TLC Forced To Pull Out Of Show, En Vogue Steps In

TLC Forced To Pull Out Of Show, En Vogue Steps In

Tracey Morgan car accident, car now fixed (00:10)
Patti LaBelle starting more with frozen foods empire (02:01)
TLC replaced by En Vogue (04:03)
Blac Chyna’s mom Tokyo Toni no longer on her show (05:15)

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TLC Forced To Pull Out Of Show, En Vogue Steps In

The Breakfast Club features celebrity interviews, Charlamagne tha God’s Donkey of the Day, Angela Yee’s Rumor Reports, DJ Envy’s mixes and so much more! Every guest visiting the world’s most dangerous morning show is grilled with their signature blend of honesty and humor. The results are the best interviews to be found on radio.


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81 Responses

  1. Trilly ThaGr8 says:

    RIP Left eye

  2. Trilly ThaGr8 says:

    0:22 “The value goes down once you get into an accident. It’s called depreciation” Another unnecessary quote by DJ envy

  3. Batman Pop's says:

    TLC group is most definitely a part of the 90s music Hall of Fame?

  4. MzKellyBaby says:

    ?? I’m with Charlemagne the car should be able to drive it self

    • Lis Hurd says:

      @DL1982 Peters Like I said, too dang sensitive.

    • DL1982 Peters says:

      @Lis Hurd w/e you’re rude

    • Yalethia Lee says:

      @Lis Hurd if you buy a $2mil car and you die the next day what value does that car have for u. For 2mil I can buy 2 Bad Ass unlimited Jeep wranglers buy an apartment building make money off of that and invest in the community and my kids. But only fools spend money on ridiculous shit but what do I know I’m only a small business owner.

  5. Kenyata Jones says:

    Value goes down after you leave off the parking alot

  6. The Mojo FloJo Chronicles says:

    I could use a little TLC right now

  7. viybe Harrell says:

    Well thanksgiving food taste better the second day so patty I want it

  8. Vetmom says:

    oh wow, we bought tickets to see TLC tonight at the fair. I’ll take En Vogue as a replacement. Both are 90’s icons so I’m not going to be picky… Can’t wait!!!

  9. Kamal James says:

    Charlemagne has a point. 2mil and i still gotta drive you? ??

  10. Robbie Bobby says:

    I agree Soul Food should not be frozen then microwaved , sounds like Boston Market to me

    • n o r e n t. says:

      Black people are always knocking black business. Y’all act like y’all don’t buy frozen food. stfu

    • E Evans says:

      @RealBlessed a lot of people are lazy too. .always looking for a fast fix. .

    • Anonymous Truth says:

      I love when my grandmas freezes her greens an I pull em out an add em to a meal. Same smell same fulfillment

    • E Evans says:

      Anonymous Truth that’s because they are grandma’s greens ?? and you love your grandma but truth be told by the time you freeze already cooked greens then rewarm them they have almost zero to no nutritional value really ..

    • pat the trucker says:

      @chris2tipsy those sweet potatoes are good tho

  11. Ashley A. says:

    Why doesn’t pattie just open a soul food restaurant

  12. Amberielle T says:

    He knows a lot about CARFAX but he doesn’t know to check HOEFAX’S? LMAO

  13. E Walt says:

    Tlc is by far the toughest group to ever exist,. Those women are strong ?? smh there’s always something or some hurtle they have to endure! ??????????

  14. Jalita says:

    Exactly why Tokyo and China? Great question CTG.

  15. Roddy Rod says:

    -“It ain’t my fault, yo momma fine” Charlemagne 2019

  16. Xxxx Soto says:

    I drive a 2005 Camry I’m good I don’t have to ride the 4 train in the morning. Thank you Jesus?

  17. Kim Lucas says:

    Idc if I’m a billionaire I’m not paying $2million dollars for a car…I’m sorry! It’s ridiculous!!!!

    • Emmanuel Brown says:

      @Kim Lucas no but you can easily read about it like I do…..and they not making these cars for no reason…. they’re being brought or being rented….and yes they’re being brought and they been buying em…..please dont let common sense escape your mind

    • Kim Lucas says:

      @Emmanuel Brown it’s obviously escaping your mind…I said what I said…let it be!!!

    • BorderlinePimp says:

      I would

  18. New Ish says:

    No one made her act like that she controls her own mouth

  19. Brandi Sherpa says:

    Charlemane keeps me laughing. The question he asks at the end of the clip is hilarious ?

  20. Shay91 says:

    I’ve always preferred TLC over the other girl groups. They were fun and relatable. Their dance moves were on point. I miss Left Eye. The group was never the same without her. RIP Left Eye.

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