“To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before” Cast Finds Out Which Character They Really Are

“To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before” Cast Finds Out Which Character They Really Are

The cast of Netflix’s “To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before” (Noah Centineo, Lana Condor, Israel Broussard) take our quiz to find out which character they really are.

Find out which character you are here! https://bzfd.it/2MzDUpl

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40 Responses

  1. KathaMaker says:


  2. Kkx 8 says:

    Legit every video in my recommended has got something to do with Noah I’m beginning to realize I’ve got a problem…

  3. Alex Chide says:

    Israel third weeling is the representation of my love life..

  4. Scottie Richard says:

    3:12 why was that so cute😂

  5. Samiira says:

    I see Noah and Lana and I click…Simple.

  6. uh huh listen boi my first love story says:

    3:22 bAhahah hes so cute
    3:38 “that’s not it”

  7. Lil Queen J says:

    welcome to nationaly stalker zone of Noah Centineo 🤪

  8. k a y says:

    *_bisexual culture is having a crush on all three of them._*

  9. Kaitlin Fong says:

    everyone’s hyping up Noah but can we talk about Lana?? She’s soooo beautiful and such an inspiration as she breaks the stereotypes about Asian-Americans by playing an Asian-American lead!!

  10. thelizardqueen says:

    I love Lana and Noah’s chemistry lol you can really tell they’re comfortable with each other

  11. Kookie Gives Me Diabetes says:

    Unpopular opinion,
    yes Noah is so hot and charming but I find Israel so sweet! The type of boyfriend who’d come by your house with flowers all the time and you can speak comfortably for hours or even late at night eating ice cream❤

    • Kevina Wright says:

      wendy pan he literally has tweets saying racist shit from a year and a half ago

    • Drexell Dela Rosa says:

      a person can change for the better you know.

    • Kevina Wright says:

      Drexell Dela Rosa well I haven’t seen him do anything that makes me want to change my mind. And no one has the right to tell a person of color when to forgive someone that has personally offended and hurt them. Each person of color decides when it’s up to them to move on. Past experiences can affect how deeply they were affected by a person derogatory comments. As black woman i don’t believe I can forgive him now but fellow POC can or another could never. It isn’t up to me or you to say when is the right time

    • Lara A says:

      Kevina Wright he apologised and seemed rather sincere. then again we dont know if he really meant it, like i’m also having trouble believing the apology 🙁 but i just replied to let you know he’s said something :))

    • Kevina Wright says:

      Lara A I read his notes app apology and I don’t find it in my heart to forgive him rn. You might and that’s fine we all have different experiences and upbringings that make words and statement have different level of an affect on us. We all react differently <3

  12. FLO ROSE says:

    Lmao as a korean,, Noah reading out the korean foods made me laugh too much.

  13. pamela says:

    everyone’s talking about Noah but no ones mentioning Israel :/

  14. Sejal Ghimire says:

    Oml legit just saw Irael (Josh) being the third wheel

  15. MaKenna Mutongwiza says:

    The way Lana kept turning to look at Noah like he was the only person sitting next to her

    Like if you agree

  16. Supermelanin says:

    How is it possible that Noah looks better looking every time I see him?

  17. Aesthetic sounds says:

    I wanna *FOP FOP FOP* BuT iM BrOkEn HeArTeD.

  18. Saniyah R says:

    *patiently waits for a compilation of these interviews named “israel broussard third wheeling for 10 minutes straight”*

  19. ɐuǝɹǝs says:

    Israel being uncomfortable for 5 mins and 50 secs while Noah and Lana flirt

  20. Catelyn Vans says:

    1:29 😩THE GOALS, josh you’re a third wheel 😐

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