TMG – Walk Man (Official Video)

TMG – Walk Man (Official Video)


Prod. Diamond Pistols

Directed & Edited by Noel Miller
Director of Photography Thomas Sigurdsson
Colored by RKM Studios

Special thanks to Ryan Simmons

Special thanks to Spock


Noel Miller

Cody Ko

#tmg #walkman

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42 Responses

  1. Cassidy Anne says:

    they always slap you just never expect them to slap as hard as they do.

  2. Albany González says:

    Noel is so good directing and editing I fucking love this, I’m low-key hella proud.

  3. SASSY SALLY says:

    Song: take a walk
    Video: *shows cody running*

  4. Vidushi Khandelwal says:

    If this song isn’t playing in the background whenever Cody proposes to Kelsey, I’ll be lowkey mad!?

  5. WaterLaplante says:


    oh right… BARS

  6. WackyTackyJoel says:

    This absolutely slaps

  7. bethany says:

    is this a prison?

    cause there’s so many *bars*

  8. Charles Catt says:

    Literally everything Noel does is perfect

    Like that cheesy grin while hiking up his pants before his verse

    And the wink at the end of his verse ???

  9. Jack says:

    Only Cody would remember what a walkman was.

  10. Wiesje Cailliau says:

    Damn. That’s over 500 Nic

  11. EliTraVil says:

    Yeah nah that wink made me question my sexuality.
    Might be sugar gayyyy

  12. ahyeah says:

    Noel in thats cringe: wtf i can’t rap
    Noel in walk man: yeah i can rap for days

  13. Ali Khalid says:

    This is proof that you can still blow after retirement

  14. Boti Glasz says:

    Y’all low key pulling a Joji

  15. Nina Zivkovic says:

    Someone get Noel an actual recording deal. Like holy shit.

  16. Kate2277 says:

    Everyone talking about Noel’s sexy voice but I actually think both of them sound sooo good??

  17. catoars says:

    cody and noel compliment each other really well

  18. natinthehat31 says:

    absolutely no one gave them the right to look this fine

  19. His boot 2BigForHeGoddamnFeet says:

    is it just me or does this like REALLY slap. Like not even funny you guys got a serious career lol

  20. gen gen says:

    everyone’s talking about Noel’s voice but Cody absolutely SLAPS on the chorus

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