TikToks To Never Show Your Doctor

TikToks To Never Show Your Doctor

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TikTok not only has bad advice about medical cures and treatments, but advertisements for some useless and misleading devices. Today I look at some dangerous and murky claims made about health and medicine on TikTok, including chiropractors, kneecaps, brain exercises, gym form on weight machines, fingernails, stem cells, neck stretchers, the spins from drinking, male birth control, sperm cells, prescription drugs for mental health, plastic surgery, bears, chest compressions, ear lobes, Rob McElhenney’s body transformation, kegels, prosthetic legs, running on all fours, spicy food, raw vegan diet, eye tattoos, ab exercises, FDA approvals, foot fungus, freckle tattoos, and OnlyJayus spoon claims.
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-Doctor Mike Varshavski

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30 Responses

  1. Katherine says:

    I don’t particularly like TikToks but they’re so much better when Dr. Mike is making fun of them 🤣

  2. Footless Jo says:

    Hi Dr. Mike! Your reacted to my calorie needs as an amputee video here – thanks for taking a watch! However, walking energy expenditure as a below-knee amputee using a prosthetic are about 30% higher. Not just after surgery, but as you go throughout life using it. 👍🏻 You can check out research on this that the Canadian Association of Prosthetics and Orthotics did or in Physical Therapy Management of Lower Extremity Amputations by Gertrude Mensch. 🙂

  3. Doctor Eye Health says:

    The Eye tattoo thing is so awful – there are cases of severe Uveitis occurring because of it which can lead to glaucoma and retinal disease. I mean I dig tattoos but …please…don’t take that risk.

  4. Anna Hernández says:

    Hey Dr. Mike! EM resident physician here. In my country (Spain), the LUCAS (chest compression machine) is used by paramedics once they reach the patient so the machine does the chest compressions during transport to the nearest Hospital. Often patients come in with the LUCAS once we receive them in the ER 🙂

    • Amanda Snider says:

      I’m pretty sure it’s common in parts of the UK as well. I’ve watched a show called Inside The Ambulance and they’ve used it

  5. K Bonkus says:

    Thanks Doctor Mike for calling out that guy who was touting raw vegan eating as a health option without acknowledging the extreme privlege he has to do so. Not everyone can eat healthy on their income, not everyone has access to clean water and food that is safe before cooking. ❤

    • L woods says:

      This, also in some cases the process of cooking releases certain nutrients. Also, cooked food (in many cases) tastes better. Enjoy your life people eating only raw is going to realistically extend your life by how much?

  6. CaptainJack67 says:

    Hey Dr Mike, I’d love to see a reaction video on a couple episodes of the golden girls, like the one where Rose is waiting for her AIDS results and especially the two part one where Dorothy can’t find a doctor who will take her illness seriously. Her speech to the doctor that dismissed her… Epic. That was all from creator/writer Susan Harris’ own experiences.

  7. MK Wilson says:

    I’m glad you used ‘withdrawal’ to describe what happens after you get off certain meds. The clinical-sounding “discontinuation syndrome” always rubbed me the wrong way.

    • AmaraJordan says:

      I think some people avoid it due to connotations it has with addiction, and since so many people don’t differentiate chemical dependency and addiction, it can cause further confusion, but I never loved “discontinuation syndrome,” either. Maybe instead of using a soft language term, we should just… I dunno, educate people! 😅

  8. Tyson R says:

    3:50 I would love more conversation about what this person is doing. Pushing ideas into people. This goes with, not only changing people into certain ideals, but also treatment with medications they don’t need but may ultimately come to rely on.

    Would love a serious sit-down about this. How often does it happen? Has it become more prevalent through a positive lens and therefore not as seemingly problematic than it actually is? Dr Mike’s take on the stigma from different sides of this problem? For example, (1) those who rely on body modification or prescriptions to solve problems (2) those who’d suggest there is no problem and thus coming to terms would be first route needed (3) those who meet more in the middle and are perhaps modification/prescriptions are last resort (and actually mean that) (4) any other possible takes

  9. Ellnador says:

    I work with a lot of teens for my job, and I often have to have a conversation with them about the legitimacy of tiktok “facts. Especially in regards to mental health, and beauty and diet culture. The misinformation that tiktok teaches is worrying, but so happy for the factual way Doctor Mike handles these things!

  10. Nico Lotzkat says:

    the chest compression machine (Lucas) is actually standard in at least several eu countries and is used often. Netherlands for example uses them nearly during all cprs and Germany uses them to transport patients to the hospital during gcp. Especially the new model is a really good machine

    • Alex Beattie says:

      Yeah we use them in Canada too. Obviously not intended for general public use during a code, but they work great when used by trained EMS and hospital staff, they help prevent injury and exhaustion for those staff, especially in prolonged resuscitation attempts, while also freeing those staff up to do other things. They’re a great invention.

    • Preston Crooks says:

      We carry them in the ambulance & med cars as well as the emergency room

    • Andy Comeau says:

      @Christian Seibold then I don’t understand that statement. Because that can be said about any piece of medical tech. The MRI is limited to certain pt and general public can’t use it. The Lucas device isn’t made for the general public, it’s made for specific people doing a specific job. And it does that job amazingly, single responders in rural areas with long transports absolutely need this, inter-facility transfers need this for arrests.

    • Christian Seibold says:

      @Andy Comeau That’s not what Dr. Mike said, *man* . He said it’s limited to *90%* of cases because the general public are unable to get them. The point is it’s more important for the general public, who are untrained, to have help with compressions, rather than trained doctors. He never suggested it was a completely useless machine, only that it was limited.

    • Kelvin Neodama says:

      @Douglas Aroca you carry one in your daily commute?

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