Times Square 2023 Ball Drop in New York City: full video

Times Square 2023 Ball Drop in New York City: full video

The annual tradition was back in full force as hundreds of thousands rang in the New Year in New York City’s Times Square.
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35 Responses

  1. Christine and Jayden says:

    Happy New Year, everyone! I hope 2023 is the best year for all of us!

  2. Cindy Kitty says:

    So I ended up home alone this year on New Year’s but I sat with my bottle of Coca-Cola that I always crack open every year on New Year’s and I sat and timed this countdown for the new year in my time zone and counting down by myself and kissed my cat and I’m really glad that this video was uploaded so that I could do that. It seems silly but it did put a smile on my face. Thank you.

  3. SciencePup TheAmericanJoe says:

    I love how everyone counts down the New Year across the globe. It’s one act of unity where everyone hopes for a better new year. 🥳

    • TheLifeOfTheOwl says:

      @MH Morris Your logic makes no sense. The world doesn’t revolve around America and East Coast. Maybe you need to get over yourself and your fragile ego. Stop acting like you are the main character to other people. I’m a blast at parties, but I don’t make myself the center of attention. Ya know why? Because I don’t need to be the center of attention, and I don’t sit and think the world somehow can’t wait for New York City to drop a damn ball lmao. Only people who cares about that are people on the east coast. You clearly have no social life in real life, based on your terrible take of what I said, showcases you have no idea about reality. You live in your own bubble and believe the entire world cares about you.

    • MH Morris says:

      @Johnny Fang thank you Mr. Obvious! 🙄

    • MH Morris says:

      @TheLifeOfTheOwl I’ll bet you’re a real blast at parties 🤨 May the New Year take you off that pedestal you’re standing on 🎉

    • viking raider says:

      I’ll celebrate when the democrats lose and we get country back so new year is worth celebrating

  4. cory3573 says:

    Thank you for giving us a 60 second countdown right at the start, makes timing it perfect. Happy New Year!

  5. Airmax561 says:

    I cant believe it’s been 3 years since 2020 started. 3 years now! 🤯

  6. Owen Chua says:

    2020-2022 has been a terrible period for this generation. Let’s hope for a better year in 2023

  7. I Love LOL Surprise! says:

    Happy new year 2023!!! May 2023 be a big blessing to everyone and forget the terrible times!

  8. TecTrent says:

    2022 started off poor but quickly became an amazing year. Let’s hope 2023 will be even better!

    • Tyler Busch says:

      @MST9 hope my Eagles meet them! That’d be a fun matchup

    • MST9 says:

      2022 was very 🔥at the end because of the World Cup, hoping that 2023 brings us great joy, hoping my Buffalo Bills make it to the Super Bowl!!! 💙❤️🤍

    • Anonymous Human says:

      Not really. It started ok, then the war started and everything went downhill fast

    • Kristen Fuller says:

      @Tyler Busch yep I want a peaceful 2023 year. Just want to go through without stress depression drama. Ex boyfriend drama. I am praying I don’t bump into him this year 🙏 but since I live in the same city with him I can’t control that.

  9. SoWhenThen says:

    I love the way the year number in lights looks through the smoke. The image always looks familiar, but the years just go on, of course.

  10. 𝕏𝕩G⃘O⃘L⃘D⃘N⃘W⃘A⃘R⃘R⃘I⃘O⃘R⃘S⃘_47⒳⒳ says:

    Wow 2013 is going to be a decade this year

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