TMG – Walk Man (Official Video)

TMG – Walk Man (Official Video)


Prod. Diamond Pistols

Directed & Edited by Noel Miller
Director of Photography Thomas Sigurdsson
Colored by RKM Studios

Special thanks to Ryan Simmons

Special thanks to Spock


Noel Miller

Cody Ko

#tmg #walkman

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42 Responses

  1. Cassidy Anne says:

    they always slap you just never expect them to slap as hard as they do.

  2. Albany González says:

    Noel is so good directing and editing I fucking love this, I’m low-key hella proud.

  3. SASSY SALLY says:

    Song: take a walk
    Video: *shows cody running*

  4. Vidushi Khandelwal says:

    If this song isn’t playing in the background whenever Cody proposes to Kelsey, I’ll be lowkey mad!😂

  5. WaterLaplante says:


    oh right… BARS

  6. WackyTackyJoel says:

    This absolutely slaps

  7. bethany says:

    is this a prison?

    cause there’s so many *bars*

  8. Charles Catt says:

    Literally everything Noel does is perfect

    Like that cheesy grin while hiking up his pants before his verse

    And the wink at the end of his verse 😵😵😵

  9. Jack says:

    Only Cody would remember what a walkman was.

  10. Wiesje Cailliau says:

    Damn. That’s over 500 Nic

  11. EliTraVil says:

    Yeah nah that wink made me question my sexuality.
    Might be sugar gayyyy

  12. ahyeah says:

    Noel in thats cringe: wtf i can’t rap
    Noel in walk man: yeah i can rap for days

  13. Ali Khalid says:

    This is proof that you can still blow after retirement

  14. Boti Glasz says:

    Y’all low key pulling a Joji

  15. Nina Zivkovic says:

    Someone get Noel an actual recording deal. Like holy shit.

  16. Kate2277 says:

    Everyone talking about Noel’s sexy voice but I actually think both of them sound sooo good🤤😍

  17. catoars says:

    cody and noel compliment each other really well

  18. natinthehat31 says:

    absolutely no one gave them the right to look this fine

  19. His boot 2BigForHeGoddamnFeet says:

    is it just me or does this like REALLY slap. Like not even funny you guys got a serious career lol

  20. gen gen says:

    everyone’s talking about Noel’s voice but Cody absolutely SLAPS on the chorus

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