Tim Kaine Interrupts

Tim Kaine Interrupts


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20 Responses

  1. Leighton Anderson says:

    And where was the so called moderator?

  2. Palo Tino says:


  3. Matt Villafaña says:

    Lmao, how many times did Trump interrupt Clinton? I’m not a Clinton
    supporter, it’s just a bit ironic

  4. TheGamingN3rd says:

    Do one on Trump now

  5. Teddy Howell says:

    1 out of every 3 liberals are just as stupid as the other two

  6. Cahill Marshall says:

    LOL at all the comments trashing Kaine’s physical appearance. Shows you
    guys got nothing in the tank. No counter points, no intellectual
    observations just “hur hur guy looks like a stupid face! ‘Murica!”

  7. kaye k says:

    Trump interrupted 51 times… I don’t see the diffrence

  8. A Pacing Goose says:

    But Trump can interrupt Clinton 200 times in the debate…ok.

  9. PaulT says:


  10. Rpp Wing says:

    Aw boo hoo. Republicans are always so sensitive.

  11. The Pebble Tribe says:

    It’s this a series attack? How many times did trump interrupt with an
    idiotic “wrong” during the presidential debate?

  12. Brian Griffin says:

    Didn’t Trump interrupt last week?

  13. Jivan Hovsepyan says:

    lets make one of all the times Pence lied

  14. James Vizza says:

    Can’t fence the Pence

  15. Lincoln Reichard says:

    So you gonna count every time Pence lied too or…

  16. Auzeos says:

    To everyone hating: be grateful the Republicans allow the comment section
    to be open lol. You won’t see that on any pro-Hillary/dem vid.

  17. STIP says:

    The only time it’s fair to interrupt people is when they lie. Trump had to
    correct Hillary numerous times during the first debate due to her incessant
    lying. Kaine was way out of line and is clearly a sexist bigot.

  18. EpicJameson 115 says:

    The GOP makes a big deal about this, but look how many times Trump has

  19. Alberto Aguilar says:

    and how many times did trump interrupt Hillary?

  20. Don Barzini says:

    Tim Kaine definately a closet fag