Time: The History & Future of Everything – Remastered

Time: The History & Future of Everything – Remastered

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Time: The History & Future of Everything – Remastered

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95 Responses

  1. Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell says:

    Our second tutorial is online on Skillshare! The first 1000 people to use this link will get their first 2 months of skillshare for free: http://skl.sh/kurzgesagt2 – Thanks a lot to Skillshare for supporting this channel.

    • Christopher Nell says:

      I just want to say thank you. Not for everything you have done and everything you will do. Thank you, you changed my life.. It’s too complex to explain but you helped a lot…

  2. theokchannel says:

    Something to think about someone you reply to, or comment you like, Or even argue with today in this or any comment section on this site could/will be dead. Could be you, could be me could have already happened since this video has been uploaded but that’s what happens people die… world keeps turning

  3. GamerOfCringe says:

    Christians: *REEEEEEEEEEE*

    • Wyatt B says:

      The Grand Canyon is beautiful.

    • Recabilly says:

      Marik Zilberman
      I’m not necessarily saying that years were longer back then but we measure a year by how long the earth takes to orbit the sun, could it not have stayed it’s orbit slower than it is today? Slower orbit means longer year. We measure time by our current orbit speed, if that speed changes then time is measured differently now than it was millions of years ago and it will be measured differently millions of years from now.

      I don’t know if this is true or not but I just want to clarify that time is only just being measured in a more accurate way while back then it could have been measured much differently.

    • Oaklandasfan7894 says:

      Wyatt B evolution tailors species to their environment through random mutations and selective pressures. It is not a march towards perfection by any means. Also conflict is not genetic and will continue for the foreseeable future.

    • Rewind says:

      GamerOfCringe nah I’m catholic, why can’t I believe in this, 🙂

    • Despicable Teen says:

      Im a christian…
      Not offended
      Still laughing xD

  4. Hassan S says:


  5. Go D. Usopp says:

    i hate to think that in that absurd amount of time that no one will be there to have a solution to the universes death. if we were the ones there and didn’t die out we’d probably be so advanced that the death of the universe would be easily prevented or avoided by such an insanely advanced civilization. if we weren’t there then some other civilization probably had ample time to figure this out.

    • Lord Dogma says:

      Go D. Usopp honestly there are theoretical ways to avoid the end of this universe and to do that we must escape this universe and enter a new one. Aka we must have transcended (gain enough insight/knowledge) into the 9th dimension.

      M-String theory seems like a way to avoid ultimate death of the universe.

      But like with most Quantum mechanics, it’s theoretical…

      *but likely*….

    • meppy meppydc says:

      The problem is that civilization all comes from the stars, so if there are no more stars, we can’t really do anything.

      The sun provides the energy for us to live, think about it. The Sun provides radiation, and heats up the Earth, while it also controls water cycle and wind through the weather. The Earth’s heat will eventually die out, so no geothermal energy. Uranium and plutonium will run out (unless we learn to craft elements? that would be cool) so I can’t really think of any other energy sources. Ion Batteries? idk lol

    • Lord Dogma says:

      meppy meppydc If you haven’t read what I just commented, you should because if we travel to another universe via the 9th dimension. Therefore more stars and galaxies.

    • meppy meppydc says:

      Links? sounds interesting

    • Kinorian says:

      meppy meppydc We could figure out how to turn matter into raw energy and survive a few millenia or so off that until we happen upon another solution (that M-string theory sounds interesting)

  6. CoolCreeper518 says:

    Taking dating advice from a science nerd. What has my “life” come to…

  7. Taha Yasin Fidan says:

    Turkish Language

  8. Educate Society says:


  9. SirExpedio says:

    I love the way you ignore religion 😀

  10. Shiva Reddy says:

    Theres nothing before 500 years, I wonder how would it be in the next 500 years.
    And I really dont think we could survive hear more than 700 years, if possible 1000 is maximum.
    (on earth) We will terraform mars, and possibly find alien species and when I say that I meant bacteria on Titan(ya, even they are aliens), or maybe..
    This is for all of you who dont believe In Aliens:
    Total planets in Our galaxy: 200Billion – 400Billion
    Out of this 100billion planets are in the habitable zone(where life could thrive)
    Total galaxies in observable universe(upto where we could see):
    100 billion galaxies(ours is one of it)
    Total habitable planets in the observable universe:
    100000000000*100000000000=100000000000 habitable planets(not all planets)
    Total Universe size : 150sextillion times larger than observable universe:
    150000000000000000000000*100000000000=15000000000000000000000000000000000 habitable planets!
    Out of 15000000000000000000000000000000000 habitable planets You think only earth has life?

    The next star to us Alpha Centauri has a exoplanet(earth like): Elon Musk and Stephen Hawking made a project called “Break through Star shot”. The star is 4.3 light years away(4.06810^13Km).
    It is going to be implemented on 2054. Its shocking that we have not even seen our next habitable planet to confirm life and we say that Aliens dont exist. Ya, you must be Stupid.
    That`s why Einstein, Stephen Hawking, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Bill Nye , believe in Aliens.
    If we calculate the existence of God with Math:
    there is only 0.25 chance that we exist in his world, 0.50 in a Simulation (controlled by Highly Intelligent species), and 0.25 of what we are thinking now(no god).
    I wish if religion would end soon,
    we will progress in Space.

    And I really wish THIS MOVIES WOULD CHANGE ABOUT ALIENS CUZ THEY ARE TOO ILLOGICAL BEFORE U FIGHT ME STUDY ASTROPHYSICS, otherwise dont we would end up in a long drawn comment like this one.

    • Kraily 4t8 says:

      Marik Zilberman overall, I think that the world has too many questions that pop in to existence everyday to be answered by a book that is theoretically really, really old

    • Lol Kay says:

      A lot of dumb cunts here who think they know everything about the universe.

    • Teguh Lumban-Gaol says:

      bro, even if we can somehow build a portal machine and go to mars or titan in second, the big problem that make it impossible to us is something else. Guess what? your right, its politic and economy. Just remember how far government and company take just for a simple and silly thing. Give them a planet to exploit? LoL.

    • Aiden Abednego says:


      FIGHT ME

    • andreasaa2000 says:

      Lmao your math is scuffed my guy, “100000000000*100000000000” doesnt equal “100000000000”, like how do you fuck that up, is beyond me. You need 22 zero’s on that one mate.

  11. Funkycat 20062006 says:


  12. Star Gaming says:

    “That cute boy or girl ask them out” you make sound so freakin easy

  13. Ozan İnan says:

    Columbus ”Discovers” America, ha good use of quotes

  14. Taufiq Rahman says:

    Last star is dead, and Berserk still not finished yet

  15. NB says:

    I’d personally wanted to see the next parts of “The Human Immune System” series.

  16. Words are not real says:

    This ‘oh yeah, existential dread because science!!’ said with such certainty is appalling to me.
    There’s so much we don’t know about the universe, our physics is very incomplete and i.e. even our big bang theory still has a lot of holes in it, most of the ‘matter’ that makes up the universe is unknown to us and the heat death idea is also still speculation.

    Not to mention we have no idea how it sprang it to being, nor do we know what consciousness is, or how that comes to be.

    • Andre van de Ven says:

      Jave Lester Odvina I’m not gonna argue with you. All I’m gonna say that it’s not god because god is an easy way of saying we don’t know why this happened and we’re too lazy to find out

    • Warriors 22 says:

      Jave Lester Odvina Religion is going to die one day lol science is going to keep advancing and advancing there will just be a point where people stop going to church and believing because it’s a waste of time

    • Vincent KUNG F U says:

      By the time Heat Death becomes a reality(if it ever does), our descendants will have grown so influential that we will be able to restart the universe.

    • Will Goodwin says:

      Andre van de Ven agreed

    • Colin Romero says:

      I agree. God is a place holder to fend off existential & emotional distress in many. I think the best, most reasonable comment on this was actually from this channel, in the Optimistic Nihilism (Existentialism) video, where he says; “We became self-aware, only to realize this story is not about us.” The universe was CLEARLY not made for us. The universe cares as much for us, as it did the Dinosaurs. The universe has been here long before us, and will be here long after us.

  17. Mayank Chandra says:

    After wasting my entire weekend doing nothing, this video came like a slap on my face making me realize how little time we are given in our life.

  18. 91827334620 says:

    According to studies: at least one person you interacted with online during the past year has already died

  19. Onuralp Ardıç says:

    “ask that cute girl or boy out” kurzgesagt got attacked by feminists XD

  20. EakiTurtle says:

    Lets all take a moment to be grateful that we are alive, that we are in an era of innovation with technology, that we have the internet. And memes.
    Just be happy, thats all that matters. *Hugs everyone*

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