Tina Fey Met Donald Trump at Adele’s Christmas Special

Tina Fey Met Donald Trump at Adele’s Christmas Special

Tina Fey chats with Jimmy about her hypocritical reaction to meeting controversial Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump face to face at the Adele Live in New York City concert.

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Tina Fey Met Donald Trump at Adele’s Christmas Special

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20 Responses

  1. Ayn Rand says:

    Good luck getting on TV if you aren’t a member of the liberal cult.

  2. Gunjan kedia says:

    You suck, donald trump rocks

  3. Sarah Tierney says:


  4. Taran Nus says:

    lol That cold feeling that she felt running down her spine for fear of
    being called out on her bullshit is a maturing experience.
    Most bullies used to mature out of that somewhere in their early teens.
    However, due to this nations politically correct lies, many people still
    have a lot of maturing to do. The actions she described sounds like those
    of a child. Pathetic.

  5. BombasticLove87 says:


  6. Ben Tomlin says:

    Morals undone to keep a woman in employ who is raising your kids for you?
    Fucking capitalists.

  7. Edmund Burke says:

    nice free advertisement for trump. Can’t stump the trump. #wall 2016

  8. mztryz says:

    Tina who?

  9. youtubing182 says:

    I’ve noticed most “feminists” resort to this awkward deranged baby voice
    when recounting a story with someone they don’t like in an attempt to imply
    their disdain for having to encounter the person without actually
    addressing anything substantive about the reasons for their disgust with
    the encounter.

    Rational women and men on the other hand are capable of providing valuable
    insight and critique without this annoying, childish voice. I know this is
    an entertainment talkshow, but I’ve experienced this inane storytelling
    style in various situations and really don’t care for it. My opinion–don’t
    hate me for it (or worse, relay my comment to others in the retarded voice
    demonstrated by Tina Fey).

  10. Maria Sharp says:

    Um, I don’t know ANYONE who has had a ” baby nurse”! All of the mother’s
    that I know have somehow managed to figure it, motherhood that is, out on
    their own

  11. MrStensnask says:


    Jimmy crossed his fingers

  12. Ioulum says:

    Controversial = Strong

  13. Dhruv Trivedi says:

    I love tina fey

  14. J Stevens says:


  15. Hohok Cities says:

    the only funny woman in the world

  16. Doc Von Doom says:

    I would have given her Late Night instead of Seth Myers.

  17. Gaspar Prouvé says:

    Americans are so spoiled! If you don’t vote for trump then you are by far
    the most stupid nation ever. You should be lucky that he wants to deal with
    this mess your leaders created for so many year: Just look at your deficit.
    Look at the government spending. Look at the crime rate. But you don’t
    care. Just be PC. Problems will disapear. SPOILED AMERICA !!!!

  18. Mandroid321 says:

    Liberal women change their views depending on the scenario. Which is why
    you can’t take them seriously, like many liberals in general.

  19. Kate says:

    Tina Fey really needs to be in a movie with Anna Kendrick as her mum or
    sister or something. God they look a like!