Tiny Porcupine LOVES Treats!

Tiny Porcupine LOVES Treats!

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On this episode of Breaking Trail Coyote hangs out with his new friend “Bud” an adorable Dwarf Porcupine, and oh boy does he love his treats!

Being a Mexican Hairy Dwarf Porcupine, Bud is unique from most other Porcupines in that he has a prehensile tail which enables him to hang from tree limbs to make himself better suited for an arboreal lifestyle in the rainforests of Costa Rica. In fact, this special quality has given Bud’s species the appropriate nickname of the “Tree Porcupine”.

However because he was hit by a car as a baby Bud no longer lives in the wild and now permanently resides at the Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary. Lucky for him he was rescued and rehabilitated by some of the best wildlife professionals in Latin America who give him all the love and attention a porcupine could possibly need…and of course there is a HUGE bonus perk to all of this…he now gets to feast on his favorite treats every single day! Not a bad way to live!

Get ready to get up close with one super amazing and super tiny Tree Porcupine!

*Big thanks to the Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary for hosting the Brave Wilderness team and to all the volunteers and staff for all the hard work they do every single day to help rehabilitate and protect Costa Rica’s incredible wildlife. Please visit their website to make a donation or to find out how you can visit this very special place in person!

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20 Responses

  1. Trey G says:

    Strike zone with porcupine

  2. Matt Gilbert says:

    so cute

  3. gangster hubert 777 says:

    dud the titel seid porkipine

  4. UnofficialArrowClan says:

    Sigh, looks at porcupine, unzips

  5. Blaster2000 says:

    Costa rica home to many unique animals including the very rare raccoon LOL

  6. Rolley Folley says:

    You should do a video about Tasmanian Devil and about how they are close to
    extinction :)

  7. Zaga Ki says:

    99% will not read this but the 1% that do have a nice day/nigh

  8. matttheflame says:

    we know it’s a porkupine because it says it in the title

  9. milan Washington says:

    when he took the food away ??

  10. Archn Scythe says:

    I feel like I would accidentally pet it on accident. Also how do they not
    hurt themselves with quills.

  11. Denise law, THE DARK GODDES says:

    I want to go & work their , I want to work with wild animals ????❤?

  12. RevocateZ says:

    If I find animals like this where exactly do I go so they end up in a place
    like this?

  13. Clockwork Vids says:


  14. VannaBanana says:

    Soooooooooooo Cuuuuuuuuuuuuute???

  15. Komosan Dreemur says:

    Do something about a hedgehog

  16. DaPandaMan says:

    Yarrrrr (._.)

  17. Savana Adams says:

    can you do a Orangatang please

  18. Nora Schaefer says:

    coyote: it’s an avocadoooo
    porcupine: :0
    coyote: ok, it’s a peeeeeeeeenut 😀
    porcupine: :0
    coyote: :/
    porcupine: :0

  19. ihasfudgecake says:

    anyone else just wanna lick a porcupine just to see how it taste or feels?
    WTF AM I DOING?!?!

  20. MadSense says:

    that lil guy looks pretty badass