TIME TRAVEL?! Eren’s TRUE POWER EXPLAINED | Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 20

TIME TRAVEL?! Eren’s TRUE POWER EXPLAINED | Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 20

This video explains episode 20 of Attack on Titan season 4, in which Eren and Zeke take a visit into their fathers memories and the true potential of the Attack Titan is revealed.

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Attack on Titan the final season
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AOT Episode 20
AOT S4 EP 19

Episode 20 of AOT the final season was called Memories of the future.

Ok so in the last episode Zeke gained control of the founding titan which gives him power over every single eldian on the planet. With this potential he could finally complete his euthanisation plan and sterilise all subjects of Ymir, however, being the amazing big brother that he is, he only wanted to do this with Eren by his side. In Zeke’s mind he assumes that the reason Eren betrayed him is because he was brainwashed by Grisha to become an eldian restorationist, which of course is what happened to Zeke himself when he was growing up. For that reason he uses the power of the founder to take them into Grisha’s memories, so he can make Eren realise that he’s been manipulated by their father.

The first flashback they visit is one of Eren crawling and being held as a baby. Now is probably the best time to establish the rules of travelling through memories and rule number 1 is that the Yeager bros are not actually travelling into the past but rather it’s more like a simulation created by the founding titan. In this simulation they can witness key moments from Grisha’s life, but no one can see them back, since everyone is basically an NPC. This brings us to rule number 2, which is that because all these memories are just visual representations of things that took place, it means Zeke and Eren shouldn’t be able to change how anything plays out.

We’ll get back to this topic later on to explain how Eren did what he did, but for the time being let’s focus on Grisha himself. In this memory, we can see that he used his position as a doctor to get close to nobles inside the walls and this is one of the reasons why Krueger thought he’d make a good spy. As a dr with knowledge from the outside world, Grisha was one of the best if not the best on the island and had already saved the people of Shiganshina from a plague a few years earlier. This accomplishment is likely how the important people inside the walls heard of him and by getting close to them Grisha could eventually find out who has the founding titan. While observing this memory, Zeke thought this was another example of how his dad is a terrible person, since if his plan had been discovered then it would obviously put his family at risk.

Despite that Eren wasn’t so convinced and as they continued to move through these memories, it became clear that Grisha did learn from the mistakes he made when raising Zeke. That was proven in this particular flashback, when after only a few years on Paradis, he managed to discover the identity of the true royal family but in the end he couldn’t go through with it and returns to his family back home. What this showed is that he loved his new son too much to risk losing everything.

Moving on to one of the best scenes in the entire episode; we see that Grisha has fallen asleep in his basement while writing one of his three books that would be discovered years later.
In this moment while he’s asleep he starts to receive memories from the future that belong to present day Eren and I’m gonna take a second to explain what exactly is going here. To start things off, it’s pretty normal for any titan shifter to see memories that belong to a previous user but when it comes holders of the attack titan, these guys are sometimes able to see memories from future inheritors as well. One example is how back in season 3 Kruger told his successor to save Mikasa and Armin despite neither of them being born yet and now in this new episode a similar thing happens again. Because Eren and his dad are both holders of the attack titan, Grisha from the past is therefore able to see memories that belong to Eren in the future. In this specific scene, notice how when Eren looks down at this picture of Zeke, his dad then immediately reacts and apologies to his first son. Then, when present day Eren looks directly at his raggedy bearded brother, Grisha from the past reacts again, as he sees a vision of that bearded man who he recognises as Zeke. What this shows is that thanks to his attack titan, Grisha can occasionally see the future through Eren’s point of view and as this video continues we’ll break down how this ability enables them to communicate through time.

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54 Responses

  1. FoxyDubz says:

    Peak AoT. Another 10/10 episode. Back to back. Eren is the true definition of the “fuck them kids” meme

  2. Just Some Guy without a Mustache says:

    Eren went from main character trying to fight the final boss, to being the actual final boss.

  3. Havok says:

    The writing is really something else.. thanks for these breakdowns they’re extremely helpful especially for little missed details, man what a time to be alive huh?

  4. Spaghetti Fries says:

    The way Grisha’s voice actor voiced him was incredible, you could really feel what the character was feeling. 10/10

  5. Fishmael says:

    I actually almost cried in this episode. Grisha apologizing to Zeke for being a terrible father touched my heart.

  6. THE OMNI Slayer says:

    “This is the story you started”
    They made this into one of the most horrifying scenes in all aot..eren manipulating grisha and making him go through with the plan..grisha going insane in the mind also that silence throughout this entire reveal was haunting..I’m thoroughly satisfied with the result mappa gave us..
    Legendary episode indeed

  7. BOBODDY says:

    “Declaration of War” and “Memories of The Future” are the proofs that you don’t need mind-blowing action sequences to be the GOAT ( AoT still has mind-blowing action scenes but you get the point), two guys sitting and talking and two guys walking around delivered PEAK STORYTELLING.

  8. SSJ says:

    This is one of the best plot twist of all time, we are all truly experiencing Pieck Anime right now everyone.

    • After :D says:

      @GamerFreak354 Fair point. I definitely wouldn’t say it’s only there as a cheap excuse. The story was well written from that standpoint all the way. However i still find it a bit strange non the less. I gotta point out, i especially disliked the show all the way to the final season. The final season however (at least part 1) was much more what i wanted to see. It had interesting connections, new perspectives, and basically a reward for watching goofy characters fly around with razorblades for 4 seasons. So far I wasn’t really satisfied with part 2 on the other hand, the first 3 episodes really didn’t get me, but episode 4 gave me hope once more. (Oh and also i mostly know how the story ends, so at this point all i want is good action, and logical story driving all the way to the end)

    • GamerFreak354 says:

      @After 😀 I mean it actually was foreshadowed a bit when Kruger first gave Grisha the Attack Titan, he told him about the ability to see the future and we could tell that Eren was already present in his mind and influencing him once Grisha said something about saving Armin and Mikasa even though he had yet to meet them.

    • GENOX says:

      I see what you did there

    • After :D says:

      @Kevin Flambiert Cause I’m not an aot fan?

    • Kevin Flambiert says:

      @Codes so you predicted that the attack titan can see the future?

  9. C&M Punk says:

    We gotta give it up to all the VA who voice these characters. Grisha’s VA in this episode was just masterclass

  10. Ianoliano says:

    Gotta say, despite all Zeke’s flawed perspectives, he’s a pretty dedicated older brother.

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