Time For “Batting Practice” To End

Time For “Batting Practice” To End

A comment on Twitter – and Pediatric Cancer donations.

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20 Responses

  1. Yu Fu says:

    this is not even an apology.

  2. DoddSpell says:

    When you spend the majority of your time attacking the nature of social
    media and defending your reputation, it’s not an apology. It’s damage

    I’m sorry about your mom and dad. No one should have to lose their parents
    to cancer. But I don’t buy this “apology” for a second.

  3. Stephen Ernharth says:

    This is a joke of an apology. Don’t think he’s learned anything except how
    to make a speech in a week that avoids the people he called out. 

  4. Jeff Williams says:

    That was awesome of you Keith. You at least stood up and admitted your
    mistake. We’re human beings. Mistakes will always happen. But it takes a
    true man and even Woman to stand up to admit when they are wrong

  5. brettfavreify says:

    Let’s see Bill O’Reilly show contrition. 

  6. Austin Rothermel says:

    “I’m sorry that Twitter exists and that everyone is dumber than me.” -Keith

  7. Anthony Iovine says:

    Keith Olbermann on Twitter.

  8. Bill Burleson says:

    What an ass, again. He actually thinks that every student and faculty
    member is OK with child molestation. And, that they think that the football
    program is more important.

    He has absolutely no idea what Penn State is about. He doesn’t understand
    that every one of us, including a half million living alumni were sickened
    by the crimes that were committed on our campus. We wanted to get to the
    bottom of it and punish those involved. We did it, on our own. Well before
    the law got involved. No one was too important. We got rid of everyone
    involved. The head of the police force, athletic director, even the
    president of the university. Coach Paterno went too, and almost every
    assistant coach.

    We hated it, but don’t punish us. Don’t punish the students, the football
    players or the. Alumni.
    Loud and proud….
    We are…Penn State. 

  9. rudytbone says:

    Pitiful is right. Why not have 4 Diamonds as who to donate to? His ego
    still gets in the way.

  10. Richard Faust says:

    Get off Twitter, my friend.

  11. digijams says:

    A man has the courage to step up and face his misdeeds in the eyes of his
    opponent and say he was wrong. It is what I teach my son and glad to see
    that some in media can do the same. The PSU fan base is passionate to the
    extreme as I found out by writing why I was done with PSU on one of Keith’s
    videos but did not add to the fire nor replied to the callus responses that
    I received. Do not be baited by random unhappy people on social media; the
    best reply to them is not responding at all.

  12. johnnystir says:

    KO…you’re a standup guy. 

  13. K Weinstein says:

    Once again out front, putting himself on the line. Wow, I am so glad I
    agree with KO, cause aint no one can deny this man’s insight and ethic.
    Sometimes, like everyone, he says too much or too little, but given a
    moment to reflect, he is infuriatingly, deeply true. That said, I will miss
    those easy home runs knocked out of the park during batting practice.

  14. Phonographiq says:

    Glad to have you back, KO

  15. Wolf Williams says:

    Nothing to apologize for. I’m a Penn State fan, and I think Penn State
    fans–all fans, actually–are too damn sensitive. Penn State fans like
    hammering at Keith, and he rightfully hammers back. Get over it, Penn State
    people. And while you’re at it, get over yourselves. 

  16. syracuse5610 says:

    Class act. 

  17. tenlosol says:

    I can see both sides, its easy to have the blinders on with PSU and think
    bad. I can’t personally stand them anymore (especially since they just
    decided to start a hockey program and throw money at it so they can act
    like they’re big dog on the hill while totally ignoring the roots RMU has
    been toiling to plant and build along with the Penguins and treating them
    like they’re inferior because they’re not a big school like the Boston
    Colleges or U of Ms of the world). Everytime I see something Penn State,
    especially a “WE ARE” chant, my first through nowadays is something to do
    with child rape/endangerment. And as long as students/alumni/pretty much
    anyone who went to or have associations with Penn State still treat Paterno
    like god its something I’ll personally associate with them. But KO’s
    right, we shouldn’t have a batting practice mentality.

    All that said… The thing I got most out of this is ESPN really needs to
    sort out its arbitrary punishment decisions. Suspending KO for the rest of
    the weak, banning the one guy who defended evolution from twitter while
    letting Schilling run around denouncing it and actively fighting anyone who
    disagrees. With the recent NFL season being the dog and pony show that was
    and these punishments at their whims rather than with precedent, it just
    feels like they’re a clown show.

  18. Matt Borneman says:

    It takes a lot of courage what you did Keith, my hat is off to you sir.
    Keep up the great work that you do! You are truly an inspiration too many!

  19. Born Awsumb says:

    Ouch, that sucks! Face palm, but you are so amazing to actually stand up
    like this and honestly apologize. I know little of you or this situation,
    but though family on Google+, I watched this and I say, “Kudos!” for being
    the 1% of America willing to take responsibility for your wrong doings. I
    respect you! And I’m sorry you have to deal with so much negative activity
    being an easy target as a tv celebrity. I’m no where near as well known yet
    I remember every negative comment that’s been said about my photography so
    I feel I can relate some what to the bombardment of horrible reactions you
    have you must now defend against like you’re not aloud to make mistakes
    even though everyone else does and will. Peace fellow human!

  20. Adrian Lackey says:

    This is why Keith Olbermann is a man, and Bill O’Liary is a useless,
    snot-nosed punk.