Tisha Campbell & Tichina Arnold Kicked Off The Soul Train Awards With A Musical Journey

Tisha Campbell & Tichina Arnold Kicked Off The Soul Train Awards With A Musical Journey

Four-time Soul Train Awards co-host Tisha Campbell and Tichina Arnold kicked off the Soul Train Awards 2021 with a classic performance of some of soul and R&B music’s biggest classics. #SoulTrainAwards #SoulTrainAwards21 #TishaCampbell #TichinaArnold

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42 Responses

  1. a jackson says:

    They need their own show. It could be centered around the two running by a business together, both are single, each may have a kid or two and they are just living life, the funny way.

  2. The Keith-Donovan Experience says:

    Imagine doing this with your best friend. So happy for their childhood dreams becoming their reality.

    • Jaila Primm says:

      @Tapped In Tarot you never seen little shop of horrors?

    • Reginald A. Bell Sr. says:

      @Jaila Primm Now wait a minute!!!! You didn’t have to take it back there!!!🤣🤣🤣 I guess I’m getting old….🤭🤭🤭

    • Seattle Cranes says:

      I know babe …Gina and Pam forever

    • Golden Aesthetic says:

      And the beautiful thing about it is that they always looked out for each other when it came to gigs. A good friendship like that is truly hard to find.

    • Collandria Ginn says:

      @Tapped In Tarot go back and look at some of the old clips from martin tichina can blow ,,tisha can sing to but up against and side by side Pam always have had a stronger range but sing beautifully 💙💙💙💙

  3. Autumn Skai says:

    They’ve been singing together since Little Shop of Horrors lol
    Love them both!

  4. Mrs. FancyFitz says:

    Their voices are amazing! I love how they’re such natural performers, it’s truly spectacular how two best friends can be so talented !

  5. Dajah Jai says:

    The moves, the voice control.. can we take some time to commend them for still being able to perform so well 👏🏾

  6. Carrie Love says:

    I absolutely love these two together. I hate that people always try to put them against each other. Talking down on Tisha looks while praising tichina looks. Both ladies are absolutely wonderful and hilarious.

    • ByondAvrg says:

      Think it was the Pam & Gina thing plus they were the only women on the show, and Shenehneh 😆😂😂

    • Carrie Love says:

      @ByondAvrg yea but the show has been over for a long time. People are doing that now. Anytime the two are posted people are praising tichina looks, talent, and body while tearing down Tisha.

    • Alicia N.J. says:

      Tisha looks good and are has alot of energy. People really shame other people for getting older. Gtfoh.

    • Derrick Winding says:

      @Carrie Love it started when everyone wanted to be woke, it’s colorism off you preferred one

    • ByondAvrg says:

      @Carrie Love yea its not a one way street, always one or the other based on whatever preference. Like Kelly & Beyoncé or my bestie & I who are light skin, and dark skin, it’s just nature. You’ll always have the comparisons, especially when 1 is really outgoing & the other a bit more subdued.

  7. Gary D. Ford says:


  8. ibstayfly says:

    Yasssss hosted four years in a row they’re just too hilarious. They slayed once again like always. And they better host again next year

  9. truth hurts says:

    They sound way better than today’s young so-called female R&B singers…💯💯💯
    Yes El DeBarge….💯💯💯🎵🎵🎵

  10. K492Watson says:

    They did such a phenomenal job! This is actually better than the BET awards. This was a good night. Everyone did amazing job with their performances, with their speeches, got the audience up on their feet. Also Tichina and Tisha need their own show. They are limitless together.

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