Tiny Tortoise Dodges Traffic!

Tiny Tortoise Dodges Traffic!

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On this episode of Breaking Trail, Coyote saves a tiny Tortoise trying to dodge traffic!

Get ready to meet South Africa’s beautiful Leopard Tortoise!

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HUGE THANKS to the Reserve Protection Agency for hosting the crew at this location. Please visit their website to find out more about their efforts to protect South Africa’s wildlife! – http://bit.ly/RPAwildlife

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64 Responses

  1. You Tube says:

    The tortoise is like: leave me alone you damm humans.

  2. Avery D. says:

    I have a leapord tortuous as a pet! His name is banjo and he is about 3 or 4 years ild now and about the size of a very large hamburger

  3. Gracie Mccall says:

    IT’S SO CUUUUUUUUTE!!!!!!!!!😰

  4. Kjetil Erga says:

    This vid is awesome😃😃😃😃😃😃😃

  5. Aurora Mystic says:


  6. Nicholas Damiani says:

    *I like turtles*

  7. The Golden Sealion says:

    Why did the turtle cross the road?

    To get to Coyote Peterson

  8. AngryFish 5 says:

    So adorable

  9. Christina Walker says:

    #tortises and turtles are cute like if you agree coyote you are awesome and inspire me to go into nature

  10. Awing Blaster says:

    When you play heavy metal when the tortoise crosses the road

  11. The Turtle Girl says:

    #Ibrakefortortoises This is so TORTALLY AWESOME!

  12. Jaw Papi says:


  13. The Mosin Crate says:

    The 62 dislikes consisted of 32 pieces of hyena poop and 30 cactus’s who were relatives of the ones this tortoise ate. RIP

  14. Matty Phillips says:

    There should be a side show called ‘The Adventures of Mark and Mario’ where they go off and explore while Coyote stayes to wright the scripts for previous episodes. What do you guys think?

  15. -Smiley Mo- says:

    *people are calling him a turtle in the comments 😅 he’s a tortoise people 👏*

  16. -Smiley Mo- says:

    *how did Mario spot him so fast! 😱*

  17. Deranged MTG says:

    how do they always spot tiny creatures on the side of the road going at a billion mph? they must’ve swapped visions with some bird they worked with in the past

    • Missioneer says:

      Our eyes are capable of spotting things while moving at mach speed, so spotting a turtle on the side of the road isn’t that hard. I can spot a mouse running along the road while driving, and people wonder why I swerve on the road while I’m driving…

  18. Deranged MTG says:

    i like tuhdles

  19. Deranged MTG says:

    oooh coyote is in africa! was waiting so long for this!

  20. Trevor Tucker says:

    Coyote’s got that laser vision, spotting tiny turtles while driving! 😂

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