Time Traveler Discovers NFTs – THE FUTURE IS DUMB

Time Traveler Discovers NFTs – THE FUTURE IS DUMB

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49 Responses

  1. Tolarian Community College says:

    Making fun of NFTs is super easy, barely an inconvenience.

  2. Shady Doorags says:

    Time Traveler: “NFT’s? The future is dumb”
    Literally Everyone Who’s Not a Mainstream Celebrity: “Yes, we agree.”

    • Allen Lavine says:

      @Supremax67 they said the same thing about bitcoins now some people made billions of dollars and I still don’t care

    • Theo says:

      @Supremax67 Yeah, it’s owning a single bit on computer. You don’t even own the image. It’s just a random image used to “represent” the computer database entry you just bought.

    • Supremax67 says:

      @Jimbob Jones — You don’t understand how it works, please stop trying to sound professional and do your own research.

  3. Grim Grey says:

    The commentary about social constructs “teetering on the brink of collapse” is very clever, topical, and frightening. I love the subtext you so easily manage to slip into your videos! Well done!

    • JWar says:

      @Piccalilli Pit You don’t think things were bad in communist Russia because all of the prices were fixed and meaningless? For example, houses without roofs because the quota for nails were by pound and roofing nails were more labor intensive and harder to make the quota, clothes/shoes that don’t fit because less quotas for less common sizes, commodities rotting in warehouses due to incorrect set high prices, shortages due to incorrect set low prices, but we can’t get to those prices because there’s literally a million prices that have to be constantly changed due to constantly changing market conditions? Sounds pretty dystopian already before anything the West did.

    • Carl Winslow says:

      As he said it I had a small existential crisis myself lol

    • Thomas Lacroix says:

      @Zoggy Bread 24 it might be due to my inexperience in politics, but there has been at least in the United States a notable increase to the level of bullshitting when it comes to electoral integrity

    • Zoggy Bread 24 says:

      @Thomas Lacroix yeah, but people always wanna call something “stolen” unless they win. Look at video game award shows for example.

  4. James Tays says:

    “How does that happen”


    Your jokes are literally so simple but the delivery and tone elevate it to gold status. Your a legend sir.

  5. 1WolfFan says:

    You know what’s sad? That’s about the most sensible way I’ve ever heard NFT’s explained. They’re not really buying the image, they’re buying the slot in the database… which is a thing they can then sell to someone else who is willing to pay more money for a slot of their own in the database. It’s still dumb, but at least I understand it a little better.

    • Mike kasich says:

      buying an nft is like those companies where u buy a star lol

      u don’t actually own it they just give u a bullshit certificate 😂

    • Mr Blue-sky says:

      That’s all well and good for you. I feel like Duck Dogers after he finished plotting the course to Planet X 😂

    • VulLord666 says:

      https://youtu.be/0pWTRsztTtY – this another great explanation. A lot of tech channels do a good job.

      The problem with NFTs isn’t the technology itself, it’s all the companies and lone con men immediately trying to turn them into the next stock market because money. The sad thing is they might have been an interesting idea to protect digital art and assets as both become more relevant. The funny thing is that’s all they can be at best “an interesting idea”. Companies are treating NFTs as if they aren’t a stepping stone at best. It’s a whole new way to protect assets/art, did they really think it’d stick around? This is like a brand new currency. BTW most new currencies don’t do the best the first time around and really this is like a new currency made by a brand new government that doesn’t even have a central banking system yet (at one point the U.S. had a different currency system for every state). NFTs are basically an interesting idea with good intentions that were inevitably just going to fail and pave the way to probably another failure and eventually a good system, and unfortunately they’re being exploited by companies to rob people of their money or make a quick buck.

    • Yochai Gal says:

      @Brian C yeah, like owning a star

    • Brian C says:

      I tend to think of NFTs as the digital equivalent of buying a Certificate of Ownership without actually possessing the item the certificate says that you own.

  6. TheArchangel911 says:

    “You die in 2004”
    “Oh my God, How does that happen?”

  7. Erik H says:

    I’m a 90’s Kid. And Lemme tell you

    The more of this series he makes, the longer i realize it’s been since the 90s.
    And the light inside of me just dims a little bit more

  8. Matthew Lee says:

    I can’t overstate how happy I am you’re continuing the Time Traveler series

  9. James Rowe says:

    This could have all been explained to someone in the 90’s as
    “It’s like digital Beanie Babies, but much more expensive and anyone can duplicate them.”
    As dumb as this current trend is, most of it has it’s roots in a LOT of 90’s trends actually.

    • Michel De Bruyn says:

      We can already do that in much easier, more convenient, more economically sound, more ecologically sound, and reliable ways.

    • NukeMarine says:

      That only explains how many are treating NFTs. It doesn’t get across how NFTs can be used for digital goods like say a video game or movie purchase that could be used to get access across multiple services which you could also sell.

    • Shady Doorags says:

      ​@James Rowe The OP treats the differences between Beanie Babies and NFTs as minimal. My post points out that NFT’s are inherently flawed and that they’re not connected to the Beanie Babies mentality other than they are both trying to be valuable collectables. Saying “NFTs can be duplicated” explains why the average person wouldn’t value them, but it doesn’t explain why anyone might find value in the first place, which is an important part of the conversation and why I went into more detail about the ownership.

    • Attack of the The Eye Creatures says:

      @Ken Anderson The companies and organizations that rise out of the corpses of nostalgia and manipulate the market seem more prevalent than ever. You could probably make a living off of oxygen if you’re insane and driven enough.

    • James Rowe says:

      @Shady Doorags How is any of what you just said in any way different from what I said, other than just rewording what the video said? I literally said it’s “Like Beanie Babies but easier to duplicate and more expensive”….

  10. iii Brxan says:

    Ryan makes the best videos and I am so happy this series is back

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