Time Warner Cable Managment WTF

Time Warner Cable Managment WTF

My neighbor knocked on my door and asked if they could run a cable through my backyard while they were installing the internet. I figured it was a power cable or something for equipment on the truck and that when they were done installing it would be gone….NOPE! this is their cable management solution!

what? are you just gonna leave it there? you aren’t gonna come back and try and bury it? is this what passes for acceptable?

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20 Responses

  1. Dean Levi says:

    Why dont you move to house that isnt 2 inches from your neighbors property

  2. Shawnders22 says:

    Oh i recognize that cable. Sometimes takes a year for them to bury. Sorry.

  3. Timothy Verheyn Jr. says:

    Welcome to TWC

  4. lizzy diamond says:

    now this guy will get alot of views on his other vids thanks Time Warner!

  5. Meena Agarwal says:

    why wiring like that?

  6. Adam Reed says:

    Shred it with edge trimmers!!!!!

  7. TheRealTrikein says:

    One word; easement.

  8. mr rynishi says:

    damn, player. write a script or something. have a strong closer.

  9. tudeslildude says:

    Call time warner and get them to move that shit. Or at least fucking bury
    it. At cox communcations, they will gladly bury drops so you don’t have to
    deal with it.

  10. James Newlin says:

    yuppies in mcmansions with nothing better to do…

  11. michael hempen says:

    to all you people who are bullying, he’s not fat, look at his other videos
    you dumbasses.

  12. Matthew Summey says:

    I think it’s crazy that their house is up against your property line like

  13. seekandestroy77 says:

    If I were you: run the cable over with the lawn mower, then when asked
    about the damages say “oops I thought this was my yard? on my property, on
    my fucking side of the fence”. (repeat till cable is gone)

  14. Ricardo Flores says:

    Jesus man, can you Atleast breath with your mouth closed? You barely walked
    & you sound like you’re about to die.

  15. IQ2992 says:

    Why is this video so oddly satisfying?

  16. daniel lee says:

    why the hell r u so out of breath?!

  17. Taylor Coley says:

    This comment section is fucking poisonous.

  18. DraceArios says:

    You are really out of breath for walking several feet.

  19. barmen0009 says:

    my frend Pablo say” its ok“

  20. J Cream says:

    Why wouldn’t they just have run it along the roof line?