Titans vs. Browns Week 1 Highlights | NFL 2019

Titans vs. Browns Week 1 Highlights | NFL 2019

The Tennessee Titans take on the Cleveland Browns during Week 1 of the 2019 NFL season.

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70 Responses

  1. j g says:

    did anyone notify the browns preseason is over ???

  2. EyeAmDanny 716 says:

    ?? Browns were talking Super Bowl ?? yea ok

  3. RickAZCA says:

    I said early on it’ll be another 7-9 season if that. Overrated as always.

    • Kyle Mealey says:

      Idk what you mean “as always” the browns have been a bottom tier team for decades, they haven’t been “overrated” by too many people in the last 20 years bro

    • Tropic Mix says:

      @BRUG ???

    • CommandoWolf Pack says:

      RickAZCA no I say 8-8 not that much of a difference but Odell will make a slight increase

    • Meniacal Jedi says:

      You must be referring to the Titans as “over rated” since the Browns have never, not once been considered anything but the Crypt Keeper of the NFL! Yeah 7 and 9 from another pesestrian season for the Titans sounds about right… Maybe 9 and 7 if Mariotta can stay healthy and not choke when it counts.

  4. Rio Gaming says:

    This is what you get for crowning teams in the offseason.

  5. Tai Barton says:

    This is the first time I’ve ever seen a sold out
    browns game

  6. 6YP SY says:

    I hope the browns enjoyed their off-season championship.?

  7. Michael Shortt says:

    Odell about to start acting crazy like antonio brown. Next week he will be a patriot too

  8. KNG_LORaX YT v2 says:

    Titan beats browns badly

    Browns fans: “time to call of the super bowl parade.”

  9. 72RR446 says:

    Believed the hype and forgot to play 60 minutes of football…

  10. pookaill says:

    Browns fan at the end throwing beer on players at the end there should be charged and fined

  11. snakedog says:

    Baker: Everyone’s betting us to fail!
    Everyone: Nahhh! You can do that all by your lonesome!

  12. Obed Naharai says:

    Titans too much for the AFC North “Champs”

  13. brian Lohse says:

    I felt like the Titans really needed to come out and make a statement. Congratulations to them

    • Tropic Mix says:

      @Isiah Garris always some snowflake labeling any criticism as hate

    • grantgardner00 says:

      People still not gone give the Titans any credit, they’re gonna talk more about the Browns

    • Nate Lisa says:

      @oFISHal 1 No, they don’t get respect because they also take weeks off and lose to teams they should beat. And I say that as a Titans fan. I’m hopeful for this year’s team because they have a lot of talent. But Mariota has to stay healthy, they have to not forget about Derrick Henry, and the playcalling can’t go stale. So far so good, but the second they start talking about “deserving some respect” (ie. Lewan last season), watch for them to slip. I’d rather they keep their mouths shut and just keep working. Let the results speak for themselves.

    • Deaven Snyder says:

      Both these teams won’t go far so who cares?

    • chris carter says:

      @Nate Lisa
      Completely agree. I don’t know why people think a middle of the pack team deserves a bunch of respect and praise nationally. Until they prove that they’re better than mediocre they’re not going to get respect. A blowout win in week 1 doesn’t prove that.

  14. JG sports cards says:

    Flat out titans showed up ready to play and the browns were still asleep.

  15. Kamden Harris says:

    Browns fans: We back baby

    Titans: are u sure about that…

  16. Aaron Burns says:

    Derrick Henry out there looking like megatron . Didn’t realize how tall he is

  17. Phantom Radio says:

    Derrick Henry runs sooooooo smooth for such a big man

  18. Tom Hearns says:

    Damn we got our ass beat lol definitely ready to press charges smh

  19. FLOW PROFIT says:

    Browns looked good just ran against a underrated Titan team. Mayfield very overrated

  20. Traveling Charlie says:

    No worries Browns fans,, I’ll take the Browns to the Super Bowl first thing in the morning. ??

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