Tiny Hamster’s Best Day Ever at Walt Disney World (Ep. 9)

Tiny Hamster’s Best Day Ever at Walt Disney World (Ep. 9)

We can’t thank Walt Disney World enough for the amazing opportunity!

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20 Responses

  1. Tyler Alvarado says:

    wow! this is boss! and that disney allowed it……awesome!

  2. sammisquigellz says:

    I was just there!! When was this filmed?

  3. Treemike 1000 says:

    Tiny Hamster goes to Gym. :”D

  4. Love4 Hammy says:

    This is soo cute ! I love the little hat on him ❤ So cute (:

  5. shebootles77 says:

    i am officially jealous of a hamster -_-

  6. shafta99 says:

    tiny hamster goes to state fair!

  7. sydney knatt says:

    Tiny hamster goes to Dollywood in Sevierville,TN

  8. Thomas Blasczak says:

    Only hamsters get the good life.

  9. Keyser Soze says:

    His reaction at 1:03 to having packed a little too much could not have been
    timed better.

  10. Sam H says:

    How about Tiny Hamster goes to the moon? Or Tiny Hamster at the State Fair?

  11. Rachael Woods says:

    This made my heart happy

  12. OGpandas says:

    That’s one lucky hamster!

  13. Kormondre says:

    fire your agency. asap

  14. Frozen 092713 says:

    The tiny Haunted Mansion!

  15. Reaper King says:

    The mascots fucking blink?! Creepy as hell!

  16. Erika Pruitt says:

    tiny hamster at the mall

  17. cookycandy4 says:

    While I’m here, barely able to afford full sized food at Disney World :/

  18. Boy Wonder says:

    Tiny hamsters first porno audition. Or tiny hamsters with sexy bikinis.
    …uuummmm yeah.

  19. Eric Beltrami says:

    man this makes me really miss my nieces hamster Mr bitey…. He got the
    name because my brother made the mistake of trying to pet him after just
    eating some Cheetos, little Dude bit him pretty good

  20. Dhruvi Patel says:

    His tiny Mickey mouse ear hat was so cute