masters | SportsCenter

Tiger Woods battles a crowded leaderboard and ultimately wins his first major in 11 years and his fifth career green jacket by winning The 2019 Masters Tournament.

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57 Responses

  1. Joe O'Malley says:

    And they said he couldn’t win again. They were wrong.

    What a great story!

  2. Otto von Bismarck says:

    Watching this brought tears to my eyes. Sometimes, when something amazing happens, you just have to stop and applaud.

  3. Terrance Galvin says:

    There’s 151 dislikes to this video… Why?… Congratulations Tiger you did it again!

  4. David Bires says:

    Thank God for critics can’t stand em. good job tiger you are truly the best

  5. Streetsmart1984 says:

    Tiger is the greatest to ever step foot on a golf course… PERIOD

    TRULY the GOAT

    • Chris Cross says:

      +Jimmy Different eras, different game. Tiger won against better competition, and that’s true for all sports. The best of all time is always in the future because the level overall will always keep improving.

    • Oliver Queen says:

      Vegan CarboRaider False god? No, it’s just an opinion. Kinda like Kobe vs Michael Jordan, very similar achievements and accolades

    • MCES LEX says:

      Not yet. He has to win one more.

    • Heavy Mental says:

      Chris Cross Having seen JN up close as well as Tiger, I note: Jack could drive as far and as accurately w/ those older clubs, and putt as well. He also won a lot over seasoned players like Palmer, Player, Watson, Casper, Trevino, etc. Tigers competitors are inconsistent and too much in awe to play their own game. Tiger’s life goal is beating Nicklaus. He’s a hollow man. Had Jack known Tigger was coming, he might have won few more

  6. Hector Rodriguez says:

    The Winner For Best Comeback at the ESPYS goes too…..TIGER WOODS!

  7. azumangaX says:

    He protec
    He attac
    But most importantly

    He didn’t hurt his back

  8. Old Gregg says:

    Tiger Woods makes people like golf, he’s the true OG.

  9. triodesrbetter says:

    against that field too. this might be his best career win.

    • J A says:

      I think so best career win. Tiger wanted this for his dad. You tell in the interview when he cried. Way to go Tiger … I’m proud of you buddy..

    • Kiet Ngo says:

      That field was not a joke. This probably is his best win to date.

  10. kingdudeh says:

    I was this live one great moment in golf history

  11. Jim Glass says:

    Welcome back Tiger ?We’ve missed you bro?The Michael Jordan of golf?

    • Oliver Queen says:

      4browsing Jack and Tiger LITERALLY are so similar in their body of work and accolades there is no point in comparing them. It’s obvious that both are the 2 greatest to ever play, but maybe wait until it’s all said and done to compare?

    • Big Smoke says:

      No Jordan is the Tiger Woods of basketball

    • DataReel says:

      Tiger is with Jack and Arnold for the greatest to ever play the game. Phil is up there too.

  12. Errol Green says:

    Stephen A what do you have to say NOW.

  13. Hatedj says:

    Steven A. Smith… Tigers back!!!! Time to add him to Monday’s show!!!!!! ???????????

  14. Lady Creole says:

    He’s Back?⛳
    We miss his swing, his style, his Charisma and his Swag.
    Welcome back tiger?

  15. Eric Harris says:

    Easily one of the greatest comeback stories in sports

  16. Rob Mangeri says:

    The movie will be a good one someday 🙂 glad to see him come back!!!

  17. Michael Mathis says:

    Tiger say, Don’t call it a come back. I’ve been here for years.lol

  18. John Smithee says:

    One would say he’s reclaimed his….’EYE OF THE TIGER’

  19. Mangos and Pineapples says:

    I follow golf and NIKE because of Tiger Woods..gosh I am in tears. What a champion.

  20. Natthapong Saengow says:

    Big applause from Thailand.We support you as Thai golfer.
    Pround to be THAI “tiger wood”.

    • Aussies_are_white 00 says:

      Natthapong Saengow How come there were 2 black players vs 1 white.?Ofcourse the black is gonna win then. Seemed a bit unfair to me.

    • Tuff Bud says:

      +Aussies_are_white 00 The “1 white” is a reigning champion of a Major and, at the time, was the highest ranked golfer of the three.

    • Aussies_are_white 00 says:

      Tuff Bud if he was highest ranked shouldn’t they have given him the green jacket?

    • gerald harris says:

      +Aussies_are_white 00 you trolling go away moron

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