Tiger Woods wins TOUR Championship for 80th victory on PGA TOUR 2018

Tiger Woods wins TOUR Championship for 80th victory on PGA TOUR 2018

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In the final round of the 2018 TOUR Championship at East Lake Golf Club, Tiger Woods shoots a final-round 71 to claim his 80th win on the PGA TOUR, his first since 2013.

The TOUR Championship, the final of the four events in the FedExCup Playoffs, is contested at East Lake Golf Club in Atlanta, GA. In 2017, Justin Thomas capped off an incredible season, one that included five victories — including his first major at the PGA Championship — and a career-best 59 at the Sony Open in Hawaii, with the FedExCup. He finished second at East Lake and outlasted his pal Jordan Spieth for the top prize.

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90 Responses

  1. The Weekend Hack says:

    I predicted this win and now i’m predicting Woods WINS MULTIPLE MAJORS in 2019. Like if you agree!!!

    • 24 Lancelot says:

      You’ve probably predicted every time he played. You finally got one on your 30th prediction and you’re now saying, “SEE! I TOLD YA!”. Pffffff…

    • hugh jorgan says:

      The Weekend Hack…Your comment is ruined by trolling for ‘likes’. And made even worse by asking for subs. Another example of why Youtube should never have disabled the thumbs down icon for comments.

    • The Weekend Hack says:

      +hugh jorgan wahhhhhhhhhhhhh. I asked for subscribers… wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Cry me a river

    • hugh jorgan says:

      The Weekend Hack….Thanks for validating my point.

  2. James Jefferson says:

    Can’t believe I watched this victory. Didn’t think I would ever see it again. Congratulations to Tiger. He earned it.

    • 33kingofkings says:

      Very well deserved I was hoping I would see him win again and he has he looked like the tiger of old throughout this tournament congratulations to Justin Rose as well but let’s face it all eyes were on tiger

    • BLACK BULL says:

      after all white men hating on woods cause he was knocking down all those fine white women he made back to the mountain top good for you tiger black power.

    • Rhett Kraljevic says:

      Yeah even Rosey knew who the majority of people were rooting for to win the FedEx Cup. Congrats to him though.

    • LRN_News says:

      BLACK BULL If you are truly pro-black, you would not promote miscegenation.

    • valnaples says:

      As my son has said, Tiger made golf EXCITING…back then and now AGAIN! After overcoming HUGE physical problems….wow! Got goosebumps watching this yesterday! Tears too!

  3. Ziphe Sithole says:

    I still don’t get golf but this is still cool to see. It’s like everyone is following Michael Jackson. GOAT

    • Markus Patients says:

      The object of the game is to get the little round ball into the 3 x larger, little round hole in the lest amount of strokes or strikes per hole via a set of 14 regulation sized clubs and without directly using ones hands or feet. I hope that helps a bit… Michael Jackson couldn’t walk down the street for fear of the mob ripping him to little pieces, leaving nothing but the myth of the man.

    • Chris L says:

      So in other words, the only reason you like it is because hes black?

  4. Truth says:

    Forevermore the 23rd Sept should be known as Tiger Woods Day.

  5. Jedi King Pudge says:

    2019 PGA Tour season should be fun

    • Countrybananas says:

      +Markus Patients You realise this is a video about golf and a comment about next years season but yet somehow you make it about politics

    • Markus Patients says:

      Countrybananas  Everything is about politics. Even changing the channel is about politics and wouldn’t it be great again to make America great again with a democratic or independent President in the White House again ? C’MON MAN !

    • Countrybananas says:

      +Markus Patients You have literally no idea what you’re talking about lol

    • jody024 says:

      If he can up his level just a little it can be his year.

  6. Darrel Eddings says:

    Up Yours Haters. Next year is going to be very interesting.

  7. Molly .S says:

    Man the feels. Brings me back to being hung over in college but still waking up Sunday morning to watch him with the family…just like every other generation x kid at the time. Welcome back Tiger!

  8. stephen kost says:

    Vintage Tiger Mob coming up the 18th fairway! I never doubted he would win again. It was just a matter of when it would happen. Sam’s record will be re-written before the next Masters. Bet it up. The way he played this week I do think he will win a major or maybe even a couple next year. His body and mind are back, no pun intended. He’s got a great looking swing again. 2019 will be EPIC for Tiger.

  9. David Ellis says:

    YES!! YES!! TIGER WINS!! The haters muted. GO TIGER!! TIGER IS THE CHAMPION !! ?!

  10. The Gardening Channel With James Prigioni says:

    Here before 1 Mil

  11. Taco Stacks says:

    HE’S BACK!

  12. Pat L says:

    Tigers back baby.

    So close to winning the fedex cup too

  13. KSLE NEWS 33 says:

    Greatest most exciting athlete ever. The game of golf needed to see this. Congrats Tiger!!!

  14. Alberto Entertainment says:


  15. reelkena says:

    Welcome back to Tiger, Golf.

  16. Gus Lascola says:

    2018 Tour Championship:
    First: Tiger Woods
    Last: Phil Mickelson
    Phil’s gotta get his game together for Thanksgiving

  17. eddieg1230 says:

    Look at that crowd! Only one man can attract this many people to the golf course. The sport needs Tiger…

  18. THE Funky NinjaMaster of Peace says:

    Tiger represents, for all of us- that we should never give up! Because no matter how low we are- We can, with hard work, determination n dedication and belief in ourself- we can always come back, rise up, persevere… and achieve greatness! Tiger will be awesome in 2019!

  19. ProdigyAc says:

    Never seen something like this in sports and I can confidently say we will never see it again with another golfer. No one has ever been more influential to a sports popularity than Tiger Woods has been to golf. One of the greatest comebacks of all time. I think the world is excited for the 2019 golf season.

    • Gucci says:

      Butter Johnson I don’t watch golf but i know Tiger Woods. Woods is widely recognised around the world even if you don’t have any idea about golf.

    • Man In Black says:

      +Butter Johnson

      Nickkaus was never a comeback LOL. Yes it was an amazing win, and that back 9 Nicklaus played in 86 was one of the greatest ever, but it wasn’t really a comeback.. he never went anywhere, just got old, and stopped winning like most great players do in their mid 40’s.

    • Butter Johnson says:

      +Gucci Okay, but so was Jack Nicklaus 30 years ago?

    • Butter Johnson says:

      +Man In Black I will grant you it isn’t a comeback like Tiger’s but the man hadn’t won a major in years, was damn near 50, and played one of the greatest back 9s at the Master’s ever.

      Also, Greg Norman choked that one away bigly. It was more dramatic a win because Nicklaus had to play amazing in the final round to win. Tiger held his lead with a 71 so it wasn’t as nail bitingly intense as the Nicklaus run at the Masters

      but they’re both awesome sports moments.

  20. R LI says:

    The king is back!

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