To The Bone | Official Trailer | Netflix

To The Bone | Official Trailer | Netflix

A young anorexic woman reluctantly enters an unconventional treatment program, where she bonds with other residents struggling with eating disorders.

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To The Bone | Official Trailer | Netflix

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20 Responses

  1. Sahil Sharma says:

    John wick is here !!!!!!!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ and is that girl is his daughter ?😨😱

  2. Dylan Flynn says:


  3. Anca Brekker says:

    Damn Lily Collins is just G O R G E O U S

  4. Veko V says:

    I’d bone her

  5. Alix Cloarec says:

    this movie seems really good, but I hope Lily didnt have to loose to much weight to play the role

  6. ArABiaN0NyZK says:

    i don’t get it
    why are there people who don’t eat!
    my whole life depends on me eating!

  7. My Name says:

    I want this in Italian

  8. Rawbeard says:

    so how many kids will this movie drive to anorexia?

  9. g says:

    Did she lose weight for the role or??

  10. SIQ Enterprises says:

    It seems like John Wick settled down as a doctor…

  11. LQ says:

    Really can`t wait to watch this.Anorexia is such a misunderstood disease.

  12. stormxjp says:

    make a movie for sense8 !

  13. Nikhil Sharma says:

    Anybody know about the music?

  14. sweethearto'brien says:

    I cried watching this. It is so so hard watching basically your life, experiment somehow the same situation again. Kind of awkward too because I don’t want pity looks from my friends/family, so i’ll probably watch this alone. But… at the same time, it’s a relief to see a good film about a real -and big- problem these day’s.

  15. Waylon Wewer says:

    Still a little fat for my taste

  16. Magda Kalinowska says:

    I’ve been waiting so long for this!!

  17. Randompandaattackingacake says:

    Looks great can’t wait to watch it as soon as they renew sense8

  18. Floris Bordewijk says:

    Looks like a solid depiction of a very serious, modern problem, with Keanu Reeves, which is always a plus.

  19. Ancalagon says:


  20. Sam Ghioto says:

    So ur telling me y’all cancelled Marco Polo for this

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